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l'Esprit de l'Escalier is a young French woman who escaped the Nazi occupation of Paris. One day, the thought just entered her head that she should duck into a cafe. Shortly thereafter, a Nazi general was stabbed in the street and the German soldiers in the cafe ran out to help him. Another thought popped into her head, and soon she was running out the back door of the cafe with an attache case.

Similar thoughts helped her make her way to Brest, where she was picked up by an Irish ferry and taken to Ireland. From there, she was able to make it to the UK, where American scientists explained to her that her mind was transferring memories from her short term memory to her long term memory faster than the speed of light. She wasn't really sure what that meant, but a kindly faerie prince explained everything to her later in his London flat.

Powers Styles Attitudes
5 - (P) Think of the perfect solution...later 5 - Curious
4 - Smile lights up the room 4 - Trusting
3 - Miss the subtext 3 - Shocked
2 - Shocking epee 2 - (P) Impossible to target 2 - Kind
1 - Receive thoughts from the future 1 - (P) Look at situation from many angles 1 - Confused
Justice: 1 Truth: 1 Love: 3 Hope: 3 Duty: 1
0 0 0 0 0