Gallus Leitharos

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Gallus Leitharos[edit]

Gallus Leitharos is an aging rogue trader, valuing skill, merit, and honor. He is an honest man, or at least as honest as one can be as a Warrant Holder. He closely allies his house with both the Imperial Navy and the Inquisiton, providing him with many connections with high standing within these organization. Gallus tends to prefer high risk, high reward activities, and as such, the Dynasty has tremdous gains, as well as losses, during his time as Patriach. However, Gallus’s reign has brought great fortune to House Leitharos, resulting the in the acquisition of several new vessels ranging from merchants to cruisers, as well as strengthened ties to the Navy and Inquisition. Gallus has two sons. His first son, Quintis, is presumed dead, his exploration vessel the Footfallen having never returned from an expedition beyond the Koronus Expanse. With no heir apparent, Gallus has decreed that his successor to the Warrant shall be Gallus’s second son, Dmitry current serves as captain of the Umbra Astrum, and is perceived by many in the Dynasty as a strong contender to Succeed from Leitharos. Gallus’s third son, Gregor, currently captains the Jericho Wanderer, a merchant vessel doing a trade run between Scintilla, and the Jericho Reachs, including Obesh. While he has had an unremarkable career, he is a shrewd business man.