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A play-by-post game using a mash up of 1e Gamma World and B/X D&D, set in apocalyptic Roman Britain.

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The apocalypse rages. Mighty cities have fallen and civilization has collapsed. Your job is to save humanity, or die trying!


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Ides of Martius, 986 AUC

It's been a half-year since I took command of what remained of the legion, abandoned Isca Augusta and marched north to Castell Collen. It was a hard winter, filled with savage battles against the...things that came out of the darkness and snow. We lost many good friends.

Spring has come. Something must be done or the light of humanity will flicker out forever.

-Legatus Vector Antonius Maximus

The A-Team[edit]

The first rule of the A-Team is: You do not talk about the A-Team. The second rule of the A-Team is: YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE A-TEAM!

-Tribune Valeria Agrippina Furiosa

To act preemptively against the apocalypse, Legatus Maximus has quietly assembled a small, tightly knit team for long-range reconnaissance patrols deep into hostile or unknown territory, capable of surviving for extended periods with little or no outside support. Although Legio II Augusta is an elite unit, this A-Team is the best of the best: Each member is a highly respected combat veteran, with at least ten years service in the legions, who was hand-picked for special duty by the Legatus and s/he embodies Roman virtues (valor, toughness, excellence, courage, character, and worth).

  • Primary directive: acquisition of reliable, actionable intelligence ("Sneak and peak")
  • Secondary directive: acquisition of high value assets ("Snatch and grab")
  • Rules of Engagement: Stealth and secrecy are paramount. Only engage in combat where necessary to meet mission directives or if a high value target of opportunity presents itself.

Due to the Cryptic Alliances, the A-Team is a clandestine organization, whose existence is unknown to most of Legio II Augusta. In addition to reconnaissance and force reconnaissance, potential missions also include infiltrating enemy camps or cities, under disguise, to gather information (or to sabotage the enemy).

Current Missio[edit]

Mission hexmap 1-1a.png

Codename: Red Dawn

Missio Time: 1430 hours, 27th of Martius, 986 AUC

Confirmed Kills: 5

Civillians Rescued: 22

Marching Order[edit]


Hedonus / Crassus

Marsyas / Marcus


Fulgora / Bellicanus

Player Characters[edit]

Hedonus Axebiter[edit]

Played by roryb

  • Level 3 Fighter
  • S 16, I 8, W 13, D 13, Co 16, Ch 10
  • HP 17/20; AC 1
  • Equipment: leather armor, shield, hand axes (3), dagger, one potion of healing, one potion of growth, backpack, flask of oil (3), small hammer, iron spikes (12), standard rations (7 days), rope (50'), tinder box, wine skin, torches (6)
  • 50 gp

Septimus Furius Marsyas[edit]

Played by Vektunaxa

  • Level 3 Magic User
  • S 10, I 16, W 10, D 13, Co 16, Ch 8
  • HP 10/12; AC 5
  • Spellbook: Read Magic, Sleep, Invisibility
  • Equipment: leather armor, sword, dagger, short bow, Quiver and arrows, backpack, rations, waterskin, blanket, rope, flint and steel, one potion of ESP, one potion of gaseous form
  • 45 gp

Felix Valere[edit]

Played by Brill1ance

  • Level 3 Thief
  • S 13, I 10, W 9, D 16, Co 16, Ch 10
  • HP 14; AC 3
  • Open Locks 70, Find/Remove Traps 70, Move Silently 70, Hide in Shadows 80, Hear Noise 50, Pick Pockets 20
  • Equipment: leather armor, short sword, short bow, Quiver and arrows, backpack, Candles (20), Map Case, Flint/Steel, Wooden amulet of Fortuna on necklace (not really a Holy Symbol), Parchment (10) (for making maps), Ink bottle, Rations (Trail) 7 days, Rope, Silk (50 ft), Spikes (12), Hammer, light, Thieves Tools, Wineskin, Street Clothes, one potion of Healing, one potion of gaseous form
  • 50 gp

Marcus Antonius, Cleric of Minerva[edit]

Played by Baeraad

  • Level 3 Cleric
  • S 10, I 10, W 16, D 9, Co 13, Ch 15
  • HP 14; AC 3
  • Equipment: leather armor, Mace, Shield, backpack, rations, waterskin, blanket, rope, flint and steel, two potions of Healing
  • 45 gp

Bellicanus, Cleric of Mithras[edit]

Played by MonsterMash

  • Level 3 Cleric
  • S 10, I 11, W 16, D 9, Co 14, Ch 13
  • HP 13/14; AC 3
  • Equipment: Javelin, Spatha, Dagger, Leather Armour, Shield, Sling and 30 bullets, Pack, 2 Waterskins, Potion of Healing, Potion of ESP, flint and steel, 6 torches, 7 days trail rations, 50 ft rope, grappling hook
  • 45 gp


Played by Mr. Kent

  • Level 3 Spellsword
  • S 16, I 12, W 10, D 14, Co 10, Ch 9
  • HP 12; AC 6
  • Spellbook: Magic Missile
  • Equipment: one potion of Healing, one potion of Growth, Ring of Teleportation, sword, shortbow, quiver and arrows, backpack, rations, six torches, two bunches of wolfsbane, leather armor
  • 50 gp

Crassus Tertius Pontius[edit]

Played by Bira

  • Level 3 Fighter
  • S 16, I 8, W 13, D 13, Co 16, Ch 10
  • HP 20; AC 0
  • Equipment: leather armor, shield, longsword, Shortbow, Quiver and Arrows, backpack, bedroll, rations, rope, flint and steel, waterskin, potion of healing, potion of growth, Ring of Protection +1
  • 50 gp

Team Property[edit]

  • Medallion of Communication (wearer can comprehend all spoken languages; wearer can speak with any other Medallions set to the same frequency within 12 miles)
  • Helm of Infravision (up to 500' feet)
    • assigned to Hedonus
  • Boots of Jumping (wearer can jump up to 60', vertically or horizontally, per day (i.e., one 60' jump, six 10' jumps, etc.))
    • assigned to Felix
  • Ring of Teleportation (twice a day anywhere within 500' feet, requires line of sight)
    • assigned to Fulgora
  • Ring of Protection +1
    • assigned to Crassus
  • Sword +1 Holy Avenger (if used by a Cleric, +2 against dark side creatures, doing MAX damage against such)
    • assigned to Marcus Antonius
  • Hammer of Divine Wrath +1 (if used by a Cleric, +2 against dark side creatures; if used by a Cleric, when thrown automatically returns 1 round later)
    • assigned to Bellicanus
  • Wand of Paralyzation (4/5 charges)
  • Wand of Fireballs (5 charges)
    • assigned to Marsyas

Notable NPCs[edit]

  • Master Blaster: The ruler of Caer Pisce and a powerful mutant psychic who can melt your brain. Literally.
  • Colonel Campion: The hoppers' best war leader and General Woundwort's most trusted subordinate. Whenever the Legion has faced this Hoop, the best you've achieved is pyrrhic victories. Clever bastard!
  • Sparax Claudius Maximus: The son of the Legatus, who went "missing" months ago. Now apparently a captain in the Dog Army!

Known Assets[edit]

  • Codename Indigo Five Alpha: Covert operative currently stationed in Caer Pisce. Not a guy.

Known Threats[edit]

  • Humans
    • The Dog Army: 2-4 HD. This is a group of fanatically loyal slaves who worship Master Blaster as a god (which isn't far from the truth) and serve as his enforcers and troubleshooters!

  • Mutants
    • Hoops: 3-5 HD. These 8' tall homicidal mutant bunnies are the implacable foe of humanity!
    • GMOs: 1-8 HD. Short for "Genetically Modified (Plants)", these mutated flora hunger for the taste of human flesh!
    • Laser Bears: 9-12 HD. So called because these giant mutant bears shoot frickin' laser beams from their eyes!

  • Dark side creatures
    • Screamers: 2 HD. So called for their piercing shrieks that can stun the strongest warrior, these hellspawn look like hideously deformed humans covered with pus and diseased wounds! They periodically wander out of the eldritch mists!
    • Poltergeists: 2-5 HD. These nearly transparent and malicious spirits love to torment and kill unsuspecting victims! They are capable of pinching, biting, hitting, and tripping people and, being semi-material, they can only reliably be attacked with holy items and magic!
    • Killer Clowns: 4-6 HD. These insatiable murder machines were once humans who voluntarily fused with a Sixth Circle Demon! Known for their outlandish costumes, distinctive makeup, and colorful wigs, they have superhuman strength, speed and stealth and they can cast both Cleric and Magic User spells!

House Rules[edit]

I will be using a number of House Rules to better fit B/X D&D to 1e Gamma World's concepts, survival horror themes and my lazy DM philosophy:

  • Character Generation
    • Character Classes: Only humans allowed but to give players more options, I'll roundabout bring back the Elf and Halfing as two new classes, the Spellsword (Fighter/Magic User) and Scout (Fighter/Thief).
    • Characters get a Standard Array for ability scores 16, 14, 12, 10, 10, 8 (arrange to suit). Then, PCs modify ability scores with bonus points depending on class. NB- it costs 3 bonus points to increase a 17 to an 18, it costs 2 bonus points to increase a 16 to an 17, and all other increases cost 1 bonus point
      • Fighter, 6 bonus points
      • Thief, 4 bonus points
      • Cleric, 3 bonus points
      • Magic User, 3 bonus points
      • Scout, 2 bonus points
      • Spellsword, 1 bonus point
    • Characters get static hit points depending on class, modified by Constitution scores. (i.e., hit points DO NOT INCREASE WITH LEVEL)
      • Fighter, 16 hit points + (Constitution adjustment x 2)
      • Cleric, 12 hit points + (Constitution adjustment x 2)
      • Scout, 12 hit points + (Constitution adjustment x 2)
      • Spellsword, 12 hit points + (Constitution adjustment x 2)
      • Thief, 10 hit points + (Constitution adjustment x 2)
      • Magic User, 8 hit points + (Constitution adjustment x 2)
    • Cleric, call forth magic light from a holy weapon at will
      • Unlike Magic Users, a Cleric does NOT need to select his/her spells beforehand (i.e., s/he decides at the time of casting)
      • A Level 3 Clerics casts any two of the following per day:
        • Cure Light Wounds
        • Detect Evil
        • Detect Magic
        • Light
        • Protection from Evil
        • Purify Food and Water
        • Remove Fear
        • Resist Cold
      • Every day, a Cleric can produce one vial of holy water
    • Thief, divide 360 points among 1) open locks, 2) find and remove small traps, 3) pick pockets, 4) hide in shadows, 5) hear any noise and 6) move silently
      • After Character Generation, add 30 points for every new level
    • Scout, divide 180 points among 1) open locks, 2) find and remove small traps, 3) pick pockets, 4) hide in shadows, 5) hear any noise and 6) move silently
      • After Character Generation, add 15 points for every new level
      • Unlike Thieves, a Scout CANNOT backstab
    • Spellsword, cast spells as per a Magic User of half level round down (i.e., 3rd level Spellsword cast spells as per a 1st Magic User, 4th level Spellsword cast spells as per a 2nd Magic User)

  • Characters Generally
    • All classes can use all weapons, armor and magic items (e.g., MUs can use swords and fighters can use wands).
    • All classes use the Fighter XP and Saving Throw tables
    • All PCs start at 3rd level
    • All PCs speak at least Latin and Celtic
    • All PCs begin with whatever mundane gear they would like, 50 gp, and two potions of either ESP, Gaseous Form, Growth and/or Healing (PC's choice)
    • For Fighters, Scouts and Spellswords, THAC0 improves by 1 each level. For others, THAC0 improves by 1 every other level.
    • For Fighters, Scouts and Thieves, natural AC improves by 1 each level. For others, natural AC improves by 1 every other level.
    • XP is awarded for completing mission objectives, NOT FOR KILLING CREATURES AND/OR TAKING THEIR STUFF

  • Equipment
    • shields deduct 3 from Armor Class, rather than 1

  • Standard Checks
    • Spot Checks use Intelligence
    • Fear Checks use Wisdom
    • Stealth Checks use (Intelligence + Dexterity) / 2

  • Combat
    • Facing
      • Flank Attacks are at +2
      • Rear Attacks are at +4