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This is the breadbasket of Amber. A long wide valley reaching from the tip of the continent to the Great Shoals on the west. Bordered on the east by the Forest of Arden and the Mountain range of Kolvir,

A winding river of Garn flows down the vale with many small tributaries from the hills on either side provide ample water to the vast farms of the region.

The Vale of Ganarth played a critical role in the Black Road war as the black Road entered in near Yaj and went to the foot of Kolvir. The devastation of the vale, especially the southern section, had unexpected consequences. The City of Garn, an ancient medium-sized city became the main fortress for the military of Amber. This meant hastily cleared harbor space, new docks, warehouses and residents. The Base of Garn multiplied in size during the fierce but protracted battle.

After the war King Random ordered the refreshment of the region and this dovetailed into his building project. The City of Garn was nearly rebuilt, along modern guidelines, and the puzzled Great Amber Road was built to reach from Yaj through Ganarth, to Amber and up to Ober and Randal. When Mandalay was forged and the Jeweled Road was created it mounted over the puzzled road and out into shadow through the Vale of Ganath.