Genetic Pandemic

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Scientists at the ACDC (Alliance Center for Disease Control) have released a comprehensive report on a nearly ubiquitous condition of genetic mutation. This condition is found in people in all regions of the 'Verse, across all social classes, and in all ages. The effects of these mutations vary in people in various ways, from minor cysts and tumors, accelerated or retarded growth of organs and bones, or other effects from benign to fatal. Symptoms include skintags, trouble breathing, listlessness, and other effects similar to auto-immune diseases. It is important to note that the lack of obvious symptoms is not an indication of freedom from the mutations. All people, citizens and otherwise, should assume that they've become infected and are suffering mutations. Medical Scientists working for the ACDC have found a reliable treatment which will use the body's natural systems to replace the mutated DNA with pure human genetic material. This will effectively cure those for whom the mutations have not progressed to the point of morbidity.

The Union of Allied Planets in cooperation with leaders of the Independent Planets have agreed to fund the immediate and free distribution of the Gene Therapy. Clinical studies have demonstrated that one dose properly administered by a qualified medical technician should begin the healing and restoration process. No long-term side effects have been discovered. Note: During the restorative process (typically lasting 3-4 weeks) the patient may have flu-like symptoms (fever, aches, upset stomach). Those symptoms can be treated with various designated palliatives, and should cease in a short time.

Veridian Dynamics has been granted the managerial oversight and control of Blue Sun Pharmaceuticals distribution network. Blue Sun is undergoing reorganization after evidence arose that they may have been aware of the dangers in the food chain that scientists believe was responsible for the pandemic.

Precautions: Any food produced between January 2523 and September 2524 should be incinerated. It should not be consumed, fed to livestock, or used as compost for fertilizer. Blue Sun, Agricorp, and Pro-Vite corps have instituted an exchange and disposal program on nearly every planet and moon. Bring in packaged food produced within the dates and receive a comparable product in exchange.

Gene Therapy: Your local health agency should have begun distribution of therapeutics by now. Consult your local Cortex, other media, or local government for details. Alternatively, look for the ishi symbol in your community.

Medical Teams Symbol.png

Verse-wide Casualties: By the end of 2524 approximately 5% of the population has died from the Pandemic or has been deemed incurable. The deaths are spread somewhat evenly across the Verse.

Related Consequences

  • Much of the Core is reduced to starvation levels as they begin conversion of their agri-culture industries on which they are significantly more dependent than the Rim and Border (with a greater ratio of farmland to people). Of course the effect on individual citizens depends on their wealth.
  • Hostilities between the Independent Planets and the Alliance has all but ended in order to deal with the greater danger. Leaders of both groups met and worked out these articles of peace. These include but are not limited to:
    • Recognition of the Autonomy of All Planets in the Rim and Border
    • Recognition of the Sovereignty of the Union of Allied Planets within the White Sun System including all space, orbiting planets, moons, asteroids and stations.
    • Recognition of the Qing Ling Republic as a sovereign nation ruling all planets and moons in the Blue Sun system.
    • Agreement for the unfettered access of Alliance and Core businesses in the Rim and Border without excessive interference or taxation. (See addendum for limitations).
    • Creation of a consortium to resolve the Interplanetary Space Law for the conduct of spaceships, stations and other bodies outside the low orbit of any planet or moon. Empowering the Alliance to enforce Interplanetary Space Law except in those regions outlined in the agreement.
    • Levying of Port Fees, and interplanetary Cargo taxes in all worlds to fund the IAV Navy.