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Game Rules for Fate-Fudge[edit]

These rules are modelled on Fate 3.0, the rules system for Evil Hat's Spirit of the Century and Dresden Files RPG. The magic system is based on Ars Magica, which is available free (and is highly recommended.)

Significant Departures From Fate 3.0[edit]

I've changed many of the rules from the Spirit of the Century SRD. While Spirit of the Blank has been an inspiration, very little of it has been directly adapted for Geos.

Specific changes include:

  • Combat: Weapons provide modifiers to hit, to damage and also provide aspects, which can be tagged for effect. Shields provide defense, while armour provides protection. There is no stress track, but a distinction is made between situational consequences and injury consequences.
  • Magic: Magic is the primordial force in Geos. Current approaches, however, can only partially describe it. Imperial thaumatology, currently the dominant theory of magic (among humankind), is explicitly logocentric - magic is equated with language and meaning. Other theories exist, with different restrictions and completely different styles.
  • Stunts: The current Geos campaign doesn't use stunts, making it somewhat more simulationist than Spirit of the Century. (Stunts may be added later for a more cinematic flavour.)
  • Skills: Geos uses Fudge-style skills (and dice), but with significant modifications. Skills may have specializations and extensions.


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