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At the request of the King, I, Gerard, answer

My Liege, third of my life, i answer your call for recognition.

Submission? No. I quarrel with your terminology.

Let us say that i serve, but i do not serve on my knees. I am no slave. When Oberon told me that i would go to Thelusia I went. When he said I would go to Diega and lay down sea-lanes, i went. When he demanded i go to Dreana and kill King Ricardo of Brolic, i declined and took off into shadow for a while. There is no line for Amber, but there is a line for my king.

I served Eric. He was worthy of the throne if Oberon was not going to hold it. But there was a limit with him as well. I told him if he executed Corwin i was going out into shadow and he could bloody well die in state. So he imprisoned him.. Blinding him was understandable, though it tested my loyalty greatly.

The Unicorn has chosen you. I must trust her choice. So i shall serve Amber at her request. I serve you, brother.

But do not push my loyalty. If you do, it will not be me that tries to wrest the unicorn's choice from the throne. Nor will I be his defender. Rule with wisdom, rule with patience, rule with justice, and i shall serve.

Between us, thee and I, is a bond, and i have told you, to your face, what things I will not stand for. You have told me, to my face, what things you will not ask of me. I consider this a fair accord.

Thus I hereby render my fealty.

Prince Gerard of Amber, son of Oberon and Rilga.

Jeweled Amber