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Arriving the room is a huge collection of mechanical elements driving 4 great glass faced clock. Over in a corner is a cot, well used, and a table with a variety of clock making tools and gears and pieces. In a corner is a very out of place Star Fleet replicator.
Delwin looks at Alvah and smiles, sees Jurt and chuckles briefly.
Walking to a small set of sofas and mix matched chairs and a small coffee table. Several cats wander about, seemingly trained fereals.
He sits in a well used chair.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah exhales finally and nods to Delwin.
"Hey dad. Where are we?"
Alvah looks at the cats and tries to avoid them. She is just not great with cats.
She moves with her father to the sitting area.
"Thank you for accepting my call. I could have imagined that you were done with me after all that."

Michael James Watson
Delwin leans over and takes his tea, "Done with you? No...Done raising you? Yes."
"We are in the city of Washinton, in a shadow of Antherica. Favorable to me. 30 to 1 to 7. I come here to ...unwind.."he chuckles at his joke. "ITs a clock tower in the city. The realm is an early the Jet age again and i've decided to raise a force for the upcoming war. This world is unified and at peace sort of. Two hemispheres, a north and south in both, all are nation states and they fight from time to time but have a talent for making peace. In this world I command an air force and have diplomats gaining the other air forces for my use. I should have about a thousand of them in a month or so. Plan to add strafing runs on the Flowing Hordes if Random commands. Vance can't bring starships over Borlak. He is a cagey shadowwalker and stays out of realms that allow faster then light travel. Oh, the replicator is there if you are thirsty. "
Jurt says, "You run an air force from a clock tower?"
"No, i just come here to rest. So, dear, how have ylour new experience and....companions been treating you?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks about and the pulls up her knees and rests her chin on her knees something she does since she is young.
"I really thought the news of my mother her heritage would be the peek of things." Alvah sighs
"As you know it is not. "
Alvah looks straight at her father.
"Vance is great as is Agrom we had great fun together. Then going back ofcourse you were there with the whole court thing. "
Alvah waves her hand in the air
"You are not looking for a detailed rapport. Okey what is going on is this. I thought of doing something useful and steal a banner back for Amber or well for Adagalasck. The banner is at the moment in Azcala. So i was gathering info. There i met Thin Whip or well yeah Jurt."
She gestures with her hand to Jurt.
"Because of his wife i thought to talk and get more info. And well ofcourse get pissdrunk and dance at his place."
Alvah the inhales deeply and continues.
"From there we started talking. Talked to Hagalta who apparently had been sacrificed several times in Azcala before being freed. Something with red diamond hearts. He kind of dropped some info and insinuated stuff about me. Also Cicero has a dufiro bonded."
She looks her father straight in the eyes
"What do you know about this dad? Before i start digging further which might become a grave."

Michael James Watson
"Its funny you mention a grave. I've just received permission at that court to build a mausoleum up in the Tombs. I'm going to find a nice one in New Orleans of this world., transport it entirely there. Including who ever is in it. This is the one I like" Reaching for some photographs..
It has some Plutarch in it, and its pretty run down. I'll take the building, then build the grass on it later.. Replace the Stag of course.. Random gave me a good spot as long as I built a second mausoleum for Borlak. "
Sitting back, looking at Jurt, "I think, Dear, I'll make three unless you are willing to be housed in mine. I'll make it large enough for both of us and several more.."
"Your plan to recover a Banner of the Adask seems worthy.. The Azcalans are not very clever about some things. It the banner wasn't ragingly magical they may just have thrown it where they found it.. They don't respect anything beyond their realm and the royals are the worst..."
He withdraws a deck of cards..Sets it down, cuts it and shows a purple symbol.
"Ahshaza, the 4th teir of Azcala...You were born there."
14s Ahshaza.jpg

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks a bit concerned when her father starts talking about building graves.
Looking at the trump she nods
"yeah that is why we talked to Hagalta he had led an attack with the Azcalans against Amber. Learned about their tactics or well their lack off really. And yes heard that the royal family are the worst."
She taps with a finger on her knee.
"so how long after i was born did you take me away?"
Alvah wanted to leave it at that but then she shoots up again.
"oh and why is my appearance compared to someone named Cihalas or Zentalas? And why did Hagalta sort of insinuate that i might have something to do with these red diamond hearts? " she then holds up Cicero
"And WHY is there a difuro in my snake!?"
Eventho she raises her voice she stays huddled up in the chair

Michael James Watson
"Its a rich realm. thousands of small nations and kingdoms in a mountainous realm surrounding a massive lake spotted with islands of many sizes. Like a mountain range in a lake. They are religious to a degree but not maniacal. Temples might sacrifice a human on rare occasions but the main sacrifice there are tomato.. They have transitioned the religion away from sentient life taking to animal life taking. They sacrifice cows and pigs, and chickens are laid on alters and slain. But afterwards their are feasts.. of cow and pig and chickens.. Sometime pumas and jaguars..Every year or so they have a symbolic human sacrifice. The victim is laid on the alter then a tomato is cut and raised in celebration.. As religions go, its pretty tame."
"I married a wonderful wild woman. She had a way with sorcery that was incredible. I had sought power of certain type and spent 30 years in study before finding her. I didn't travel in the other realms much. Tesola, Ulliam-Zlapa, Untola.. all those realms are ruled by people unconnected to the family of Tonacat. Except Ulliam, which is ruled by Quetzecal, a grandson of Tonacat but an Ancient enemy of them...She used many names...made a game of it. I thought of her as Ollinka, which means a mover. "
"You were 4, and she did something horrible, she... sacrificed you. Made a diamond heart. Then healed you... It was done when i was away.. But i felt it.. I confronted her. She revealed herself and she tried to sway me...We fought. Magically....and I beat her down. Took you. and fled..Cihalas....."
Jurt coughs, "Cihalas? My mother in law? "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah is dead quiet for a while. she then stands up walks to the replicator
"Wodka.. lime... shot... "
She does this three times before looking at her father
"alright. so do you have the azcalan trump deck? am i in there now? And be honest with me dad, would Cihalas care if i was still around or not? "
Looking at Jurt she can'help but laugh
"ey brother in law. Oh fun fun. " Then her laugh turns a bit more to the crazy side
"So a half brother from dads side and half sister form mothers side. I feel so blessed... i should visit mysister to.. maybe run away with her as well like with Vance, go dance what would she like? " Alvah then straightens up from her crazy talk and walks to the replicator again.
She order her another wodka and then starts pacing
"Okey so dad, you saved me from crazy ass mother who had already sacrificed me. So this deal with the red diamond hearts. They are also a trade object of some sorts no? exchanging them? do i actually have a diamond heart instead of a regular fleshy thing? i wouldl ike some details on that affair please. ANd i am sure Jurt wouldn't mind knowing either."

Michael James Watson
He raises a sign that looks like a rollercoaster somehow, delwin sticks his hand in and conjures a sack. He removes a red diamond heart.
"This one belongs to Alcona, Cihalas's son. When we fought she used it. It is a power focus. Certain types of magic work with it well. Attack spells..When used the person connected to it feels horrible pain as if it was their heart being burned.. There is a spell in the Azcalan religous sorcery that turns a beating heart into these. They are not common, but someone of Amber blood, of high ranking high powered chaosian blood has enough psychic power that when they are sacrificed the spell makes these spell focuses. They figured out how to sacrifice such people and then keep them alive afterwards long enough for their powerful shapeshifting and regeneration grew a new heart. Then they could do it again. It was done to Hagalta for a couple years. Thats 24 power focus that cause him to feel like his heart is aflame when used. "
"This was done for years to Utara. Its being done regularly to Alcona. You asked if Cihalas would care if you are around? Yes she would. Very, very much. You would be another source of Diamond Hearts. It was done to you once. If I ever have the chance i will kill her with whatever powers i have. Perhaps its guilt that I was over protective of you. "
"As for them being trade objects, not exactly. They are holy. A priest like a cardinal or a bishop would be honored to receive them from their gods. Because to them thats what they are; hearts of their gods. Alcona, Utara, may be considered gods, but that does not stop Tonacat, Zictalas, Zentalas, and Cihalas fromdoind what they do to make them,

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods slowly, not that she can move to fast with by now the copious amounts of alcohol in her system.
"So only one of me. That is good."
Alvah walks to Delwin and lays a hand on his shoulder.
"I understand dad. It is okey. But now i know. I know why i need to train more. " Alvah squeezes her fathers shoulder softly.
"With all respect to your wife, Jurt but i am not going to hide. Also an advantage i am not such a big fish as Untara. I am not perceived as godlike. And do the rest of that royal family know of me?
If not that means i can at least train."
Alvah smiles at her father.
"And not only your tutelage i need to learn broader area. Maybe start running with the elites again. But not this morning way to much alcohol in my system now."
Alvah laughs a bit awkwardly

Michael James Watson
Jurt says, "Little fish are used for bait to catch big fish."
Delwin says, "I hate to suggest this, i really, really do..I can't express how much i hate it. In fact i would take it as a personal favor if you said no way.. You are a fencer. And a gymnast. You have been a soldier. Are you interested, among this training you are considering, in taking some elite military training? I can pull some strings...."
Jurt sighs, "oh damn.....damn, are you serious? Are you suggesting sending her to Rasak?"
Delwin looks, "As I said, i hate the idea of her going through.,.....that... but she took marine corps training. She might need to up her skills to compete at this level. You have heard of it? "
Jurt says, "I have a standing invitation. Been kind of dodging it."
Delwin frowns, "So if she goes, you would accept that invitation?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"Oh dad i was about to suggest that myself. Sounds like a trip to hell and back including cats. But since Bleys told me about it. The thought of going was there. "
Alvah smiles her slight drunken smile.
"Seeeee not making bad decisions all the time. And this time i won't break my commanding officers jaw.
Oooh speaking off that."
Alvah walks to the replicator and grins.
"Brownies pleaseeee "
When they appear she grabs wants to turn but ddcides better
"Rum coke tall glass and easy on the coke."
Alvah then decides to just sit near the replicator she stuffs a brownie in her mouth and pours part of her drink after it.
"Dad two questions." She holds ul two fingers
"One! I need a teacher for magics to. And no not you. Jurt would pick Brand.... i am in doubt still, who would you pick? "
She holds up 2 fingers now.
"Two, in your attempt to protect me my whole life. And i really understand why... but did you make my boyfriend dissappear? You know Merrill Hendriks... that freaking hot guy. You've seen him."
Alvah looks at her hand and keeps her two fingers up
"Another second question, did you know about the dufiro that is bonded with Cicero?"

Michael James Watson
"Computer; Synthahol."
He looks at Jurt, narrowing his eyes. Jurt smiles, "Something on your mind, Lightwalker?"
"Lightwalker. That feels like a thousand years ago. 50 in Amber, so around 300 for me. Part of that in Azcala. I went there after the Battle of Trudana Felik. AN interesting people. If you withdrew their royal family and the bloody religion, eliminated the common cannibalism, they are a remarkably friends, caring people. But they turn bloodthirst with a smile. A realm like Ahshaza is balanced by Zictala. Untola is balanced by Zunala. I was gld you joined the marines. I know the day would . Go to Rasak. I'll see to it that you can."
"As for Merrill, i never liked him so when you two stopped seeing each other it didn't bother me, But i had nothing to do with it."
"As for Cicero, i had no Idea. Ive only dealt with Dufirosm a few times and then generally in person rather then through a ritual. It wasn't my doing. IS he alright?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks to Jurt then her father.
"Hmmm guess Merrill really just dumped me then. That sucks. Ah well. And as for Rasak, thank you who should i talk to for that?"
Alvah then smiles
"And your pick of sorcery teacher. Who would it be?"
Alvah then looks at Cicero
"Yeah he is fine i think. Thanks to Jurt we have a few answers about the dufiro in Cicero and a name will come as well. We know who put it there. But i have no clue why and the importance of it . "
Alvah looks to Jurt
"Perhaps better explained by you?"

Michael James Watson
Del says, "I've no idea.. I guess it would be a question of when it happened and what happened leading up to it. "
"A teacher in sorcery..The person who taught me..She is ancient. She has memorized more spells then i ever knew. He pattern imprint is Wild. She has a dozen other imprints giving her over 100 hung spells. And her spells don't degrade. But she is very picky about who she teaches and she is regal and self-righteous and narcissistic.:"
Jurt laughs, "Well she sounds like a charmer!!".
Delwin looks to him, "Yes. Queen Cymnea. "
Jurt's eyes go wide. "You were initially trained by Cymnea? Damn.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chuckles
"Yeah don't think she would be a teacher for me. But that doesn't matter. First things first. I'll go to Rasak or well firsr sober up and all that. "
Alvah then looks as serious as she can to her father
"Shouldn't king Random know? About my situation, or at least parts of it. I know that Azcalans won't come to Amber that quickly but i would hate it if due to me troubles came where they could have been prevented. "
Alvah then snaps her fingers
"Oh by the way, dad, i spoke to Fisk he told me to tell you for the coming days he is at Thin Whips, but after that he is going to Diaga for some business. And i have a deck of trumps for him. "

Michael James Watson
"You have a deck of trumps for Fisk? You are going to give a deck to Fisk? He's a son of Osric and he isn't IN the deck. He lives in Amber, knows plenty of people there, yet he isn't allowed in the castle. Did he ask you to give him a deck?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs.
"Well i asked him if he wanted one. He said yes but not if it meant asking Random pr Arlo for one. So i figured i ask Arlo for an extra deck. And i even got a Busain deck and a pirate deck. Which is really really small but i am in there to."
She looks up
"Why, shouldn't he have a deck?"

Michael James Watson
"Random, Finndo, Arloxedra, ,Dworkin, and Benedict have permission to grant someone a deck."
Jurt says,"Really? Ah...there is a list? "
'Portraits I have painted are in the deck and I am not on the list. Neither is Bleys,Merlin, Vance, or Adrian; all of whom have painted images used in the trumps"
"Fisk is listed in Maylon Hendrake's Heirs and Spares page complete with an image that looks trumply but he isn't in the deck."

Amber Bronkhorst
"Hmmm maybe is should hold off giving the deck to him. Don't want to piss the wrong people off. "
Alvah stands and starts to stretch her muscles.
"But what do you say dad? Should i tell King Random about some things going on including the idea of bringing back the banner?
If i tell him at the same time we are working on a training plan i'm sure he will be fine with it."
"And that is not true that he is not in the deck how else could i have contacted him."

Michael James Watson
Delwin says,"Lay out your deck. You say you got extras from Arlo? Lay them out too."
Jurt and Seldom, at the same moment pull out there decks and start rifling through them.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grabs her decks and walks over to the table spreading the cards out. She gestures to them
"These I got, my first deck from king Random the rest i got from Arlo. So two extra standard decks the Busain and the pirates."

Michael James Watson
Jurt reaches over and finds Fisk's card..looks up at del. "Its there.".
Del says," not in my two.
Jurt says, "nor mine."
Del says, "check the rest of the decks. "
Comparing all the decks Jurt says, "Hers has Jade, Quinn, and Albeit."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just sits back now. Absolutely no clue what is going on anymore, perhaps the alcohol didn't help with that. She looks at the two men hoovering over her trumps
"So uhm does that mean anything? Or shall we just write it off as one of the. That is just Alvah list? Like the Difuro? And probably other shit that comes to light."

Michael James Watson
"Random doesn't work that way. If they are there its for a reason. Damn tricky king...

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah groans softly.
"Great, so guess we will find out later. Or do you think a talk with the king is due? And then i mean not a talk at court but more a private sitting? That court thing is just socially awkward."
Alvah thinks for a moment
"Or we leave it be. Focus on what is important."
She looks to Jurt
"It seems that whatever happens small mysteries will keep popping up and perhaps it is wise to focus on things before us. "
She rubs her neck
"I'll train. Like really focus on getting stronger faster smarter if i don't want to be used as the big fish bait."
She then looks at Jurt
"Will Traxie come to you or me with the answers when he found them? Because perhaps with a name you can directly talk to the difuro in Cicero?."
She turns her attention to her father.
"Thank you for being more open with me about my past. I understand now why you acted the way you did. You knew that once i walked the pattern all these things would start popping up. The cork is off the bottle so to say. But no harm yet i have time to train. And when i show willing to learn i'm sure some in the family might want to help me. "
Alvah looks around then to her trumps.
"I'll be needing those, i'm sure an answer will come why i have a few others. Oh Jurt will you ask Untara if she wants to speak to me? Can also respect if she doesn't. "

Michael James Watson
Jurt says quickly, "Traxie will come to me, its summoner. I will inform you immediatly since you will certainly have follow up questions now that he is being cooperative. And he, being the vane creature he is, will want to do business with you. As for Uta, oh she will want to see you. She is driven and this is a huge new resource for her madness. Why don't I just go ahead and talk to her.. Give me a couple hours in Amber time then Trump me. Lightwalker, a pleasure to see you again, and to see you in less businesslike attire."
Delwin nods, "I would say it was a pleasure to see you as well, Pandybat, but we both know I would be lying. I would like to tell you to stay clear of my daughter but under the circumstances that clearly is impossible. So I'll say, i will judge at some future date if I need to speak sternly to you."
Jurt smiles the big Thin Whip smile, opens a Trump and steps through to the Sea View Gardens.
Delwin, "I'm going to have to light some candles to get the smell of him out of here. Now, to business.. You said you have a Bursain Deck and a Pirate Deck.. May I see them, please?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"alright great then i'll trump you soon, and hey if the time permits i'll be back at your club to go dancing again that was actually fun."
Alvah turns to her father
"Dad don't give him that he is not bad. you know the same things they say about Fisk and you let him teach me from a very young age. Jurt did not have to help me. But he did. "
She then grabs her decks and lays them on the table
"when i asked Arlo for an exra set he also gave me these, i was actually thinking of talking to him on a later date about them, but what can you tell me about the decks?"

Michael James Watson
Delwin looks them over. "The Bursain Deck was created initially by someone of Amber blood but if we know who they haven't told me. Dworkin denies making it. I think Finndo created it but he denies it. They seem based on the experiences of Random, Benedict, Bleys and Vance who ascended the Oracle of Night soon after the King of Bursain died and the Rock Guard was tossed out into the multiverse, making Bursain up for grabs. The inference is that these people would have some involvement in the sword's recovery. The deck is unusal in that it includes people known to hate each other. According to Vance he grouped them into Blue and Green groups representing the people who are likely to interact with each other in their efforts to find the blade. "
He groups the cards, "When it comes to members hating each other we have Arloxedra and Derek and Vander, sons of Eric. Derek hates them both. Zachary and Bleys hate each other. Borlak and Maylon pretty much hate everyone"
"As for the Pirate deck, I hadn't seen it, just heard of it. Apparently made by Finndo for Osric. I doubt Osric uses it to talk to his descendants but I wouldn't put it past him using it to spy on them. I know Finndo, though not well. I've never met Osric""

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at the Bursain deck.
"So i am in the blue group. And Bleys the Joker. Does that mean he would have contact with both groups?"
Alvah picks up Bleys his card, not staring at it more to emphasize him in between.
"Most of these people i don't even know. Maylon invited me to talk to her. But not sure yet if i should. Well Jurt obviously i met and talked to. The rest in the blue group no clue."
She taps Vance his trump with a finger
"So Vance is there, he is in search to of the sword then? Will it differ so much who will get the sword?"
Laying Bleys his trump down she looks at the pirate deck.
"But if it is made for Osric about his descendants, why am i there?"
Alvah leans on the table looking at them.
"These work just like the regular trumps?"

Michael James Watson
"I don't know. I can infer that though. "
He lays the cards of the Bursain Deck out.
"But you have had dealings with Arloxedra. If you needed muscle Vance would certainly help, especially for something as important as claiming Rosguara.
AS the two of them are looking at the card several fade and change. Vander's card becomes Relmopator. Truman becomes Delwin. Macsen becomes Skadi. Carissa becomes a chaosian looking Vek, Hirokai becomes Donovan.
Delwin leans back., "Well you don't see that happen often..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just looks at the trumps and then at her father.
"No this isn't a regular thing?"
She taps her fingers on the table
"Still don't know many of them though. But yes Arlo is someone i just go by now if i have questions he is like a walking and smoking encyclopedia. And Vance. Yes i would call upon him if i needed muscle or tactical pair of eyes. " Alvah then taps the chaosian looking Vek.
"Is this Vek? And why is he looking like that?"

Michael James Watson
"My guess is that's his Chaos form. Amberites are descended of the race of boundless Chaos. Dworkin was a member of the royal family of Chaos. Royal families in chaos are.. chaotic. When Dworkin created the Pattern he became a rebel and was exiled from Chaos. Chaosians are born able to assume many forms. Those of us born to the Pattern were not taught these skills and after Oberon the ability was mostly lost. After the damage and repair of the pattern most of us understood we had the power and we learned to change some things like finger prints, facial features, etc. A person with full control of their shapechanging powers generally have three sorts of forms; humanoid, Chaosian, or Animal form. The animal form is also called the Avatar form.. Variations are endless. Shapechanging is time consuming and very tiring.. But it can be learned"
"Just as an aside, a situation involving Dworkin's status in chaos has been under negotiation since the treaty between Amber and Chaos was signed. If Dworkin is declared pardoned of rebellion it means his right to inherit the throne of Amber becomes legitimate again. Which might mean any of the Amberites could be inline for the throne. With Oberon dead, Vincent someone not powerful, it means Satura or Hagalta could throw their hat in the ring the next time the throne of chaos is empty. Plus if Dworkin is declared pardoned, he could reclaim his Realms in Chaos. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods and holds Veks trump closer looking at his demon form
"Yeah shapeshifting. Dwynwen showed. Changing eyecolour and such..." she then laughs
"And i learned not to change haircolour. That was disastrous. "
Alvah looks at her father. Absentmindedly playing with the trump.
"So if i get this straight. The legitimacy of the crown and throne are at all points possible to change due to Chaos. I can see the humour and irony in that. Who is ruling Chaos now? And what is their stance against Amber and the family?"

Michael James Watson
"The High Lord of Chaos is called Swayvil. Its the name of the first 7 or 8 rulers in the eons, millions of years past. Over time Swayvil became a title. The one that ruled for half a million years up till patternfall was a Channicut, i believe. Ancient curse between Oberon and the Channicut Swayvil locked their powers together in such a mess that when Oberon repaired the pattern, much of hos power was disrupted as well. He died soon after the battle of Patternfall. His replacement, i'm told, was a Helgram duke. It was almost Merlin, as a Sawall. It could have been Mandor, Jurt, or Despil, if any of them had the power. Meaning they were eligible but not real contenders."
"Technically Amber is at Peace with the Courts of Chaos. There is a treaty. There are exchanged embassies. There is even trade to the degree radical time differences allow. But while the Courts of Chaos are ruled by a Swayvil, each of the Houses in the Court has its own politics. There are great houses of Chaos that have never heard of Amber, or who think it a new passing thing. Other great primal realms of Order, like Amber, have been destroyed. The Realm of Calmir and the realm of Paragon existed for eon before being destroyed. Many in Chaos feel that Amber will go that way eventually. They may be right."

Amber Bronkhorst
Michael James Watson
"Right technically at peace, i love those kind of statements, so there is alot of politics between the Courts of Chaos but probably also lots of pushing and pulling between Chaos Courts and Amber. or those that believe that Amber is a thing. "
Alvah takes Maylon her trump betwen her fingers and joins that in the card tricks she does now and then flashing her image up.
"So Maylon where does she stand? why was she so ampt on talking to me. She called me cousin. is that because she is closer related or that we all kind of come from Dworkin his lineage? She is from the Hendrake family then right? What is their stance? is it better or worse then Despil, she took over his job as ambassador."

Michael James Watson
"Maylon...Computer, Azcalan Blue Tequila, the 170. : He takes the bottle and pours two glasses. ITs extremely strong and flavorful. It tastes like something she has drunk before.
"Maylon is a daughter of Benedict, so she is a cousin. She is however batshit crazy and as Evil a person as I ever met. She thrives on conflict, how ever she can create it. During the war Benedict foght a Hendrake Princess, a hellmaiden named Lintra. They fought and sometimes happens, there was passion. After the passion Lintra returned to Chaos. She had her eggs removed and had Benedict's potent sperm removed. Lintra then returned to battle and in time she severed Benedict's arm below the elbow, and he killed her."
" A lord of Chaos from Hendrake then fertilized 4 eggs. He kidnapped a woman of a minor noble house of Amber and put them in her. She bore three immediately. The 4th remained dormant in her after she was returned to Amber. The three were Maylon, Doria, and Desri. The Chaos Lord took Maylon and gave her to certain forces in deep chaos. she went into the deep realms. Doria and Desri were taken to a world they all Homeworld. Talk to Doria or Desril for their story. ITs complicated..
"Maylon fought through the blackroad war as a great sorceress. But she also over saw a horrid experiment in creating Amberites. She turned one daughter into a bad assed war bitch Abyssal creature, who bore a daughter easier to manipulate. The hellmaid was Voya, who is your sister in law, married i think, to Vance. Voya's daughter was Dara. Dara is the mother of Merlin, with Corwin, and Jurt and Despil, with Gramnble Sawall. The other daughter she had merged with a cyborg body to produce viable Amberitres. In that mess she got Gilva, Shaz Far, and Vek. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah puts the trumps down with which she was playing she then takes the glass and holds it up and throws it back. Doing the long exhale of exhale breath she grins
"and here i figured i should stay sober. "
She winks at her father then looks at her glass pensive.
"hmmm nice i like it, tastes... familiar.
Alvah sits back and starts petting Cicero.
"Soooo, alright i think i get it with Maylon she just insane as insane gets. And if she thrives on conflict i understand why she wanted to talk to me. She probably wants to create some bad blood between the new kid in the playground and the others. Now i am just damn curious what she wants to use for that. "
Alvah stays silent a moment then speaks in a serious tone
"you know, dad, for you it might seem like normal business as usual, for me though it all sounds like a massproduction of a soap opera. Who boned who, who got who's kids... and who the fuck is all family of eachother. Cause basically we all are. In some form or another."
Alvah mutters soft in her glass "to bad though.. kinda hot..."
She then speaks up again.
"But okey lots of family. " She points to the pirate deck
"Why though am i in there? i am not related any closer to Osric then..... well alot of people that are not in there."

Michael James Watson
"You should like it. That was the first think you drank that wasn't breated. Azcalans drink it from birth. "
"Sand and I left Amber when it got soap opera like. They treated mother terribly. The sons of Rilga mainly. just be careful. Actually careful not just casually careful. Now, I need to Trump Benedict. I'll be back." He gets up and walks out to the balcony outside the clock tower top.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods and fills up her glass again she then holds it in a salute as her father goes to the balcony.
She watches him go and keeps an eye on him,
Sipping hte drink she tries to recall more. if she recalls taste, maybe smells, maybe sounds. What did her father say. a lullaby. Smelling and sipping the tequila Alvah just lets her mind wander a bit.

Michael James Watson
As it wanders the taste of the drink with milk comes to mind. the smell of smoke, the feel of warm leather. Riding some furry beast, wrestling with some furry teddy bear, licking her face. Laughing as it bites her clothes and runs over a rich desert landscape. A partial memory of swiming in an ice cold lake on a dark extremely hot desert night. the furry beast, unclear in her view, splashing nearby. A stern dark haired mother yelling at the beast, beating it with a long belt, a tiny alvah stepping in to receive the blows from the woman across her face several times before dark skinned, dark haired Delwin steps in to grab belt and arm, yelling.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah keeps her eyes closed, she doesn't specifically think anymore or try. Just letting the memories come back. Turning her head as tiny Alvah turns her head. Her fingers curling as she touches the furry beast.
Letting herself feel what she feels then she moves her mind creating a mental bubble around her not letting any sounds smells or other sensations come from outside her bubble. Tyring to focus on her mothers face. on the furry teddy bear like beast even on the long belt that her mother seems to use.

Michael James Watson
She has a child's memory. A toddler's. Senses., Warm fur, sleeping on warm fur. Running with the furry beast, it letting her keep up. something furry sitting against the door, not letting mother come in sometimes. But she can't remember a clear vision of it.
Delwin comes back in, she wakes slowly, and with him is Prince Benedict.
He says as she is waking, "You know what Rasak is like. I won't apologize for anything she endures. If she has nightmares the rest of her life its her own damn fault and she won't be the first graduate to have nightmares about it. Frankly if she doesn't have nightmares I'll have to talk to the instructors about why?"
"I understand. I remember it well. I didn't enjoy it but i did learn a great many things beyond the scope of my expectations. Then i returned to find mother crying because of the Sons of Rilga. "
"I know. I wasn't around for a lot of it but i think time has mellowed us all. And as I understand, your return to Amber involved a lot of mea culpas on their part and at least on trip to Harla's Tower for Gerard and Random. So.. in the end i don't give a Ferryman's Fuck what your opinion is. Its her choice and its not a choice for everyone."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah slowly opens her eyes. downs the rest of her glass, unfolds her legs from under her and stands up. She looks to her father then to the other.
She dips her head a bit in respect. But waits till her father and Benedict are done talking. She grabs another glass just in case
"Dad, grandmother said to let it be. Oh and, i think i remember mom a bit... and a furry pet i had. And small details but that can come later."
She then holds up her hand with Cicero swaying on it in greeting.
"Hey, i'm Alvah. The not so hidden anymore, daughter of him." Alvah says with a grin as she nods her head to Delwin.

Michael James Watson
"He has asked me to send you to Rasak, the Nasty Place. He can do is ask me to talk to you about it. You think you are up to it?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah frowns for a moment she then firmly nods
"Yes i think i am up for it. "
She stands up a bit straighter remembering the way she presented herself as a marine.
"I know it will be hell and back and then some. But i believe i can do this. "
She nods at her father.

Michael James Watson
Benedict nods, "Do you see this blade? Every graduate of Rasak makes one as their last action. This moment is the last time I or my instructors will ask your permission for anything. Can you take the abuse in order to gain the training Rasak gives?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah doesn't hesitate but does let a few seconds go by before answering.
"Yes i believe i can. "
She keeps her head up high back straight. She does sometimes feel a bit of pride.

Michael James Watson
He nods, and quicker then a blink of an eye, drives the blade into the middle of her chest.
Looking down at the blade protruding from her chest the pain strikes suddenly.
Benedict looks her in the eye as she fades out,
"So mote it be.