Ghazman bin Mahdi al Fahd

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Ghazman bin Mahdi al Fahd[edit]

Refresh: 5

Fate Points: 5

Character Picture:[edit]



High Concept: Bedouin Treasure Hunter

  • Invoke: When being a member of the desert tribes would be an advantage, to know of treasures and treasure lore.
  • Compel: In High Society, when being a tribesman would be a disadvantage, when going after the treasure would be a really bad idea.

Trouble: Apophis Wants Me To Suffer

To be fair, Apophis wants everyone to suffer. In any event, Ghaz has terrible luck.

  • Invoked (rarely) to bring the misfortune down on Ghaz as opposed to someone else.
  • Compelled for the kind of luck that makes Murphy cover his mouth and say "Oh, DAMN."

Aspect One: Mountain of the Empty Quarter

Ghaz is a big, big dude who is very comfortable in the desert.

  • Invoke to use his size as an advantage, or his encyclopedic knowledge of the desert, to know what tribes live where and where the oases are.
  • Compel in enclosed spaces, elevators, tiny passages, or when in alien (for Ghaz) environments like the ocean or busy cities (Cairo for example). Ghaz thinks twelve people is a crowd.

Aspect Two: Don't Make Me Fight You

Ghaz prefers not to fight; Islam is a faith for peaceful men.

  • Invoke to de-escalate a tense situation, or possibly to intimidate (the implied "because you'll lose" on the end of the aspect statement).
  • Compel to look for peaceful solutions when there aren't any. Faced with a giant scorpion magically summoned to kill him, Ghaz would first try to reason with it.

Aspect Three: (One more Aspect to be added later)

  • Invoke: (Reason to invoke)
  • Compel: (Reason to compel)


Superb (+5) Physique

Great (+4) Survival

Good (+3) Empathy, Fight

Fair (+2) Provoke, Shoot, Will

Average (+1) Lore, Mysteries, Rapport, Stealth


Physical O O O O O

Mental O O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _________________________

Severe [6]: _______________________


Duck and Weave. Any time Ghaz is hit with a fist or a blunt instrument, his injuries roll down rather than up. Whenever he takes a hit which would fill a box that has already been filled, he fills the next lower box that has not been checked.

Lie Whisperer. +2 to Empathy rolls made to discern or discover lies, whether they're directed at you or someone else.

Master of the Dunes. Once per scene in the desert, when Ghaz Creates an Advantage that involves spending a little time scavenging or manipulating the environment, he can give the resulting aspect an additional free invoke.

Ships of the Desert. You are as at home on a horse or camel as most are on solid ground. You never suffer penalties for using skills from camelback.

Stunt #5: (To be added later)

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