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Welcome to the Ghosts of Saturn play by post campaign wiki. Your GM is Robert Edwards.

Ghosts of Saturn uses the Eclipse Phase rules and setting.

Your Mind is a Tool. Use it.

Your Body is an Precise Instrument. Sharpen it."

Evolution is a tidal wave. Surf it."

The Universe is hostile. Confront it.

The Pitch[edit]

The PCs are a diverse group traveling on the Scum fright liner "Free Market Maru" arriving at Hilton Saturn Station. SOMETHING BAD JUST HAPPENED, and the Station is not transmitting any coherent signals.

Some of the PCs may suspect people they are looking for are on that Station.

Other PCs may suspect that people they can shoot without feeling bad about shooting them afterward are on that Station.

Now they face The Ghosts of Saturn!

I had an idea for gming a game about a Scum Barge arriving at a seemingly abandoned colony. Hilarity and Horror ensue. What I have in mind is something a bit more like Event Horizon than Gilligan's Island. With a touch of The Black Hole, Saturn 3, and The Cassini Division. I have decided against having the low wage hotel maids and maintenance folks being Techo Techo Cthulu worshippers. I am certain everyone is heartbroken.

Make sure your back up insurance is paid in full, and consider buying emergency farcasters. Heh

I'm not going to presuppose a Firewall mission. On the other hand, if the Players all show up with Firewall PCs, whom am I to argue?

There's a reason for your ship to go to this haunted station and a way to stick/trap you there for 40, 50 hours or so.

You should figure on coming as you are to this location: Not gonna be a gun store or a stockpile of Morphs to switch to.

K, here's what we're looking for in the way of player characters. People who might be on a spaceship out on the ass end of the solar system, either working the ship or tagging along. Space Truckers. Space Pirates. Space Prospectors. Space Hookers I suppose. Journalists and slumming tourist welcome. Used Morph Salesmen. Scrapegrace mad scientists on the run. Drunken doctors. The usual.

Everybody will find their gaming experience enhanced if they have a minimal set of survival skills -- we're talking the ever popular shoot dodge, stab, and or punch combat skills and some vac suit experience. First aid. A lanuage in common with the other PCs. Some anti-net intrusion kung fu.

Every character should have some teamwork ability as well, unless you really want to play the annoying victim. You know the classic PC team specialties:

  • The Fixer Upper.
  • The Saboteur
  • The Hacker
  • The skill monkey
  • The insane gun bunny
  • The even more insane greatest swordsman in an AU.
  • The Greatest thief in an AU
  • The strong one.
  • The fast one.
  • The psychic.

Overlay these capabilities with the Leader, the Pretty One, the Thug, The Face (might come in handy) the Socialite, the one who does all work, the professor and Mary Ann personalities as desired.

What do you all want to play?

The Ship[edit]

The Scum Barge is the Free Markets Maru out of Locus in the Jupiter Trojans.

Design is for a Space to Space open frame modular commercial hauler, twin fusion-ion drives, roughly 10,000 tons "warm" Cargo spaces, 30 high end (second class) passengers, maybe 100 low end (steerage) passengers, plus external modules. Crew was designed as 12 + 8 stewards.

In current service it's operated by an extended family of Scum, roughly 25 men, women, children, bioriods, synths, and infomorphs. Service to passengers is technically awful, but friendly. Usual collection of workpods and survival pods are attached, along with external cargo modules. Standard interplanetary communication suite, basic sensors (nothing scientific or military), no weapon systems installed. Officially..

The Captain of the Free Market Maru is Mrs Maddie Arrowroot, matriarch of the family that crews the ship. Tough 'old' lady. She is polite ("Gracious") to paying passengers but has little time for them.

Like many in space she has a gen modified morph, with longevity enhancements. Also a prehenesile tail and feet-hands. She looks like she's maybe 30 in early 21st century terms, but is at least twice that age.

Her crew include:

Angel Arrowroot -- Stewardess and Beautician. Has a two year old son called the beast. Her hubby George is the Bartender in the passenger lodge. George and Angel can get you what you want.

Lindsey Duster -- Stewardess and ships nurse -- also runs the kid's entertainment. She and her hubby Tim (an Engineer) are expecting their first kid soon. Lindsey can get you what you want and probably should not have.

Her Passengers include the PCs and:

Jaque and Levi Marmott -- Medical / Resleever specialists traveling to Hilton Saturn to work at the Hotel's clinic. He's a loud mouth opinionated fat neckbeard, she's a nervous shrill boney drudge. They do and share stuff you may think you want but probably should not do. Also nobody's too sure if they're married, siblings, parent and child, or (most likely) all three.

Elisabeth "Call Me Bubbles" Latour -- wealthy tourist from Luna, old space money, life of the party type. Has a few Bad Habits She May Want to Share With Friends.

Reverend Zachery Carutors -- Traveling Missionary. Doesn't approve of any of that stuff. Takes a drink or two or three or ... after dinner. Likes to find out more about other people IE the PC's darkest secrets, if you let him.

The Station[edit]

The next stop on Free Market Maru's tour of the Saturn moons is Hilton Cassini Station, a small facility attached to an excentric far orbit ice moolet. Great view of the Rings. Intended as a tourist destination, it's been only semi-operational since the Fall. Serves as a data haven, and contract research center. IE a hide out for nutty eccentrics and hippies. Also as a source of h2o, h2, and o2 for ships that dock here. Free Market Maru intends to fuel up after the trip out from the trojans -- they've got enough fuel and mass to make the more civilized Saturn moons, but refueling here is cheaper and they'll travel faster.

Hilton Saturn Station has a torus wheel for the tourists, sitting on a spike tower, stuck into an icy potato of a moonlet. Looks like a cocktail umbrella stuck into a big pile of dirty ice. The tourist torus has spin for artificial gee. The Main docking center is at the Hub at the spike above the torus, The Hub does not rotate and is in micro gee. The Spike tower is some 600 meters long/tall, and the torus some 400 meters in diameter.

There's a beehive of tunnels and domes around the base of the spike, housing for the hired hands, power plants, ice mining, storeage and fabrication shops, the stuff that actually makes this a viable station. All in micro gee, of course. There are more docking ports for cargo and personnel transfer vehicles around the beehive.

It's a dump, but it's a NICE dump by post-fall Saturn system standards. Lack of livable space has been the biggest factor slowing the re-sleeving of uploaded fall victims.

Most tourists going here these days Farcast. Our heroes have chosen to take a ship, on the months long voyage out from the belt to Saturn.

Allegedly on Station Are:

Yoshira Clint Dallas -- Runaway innersystem socialite hypercorp kid. Last seen in the company of:

Alisa Roosevelt -- Former Venusian, now Guest Services manager, Hilton Saturn.

Other NPCs[edit]

Yoshiro Goro (Mark 2) -- former client of Irit. Due a refund. A somewhat competent Go-nin executive. On Luna.

Yoshiro ita -- Goro's older brother, father of Chris. Very competent and powerful Go-nin executive. Also On Luna.

The Qaddafi, Zayed bin Mohammed al Maktoum -- Info broker and reputed crime lord. On Locus.

The Threads[edit]

Interest and Recruiting

Out of character discussion

In character play

The PCs[edit]

Milton Hammet -- a detective searching for Truth. Played by Davi The Eccentric

Fukazaki Shun -- Blacklisted XP star searching for those responsible for ruining his career. Played by DrFaustus

M. Irit Botvinnik -- a mercenary thug searching for Meaning. Played by Epoch.

Zoya Flerko, Scum Hacker, wants to party forever or die trying. Played by seekerofshadowlight

Julius Jacobi, architect and neotate psychic, on the run from a mysterius organization called Firewall. Played by jMobius.


Our Story So Far[edit]

In the immortal words of Superman's gravestone "To Be Continued"