Girdle of Giant Strength

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- Main Page; Keep On The Borderlands

This item will give the wearer the same chances to hit as a hill giant (if better than his or her own). The wearer will inflict 2-16 (2d8) points of damage upon any successful hit. (If the optional Variable Weapon Damage system is used, as explained in the D&D Basic Rulebook, damages will be twice normal instead of 2d8.

Rstites ruling - combining with the Dwarven Hammer:

"The Girdle of Giant strength in B/X D&D (and OD&D) grants you double (based) damage in combat, though no bonus to attack. So, an axe does 2d8 + bonuses. Note that the above hammer only does an additional 1d6 damage. You don't get to double it to 4d6 or 6d6!"

Encumbrance ruling from rstites:

Quote Originally Posted by Black Adder LXX "@rstites - I have a question on the Girdle of Giant Strength: I know the B/X rules say there's no bonus to attack with it, but will you allow for the carrying capacity to be higher (giant strength and all)? If not, Dayrell will not be able to carry the bag of holding without being heavily encumbered, as his strength is 16."

That's reasonable. You can't carry any more things* than now because Dayrell isn't any larger. However within reason, he can carry pretty much anything that's small enough to hang about his person while wearing the girdle of giant strength. So, stuff both Bags of Holding in a backpack and Dayrell can carry them around with about the same effort as an average person carries a normal camping backpack. Arm him with lead weapons, no problem. Put him in lead armor, no problem (weight-wise, just don't lick it!).