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The Glass Suite is a collection of spells in the Magery Low Order system that is designed to work glass artistically. The system is part of a over all magical approach to artor called the Artisan Suites primarily in Avalon.

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First, Second & Third Level Spells[edit]

First Level Second Level Second Level Third Level Third Level Third Level
Separate materials. Activate staff (1 type) Measure (Complex/Simple) Row 1, Cell 4 Lightning Bolt Protection, 1” Radius
Blaze Aurora (Light Wall) Mini Strength Ball Lightning Lightning Dart Protection/Normal Missiles
Charm Animal Class Parachute row 3, cell 3 Ball of Fire Magic Analysis Rope Trick
Charm Animal (specific type) Awaken Phantasmal Spell Clairaudience Magic Mouth Speed
Charm Person/Specific Intelligent Race Continual Light Photographic Memory Clairvoyance Maxi-Ball Water Breathing
Detect (Complex) Create Sound Protection/Insects Charm Undead Maxi-Sleep Web
Detect (Simple) Darkness See Invisible Cold Cone Measure (Concealed) Whirlwind
Hold Portal Deodorant Silence, 3” Radius Continual Darkness Measure (Mental) Wizard Light
Individual Silence Detect (Concealed or Mental) Speak Languages Dark Cone Mental Static
Light ESP Speak with Animals Darkwall Micro-Magic Missile
Match (light fire) Extinguish Fire St. Elmo’s Fire Dispel Magic Micro-Magic Missiles
Muscle Spasm Fireworks Super Sleep Double Protection Micro-Super Sleep
Protection Flaming Torch Fire Ball Micro-Phantasm
Read Languages Flash Wind Fire Dart Midi-Strength
Read Magic Freeze Water Wizard Lock Flame Mini-Ball
Silence, 1” Radius Gliding Fly Mini-Bolt
Sleep Hallucination Heat Cone Mini-Cold Cone
Sound Amplification Invisibility Hold Person Mini-Heat Cone
Spark (Electric Match) Knock Illusion Mini-Wide Cold Cone
Super Match Levitate Infravision Mini-Wide Heat Cone
Telescope Locate Object Invisibility, 1” Radius Mirror Image
Ventriloquism Magic Missile Light Beam Projected Mini-Strength