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The first and greatest supergroup, the Global Champions have saved the world on more than one occasion, and hold their current HQ (courtesy of Venture Industries) in low Earth orbit. The group was originally founded in the 70s in the aftermath of Shadow's attempted coup, and the original members (save for the Avatar) have since died or retired. The group has always, however, managed to find new members - but certainly not due to lax entry conditions: To be considered for membership, one needs to be among the world's most powerful, most determined, most competent. At this date, the organization has an active roster of ten members:

The leader is, and has always been, The Avatar. Undoubtedly the world's most powerful hero, he is nothing short of a cultural icon, and has inspired countless superhumans to use their powers to fight the good fight. Most Historians agree that, were it not for the example set by the Avatar, it is very likely that the first mutants, mistrusted by a world that wasn't ready for powers, would have ended badly.

The Avatar's cosmic power is legendary, but his true nature unknown - he has answered almost no questions concerning his origins, the origins of his power, or even the origins of his name. In addition to not having aged a bit since the 20s, he has also come back several times from apparent death - most notably after his first brush with Tagton in WWII, after which he needed years to return.

Perhaps the least powerful Global Champion is Bleu-Blanc-Rouge. That he has been accepted within the supergroup speaks volumes of his competence. An officer in the French military by the name of Alxandre Moran, he volunteered for a super-soldier program that stimulated his brain's motor centers, giving him superhuman dexterity. Most notably, the skills from his hobby - fencing - became truly extraordinary. Equipped with light super-alloy body-armor and a monomolecular-edge sword, his tactical skills have allowed him to defeat truly powerful foes. While still attached to the French military, he is the Global Champions' tactical expert, as well as a field officer for Task Force Synapse.

Bleu-Blanc-Rouge is headquartered in Paris, but tends to operate internationally. His arch-nemesis is Docteur Combat, a scientist from the same super-soldier program who has gone rogue and is creating his own army of super-dexterous thugs.

From tokyo, Japan hails Rumiko Kawazu, aka Titan. The daughter of a mutant in the police force, himself the son of a mutant who served in the military in WWII, she expected from a young age to take the mantle of a superheroine. True enough, come puberty she displayed the very same power: The ability to grow to huge proportions.

Going by the name Titan, she originally intended to work as part of the Japanese police, but eventually decided she preferred freelance work. As a member of the Global Champions, she provides the brute strength. She still operates mainly in Japan; her arch-nemesis is Brain, the psionic.

Growing up in a bad neighborhood of Chicago, Kevin Banner - aka Tracer Pulse - was always a though, no-nonsense kind of guy. When he joined the police, he quickly displayed excellent investigative skills (if not a great ability to work well with others). However, it was reported several times that his inability to deal with supervillains, and the police's need to rely on superhumans, simply enraged him. One day, he quit the force and disappeared. When he returned, months later, he was mind-bogglingly fast, and could project enough energy to level an entire neighborhood. He began working as a freelance superhero, then decided to move to Megalopolis, the world's most active center of superpowered activity. He has never explained where he had obtained his powers, and has never been the most social sort, but after helping the Global Champions more than once (notably rescuing them from Global Might during the Sydney Crisis, he was eventually invited to the team. He currently represents them in Megalopolis, when he isn't hunting for his arch-nemesis, the elusive genius thief Baron Midnight.

Hailing fro Morocco, Mister Tomorrow (by his real name Driss Mernissi) is probably one of the world's toughest mutants as far as melee combat is involved. Between the ability to leap over huge distances, claws that can cut steel, and a regeneration rate with few rivals, he has become convinced that mutation is the future of mankind, and that it is up to people like him to act as an example for other mutants, showing them the path of heroism. Representing the Global Champions in Morocco, he is among their best melee fighters. His arch-nemesis is the mutant supremacist Neo.

From Bombay, India comes Kiran Devi, aka Causality. Originally a physicist, she began obsessing with a theory she believed could bridge the gap between science and magic. Her theory is still being debated, but her skills as an enchantress (or "acausal event generator", as she would say) are not. She is the Global Champions' expert wherever sorcery is needed.

The most recent recruit is Thermakron, a mysterious 12-feet tall robot with mastery of extreme temperatures. His origins are unknown (even to him, he claims), but he has put his impressive abilities to the service of the good fight so far, to the point where the Global Champions invited him to join their ranks. He is at times considered the arch-nemesis of the eco-terrorist calling himself The Druid, but it is unclear how their adversity will be affected now that Venture Industries have hired Thermakron to join the security detail of Venture City.

The up-and-coming star of the Global Champions is Techno-Paladin, aka Clifford Lewis, from New York. A genius inventor with a knack for quantum physics and robotics, he designed his mechanical armor as part of his thesis. He acts both as heavy hitter and scientific adviser to the team.

His base of operation remains New York City. He has recently found an archnemesis in the person of Valerius, a vampire who returned from Limbo not too long ago (and has joined the ranks of Global Might).

One of the more mysterious members of the team is Mimic. A being of unclear (but decidedly magical) nature, he escaped some time ago from the gaols of Avalon. As he doesn't remember anything prior to his imprisonment, it remains debated whether Nollius or his minions inflicted some sort of amnesia on him, or if he was created by them. Whatever be the answer, he relies on both limited shapeshifting skills and the ability to copy the powers of anyone he touches.

The final and oddest member of the Global Champions is Vaxis, aka Phantom. An incorporeal life-form from outer space, he has reached Earth some time ago, and seems to have taken a liking to our planet.