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A game of mythic demigods using Sine Nomine's Godbound, GM'd by Mister Kent

Map of the Raktine Confederacy


  • Chen, played by Fred. Justice-seeking warrior with a price on his head. DEATH. JOURNEYING. SWORD.

Chen is from Dulimbai and lived in a village at the border with the Patrian Empire, near Lake Nemia. When he was 8, a Patrian century rolled into the village killing, raping and burning. The only survivors were Chen and his grandfather. They fled to Raktine, but the horror of what happened festered inside Chen, begetting a strong desire for vengeance. Sixteen years later, Chen's grandfather died, but what was most surprising was that Chen found himself speaking with his ghost. Chen became a Godbound, bonding with the Words of Death, Journeying and Sword. Finally able to carry his vengeance to fruition, he started tracking the members of the Patrain century and killing them. Today, two years later, he has a few deaths under his belt, but there are still many more to go. While searching for his prey, Chen helps other unfortunate souls break the shackles of oppression or gain retribution for past sufferings.

Red Book of Vengeance

  • Aemiliana Drusus: Reme,'Drusus the Defiler'
  • Claudius Secundus: Reme, Senator Secundus, single-minded
  • Flavia Scardua: died in a gambling parlor in Vissio, rumor: alive and well in the Bright Republic
  • Fulvius Augustus: suicide and Iulius Hortensius…I will have to reach out to my contacts. These two I don't know personally, but I swear by The One that if you help me get what I need, I'll help you..."
  • Iulius Hortensius: warlord of Kangkhan


  • Munkh the Messenger. An indefatigable courier. Apparently knows everything about Marzanna.
  • The Dobrevs. Kindly innkeepers. Learned self-defense from Chen.
  • May, aka The Maid. Chen's disciple. Former servant at the Dobrev's inn. Wields an axe.
  • Commander Xia Xiang Tze. Leads Marzanna's army, the Marzanni-Vod. Anticipates violence.
  • Voivod Ivan Tsetsang. Ruler of Marzanna. Denies the threats to the city, but otherwise a bit of a cipher. Gained powers of persuasion from the Goddess Stone.
  • Prince Amur Tsetsang. Son of the Voivod. Kumadori's biggest fan. Betrothed to Anastasia.
  • Father Damrin. Religious leader of the Church of the One. Voivod's trusted advisor. Gained powers of clairvoyance from the Goddess Stone.
  • Captain Tan. Marzanni-Vod leader of the Western Patrol.
  • Captain Stoya. Marzanni-Vod leader of the Southern Patrol.
  • Senator Julia Iapetha Agrippina Quintillanus. Patrian dignitary. Raisa's boss in the Legio Morituri. Provided info to Chen.
  • General Fulventus. Patrian veteran. Commands the Legio Morituri.
  • Phaeto. Senator Julia's slave.
  • Baron Voltz. Nezdhovan nobleman. Doesn't seem to like Anastasia.
  • Baba Badma. Elderly Curse-eater.
  • Odbolt. Clockwork minstrel.
  • The Red Sculptor. A mysterious enemy, seen by Nadezhda in a vision. Mistress of monsters. Formerly Lady Oona Tsetsang, given powers of transformation from the Goddess Stone.


  • Raktine Confederacy. A land of inter-city intrigue and roving monsters. Home of Nadezhda and Chen. The game's starting place.
  • Qormus River Road. A once-popular trade route. Covers the western half of the Raktia-Oasis Border, then travels south to Dulimbai.
  • Marzanna. A proud and prosperous city-state, ruled by Voivod Ivan Tsetsang. Preparing for a festival.
  • Sarnai Crater. A bountiful starfall crater south of Marzanna. Inhabited by zealous living tree-folk.
  • Dumhelt. A ruined city-state. Site of Raktia's most notorious Black Academy. Former trainers of Nadezhda.

Other Realms[edit]

  • Regency of Dulimbai. Tradition-minded mandarinate. Birthplace of Chen and Kumadori.
  • Patrian Empire. Militaristic society fueled by slave labor. Actively hunting Chen for attacks on their army.
  • Oasis States. Wealthy desert lands ruled by mad nobles. Birthplace of Shepset, a rogue aristorat herself.
  • Bright Republic. Technologically-advanced society. Former home of Kumadori, aka Archai Smith. Birthplace of Raisa Goncherova.
  • Nezdohva. Land in the grip of mechanical overlords. Birthplace of Ansastasia.


  • Alkonas. Quadruped flightless birds native to the Raktia region. Domesticated and exported by Marzanna.
  • Bat Mutants. Mysterious cackling flyers who hide within thunderclouds and hunt by sound. Nicknamed "Laughing Storm" by Kumadori. Encountered by Chen and Nadezhda on the Western Patrol. Serve the Red Sculptor.
  • Toothed Men. Band of raiders with inhuman appetites who devoured part of Marzanna's main gate. Live in the mountains to the west. Serve the Red Sculptor.
  • Living Treefolk. Occasionally murderous animated trees of the Sarnai Crater. Believe Marzanna stole their goddess.
  • Cyclopes. Monsters encountered by Badma, as told to Nadezhda. Serve the Red Sculptor.
  • Hounds. Monsters encountered by Badma, as told to Nadezhda. Serve the Red Sculptor.

Custom Words[edit]