Godbound: Rock'Em Sock'Em Revolution

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A game of mythic demigods using Sine Nomine's Godbound, GM'd by MrPrim

The Iron Hand of Nezdohva



  • The Iron Tsar. Automaton ruler of Nezdohva and would-be Conqueror King.


  • The Iron Court. The fractious and volatile ruling government of Nezdohva headed by the Iron Tsar and his most trusted advisors.


  • Nezdohva. A once proud land under the unhappy and steel-fisted rulership of an automaton tsar and his boyar court.
  • Sivtsovo. A city-state bordering Nezdovah whose wealth primarily comes from trade and the taxation of caravans and barges crossing their borders into and from Nezdohva.

Other Realms[edit]

  • Ancalia. A fallen nation riven by Night Roads. Birthplace of Stevyn.
  • The Bright Republic. Technologically-advanced society currently building some sorts of ties with the Iron Court.
  • The Raktine Confederacy. A land of inter-city intrigue and roving monsters. Birthplace of the Lily-Pale Knyazhna.
  • Vissio. A land of bankers, artisans, and artificers that hides a dark underbelly. Birthplace of Lazarro.