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Pavis, is god of the city. The city was taken by lunars a few years ago.

The Seven Mothers are the prime lunar cult out here. They are the baddies for now.

The lightbringers are the Orlanthi - they consist of Orlanth, stormlord; chalana Arroy, healer goddess, Lankhor Mhy, sage god, Issaries, herald and trader god, and trickster.

The nomad gods are storm bull, a beserker god, Waha, founder and leader god, eiritha, herd goddess, and Daka fal, Shaman god.

There are other gods, of the other races, of the river [Zola Fel], and a few strays like Humakt, sword lord and god of death and Yelmalio, god of light without heat, another warrior god.

There are also spirit cults, old cults, ancestor cults, etc etc.