Going Under - Amaranthe Garamande

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Amaranthe Garamande Heartsong-Seeking Witch

SKILLS Mend Discern Compel


BEATS [ X] MINOR: See something from your dreams in the real world [ ] MINOR: Consume something of the Heart - you eat the flesh of a heartsblood beast, etc.

EQUIPMENT Sacred Athame (D6, Cruel 2, Witch)

ABILITIES CORE: Crucible You bring the energy of the Heart inside yourself and transmute it into crimson power. Before you cast a spell from this class, you may roll a D6. If it’s equal to or under your current Echo stress, clear that much stress from Echo and roll with mastery next time you cast a spell from this class. If it’s over your current Echo stress, add that much stress to Echo, and you cast the spell normally.

CORE: TRUE FORM Your skin skitters with barely-contained power - the heartsblood within you, waiting to remake you as a flickering, hungry zoetrope horror. When you suffer Major fallout, the stress pushes you into your true form. When in your true form, you roll with mastery on Hunt and Kill checks, but all other checks become Risky. At the end of the current situation, you revert to your humanoid form.

CORE: In the Blood You move through the Heart as if blessed. +1 Echo Protection. Once per situation, when you take stress to a non-Echo resistance, put it in Echo.

MINOR: RED DOMINION You don’t bleed unless you want to; when you’re angry, your veins pulse visibly beneath your skin. Gain +2 Blood protection.

MINOR: THE SIGHT Your eyes are redblack with barely-contained power. Gain the Discern skill. If you concentrate and stand still, you can see ghosts, spectres and other unseen creatures.

MAJOR: REJOINING OF SUNDERED FLESH Your knowledge of the hidden pathways of flesh allows you to repair the damaged and broken bodies of your allies. This rite takes an hour or so to cast, and involves restraining the subject whilst anointing them with your blood. Roll Mend+Occult to cast. At the end of the hour, if the spell is successful, the subject removes D8 stress from Blood.

MINOR: A MIND OF MANY DOORWAYS Mortal concerns fade in comparison to the majesty of the blood-song that resonates within you. Gain +2 Mind Protection.

MINOR:OF NOBLE BLOOD You inherited the disease from a well-regarded bloodline; you are strange, and powerful, and authoritative. Gain the Compel skill. Roll with mastery when you communicate with other Witches.