Going Under - Spirithand Macqui

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SPIRITHAND MACQUI Ghost-Handed Drow Junk Magus

SKILLS Discern (Curses), Stealth

DOMAINS Occult, Religion

BEATS [ ] MINOR: Take Minor Mind Fallout [ ] MAJOR: Kill someone who is trying to keep you from claiming the knowledge

EQUIPMENT Narcotics (Clear D6 Mind once per session, all actions Risky for the remainder of the situation) Rune-etched ritual dagger (D6, Distressing)

ABILITIES CORE: UNORTHODOX METHODS Gain the Discern skill. Once per session, when you would roll dice to resolve an action but before you roll, instead state that your result is a 6, and you succeed but you take stress.

CORE: RAVENING KNOWLEDGE You crave the touch of what others call madness; the glimpses of truth that ravage your frail, mortal mind give you unimaginable power. When your Mind stress is 4 or higher, you roll with mastery when casting spells from this class.

MINOR: LITANIES OF FALSE POWER You know that the gods of the world are distant, or dead, or disinterested; but you pay attention, for they may reveal useful secrets. Gain the Religion domain. When you use the SACRIFICE ability above, you may also consume items with the Religion domain.

MINOR: MARK OF SHADOW You conceal your activities from rivals and superstitious fools with a mark etched on your skin; when you speak the right words, you become hard to notice. Gain the Sneak skill.

MAJOR: THE DROWNED QUEEN’S BLESSING You have glimpsed the Court of the Drowned Queen where she slumbers eternal and awaits the resurgence of her line. You no longer need to breathe air; no matter the situation, you will not asphyxiate. In addition, once per session, you can locate a useful source of water - a stream, a pipe, a drain, a reservoir, a waterfall, etc. When you take advantage of your find, you roll with mastery.

MINOR: THE QUEEN’S KISS You fill a target’s lungs with seawater, drowning them on dry land. Gain access to the following weapon: (Damage D6, Ranged, Piercing, Distressing) If you cast this spell whilst your target is at least shin-deep in water, it inflicts D10 damage.