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A list of great quotes from the RPGNet forums, complete with links to the discussion.

"B__: Why slip over the wall and drop the steaks off when we can light our meat cart on fire and push it down a hill into the wall, where it'll smash through, hurling flaming meat through the air and lighting the lions on fire when they try to eat the flaming meat?
WP&P: That makes sense."

- Moochava

"My god, that's the dumbest beast I've ever heard of. Seriously, this is worse than a modron that rides an owlbear into battle wielding a gun that shoots svirfneblin."


"GM: "The super Nazi closes on you." Player 1: "Er... Don't shoot, I'm Hitler!" GM: "Right, roll for it, oh bugger. Right what skill have you got in German?" Player 1: "Er [checks his sheet] none at all." Player 2: "Tell him that you forgot how to speak German after the brain-transplant. It was a side-effect or something." Player 1: "Yes! That's the one!""


"Because you know nothing says gritty fantasy like a whacky leprechaun knifing you in the junk..."