Green View

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Green View is an example of a minimal waymet.

Green View connects to the jeweled road for 500 meters.

It is has a dusty portion for 100 meters.Often called the dirt swath. Some of the minimal waymets will have wells in the dirt swath.

Beyond the Dirt Swath is 400 meters of forested land with thick trimmed trees with wide foliage. The trees are a wide mixture of tree types. Many are fruit trees producing year round. Olive trees are mixed in as are oaks, avocados, maple, and other type local to the region. This region is often called the Forest Swath.

The forested area ends in a rushing river bend that comes from inland, follows the 500 meters with a wide beach. It then turns inland. This region is often called The Beach.

Inland becomes a heavily wooded region. Low mountains turn rugged quickly rising to the 3000 meter level.

There are no signs of native life for miles inland except naturally occurring wildlife.

Few residences of a permanent nature are found in the 500mX400m forest swath. However some temporary residents might rest here to recover from their adventures.

There may be cast offs from other travelers like tents, broken wagons, equipment and other supplies abandoned.

  • It is a common custom of frequent Jeweled Road travelers to clean up cast off refuse.
  • It is also a common custom to leave cut wood as well as food stuffs.