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Green Water Coves :An elite residential district. Also known as the Green Water and the Coves.

The Green Water Cove is a district of rocky protrusions, sandy areas, and small islands south of the city of Amber. An unincorporated area, unlike the incorporated North Riding. This area has many mansions and large compounds. Many


In the early days of Amber the region below the fine natural harbor that became the Great Harbor, and its several smaller fine harbors, was a collection of islands, jagged rock, sand bars, and a variety of other natural hazards. At the same time many hazardous rock structures blocked the entrance to the otherwise massive collection of natural harbors. In the year 1189 BKA Duke Oberon and his sons Osric and Finndo undertook dredging and clearing debris and hazards over the course of a century to open the main harbors. The debris was moved south of the hook at Cabel's Neck to open ocean.

In time they began organizing the debris out beyond the region of islands and sandbars to create a breakwater and a defensive ring below the hook of Cabel's Neck creating the Green Water Coves. Islands were identified and waterways opened, vegetation planted. The work of making the Green Water habitable took centuries as well and all Oberon's Amber Brood up till Dierdre were involved in these projects to one degree or another. Since 200th year of the reign of King Oberon the Green Water has been regularly lived in and the work of clearing hazards has been on going.

Once certain obstacles were cleared, the debris from them forming the Breakers and some of the islands in the Coves, kelp and algae began to grow in great profusion tinting the water in the region green. The area became the homes of many varieties of sea life, including shell fish, tropical fish and sport fish. As residences developed the region became popular for fishing, sailing, swimming and other recreations.

In 1180 BKA the royal residence called Cymnea's Keep was established.


Cabel's Neck[edit]

The tip of the landmass above Green Water Coves its the tip of the harbor of Amber. A great signal fire burns eternally on the top of a great tower there as a navigational aide and symbol of Amber. The fire itself was created by Oberon in a controlled manner after the accidental creation of Oberon's Fire in Calrabon.

Just south of Cabel's Neck is the Tower of Prince Caine with its crystal lit top. The Great Fire of Oberon and the Keep of Prince Caine create landmarks for navigation into the Coves. In times of sea battles the light on top of Caine's Tower is extinguished.

The Breakers or Osric's Reef[edit]

The region once was islands and sandbars with huge piles of jagged rocks. AS the debris projects continued the refuse was piled in a long collection of jagged piles of stone with a few openings. The Breakers or Osric's Reef are part of Amber's defenses and also make the region behind them protected from the surf and storm waters.

The rocky area has huge chunks and tiny chunks and is nearly impossible to map reliably. Weather and ocean currents move loose debris around a lot making habitation difficult though not impossible.

The Reef is filled with life of course both below the water and above. Animal life of many kinds can be found. Turtles, fish, shellfish, crustaceans, eels, rays, and other types of creatures fill the waters and are often hunted or collected. Above the water are big horned sheep, mountain lions, beavers and other types of adaptable wildlife. They are hunted occasionally too.

There are a few pathways among the reefs known to locals mostly but none is bigger then a few meters making sea travel impossible. Also the pathways change from time to time making them unreliable.

Inhabited Places in the Breakers[edit]

  • Caine's Keep: On the sea side of the Breakers just south of Cabel's Neck is a castle lighthouse that is also a residence of Prince Caine. [[1]]
  • The Bastille: In the crook at the bottom of the Breakers is a desolate and formidable structure called the Bastille.[[2]]


The Islands in Green Water Coves are of course the most important features. These rich islands are filled with ornate manors, castles, keeps, lodges and other dwellings as secondary or vacation homes for royals, nobles, foreign governments and the rich. That the Green Water Coves is also a well designed defensive structure does not lessen its population.

Embassies and Residences of the Coves[edit]

Many Golden Circle kingdoms and other realms have vacation or secondary residences in the Coves.

Cymnea's Keep[edit]

The first of the residential palaces in the green water was built as a home for Cymena and her children while the family was clearing the region of obstacles.


A residence on land and in a water lagoon that is a home for Rebman diplomats and acts as a second embassy in Amber for Rebma.


A Defensive tower belonging the Dreanens. The House of Brolic built it in the early days of Green Water with the belief they would be constantly under attack and needed a dour fortress to uphold their Golden Circle Treaty with Amber.

Cara's Cluster[edit]

This is a collection of tiny islands that the Elites use as recreational or off duty retreats. Many islands are stones throws apart and from an half acre to 3 acres in size. Bridges connect many of them to each other and to a central place the Elites call the Mad House.

  • Dame Cara Rakstari was an ancient Elite in the reign of Queen Rilga who first established the Cluster. She died fightign the Wier and the place was renamed in her honor
  • The Mad House is something of community center tavern for the elites. There is a general rule that bitching about the duties of the elites is allowed here and considered a release. Rank among the Elites and their guests are considered to be left at the door.

Caine's Keep[edit]

On the sea side of the Breakers just south of Cabel's Neck is a castle lighthouse that is also a residence of Prince Caine. It has a protected harbor for a medium sized ship and a wide ziggurat with a pinnacle at the top. A large lit crystal gives off a bright light facing eastward.

One element of Caine's Keep is that the light tells when the obstacles around the harbor start. In Battle the light looks closer in causing ships to the crash on rocks.

The Bastille[edit]

In the crook at the bottom of the Breakers is a desolate and formidable structure called the Bastille. It is a very uncomfortable prison for short time residents. Bared windows allow weather, cold, waters, and occasionally animal life to enter the east facing cells. The other cells in the place are not much more comfortable. Largely open to the elements it is a miserable place to spend a year if one has broken the laws of Amber.

The Bastille is topped by a lighted crystal providing sailing ships a clear signal of the southern end of the Breakers.