Grenzposte NPCs

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In no particular order...

At the Docks

Captain Folko Webfoot (captain of the barge from Bludstein)

2 unnamed halfling captains

about a half-dozen unnamed halfling crewmen

Mrs. Bankstrider, looking for her son Valgin

Golden Grain Inn

Bertrand Keller (Innkeeper, currently missing)

Snigrot (Cook, currently unconscious)

Mysterious rogue (deceased)

16 Customers at the time (5 halflings, 11 humans)(4 halflings, 7 humans are currently decased / splattered all over the hallway, 1 halfling and four humans are unaccounted for)

breakfast 1 sp

breakfast, fancy 3 sp

supper 4 sp

supper, fancy 1 ep

soup or stew, bowl 2 sp

beer, pint 1 sp

beer, pint, dark 2 sp

wine, pint, watery white 2 sp

wine, pint, watery red 2 sp

wine, Grenzeposte Special, pint 1 gp

Small Guest Room (2 beds) 2gp

Posh Guest Room 4gp

Crowded Guest Room 12sp/bed

Drowsing Dragon Inn

Belba Kruger (Innkeeper)

Ollwin Kruger (Innkeeper)

6 customers at the time (2 halflings, 4 humans)

Mrs. Bankstrider, looking for her son Valgin who was supposed to be home yesterday

breakfast, fancy 2 sp

supper 2 sp

supper, fancy 8 sp

dinner, the works 1 gp

grapes, bunch 2 cp

soup, bowl 5cp

beer, pint 5cp

beer, dark, pint 1 sp

malt, pint 2 sp

wine, white, pint 2 sp

wine, red, pint 2 sp

wine, Grenzposte Special, pint 1 gp

brandy, Keoish, gill 1 ep

Lavish Guest Room 4gp

Private Guest Room 2gp

Double Guest Room 15sp/bed

Multiple Guest Room 8sp/bed

Carpenter's Shop



Temple of Beory

Misha, Priestess of Beory


4 monks


Constable Grimwald Schulz

Deorwine Allard (your escort)

Hulbar Onfre (your other escort)

Village Store

Lanzo and Ada Walker, Merchants

Hugh, Lugh, and Gasto, the merchants' sons

Mayor's Residence

Mayor Zakarias Schulz (presumably)

Traver Stoutheart (Mayor's campanion, didn't say where he lives)

Small Cottage

Dorian and Llywillan, elves


Empty, but appears to have beds for 20

The Woods Nearby

Renme the Hermit

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