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Grog and Mikon are traveling companions traveling in the shadows around Ugnasir where the Stone of Skulls can be found. These are worlds in the Tosian-York sections of Shadow.

Grog is a mighty Dwarf Lord. He was once the king of a great realm that comprised many races as well as dwarves. After a long term he grew bored and decided to abdicate, raid the treasure of his land of a few precious magical items and went a wandering.

Mikon is a warrior who early in his adventuring career became associated with the Fire Gods. As he became a mighty warrior, traveling often with a young Grog, he began being able to command fire. Eventually becoming an Avatar of the Fire Gods of his home world.

While they have dynamic avatars they also have more mortal forms and occasionally participate in the activities of CHAD

When Grog decided to abdicate and use a Medallion of Mesob to travel Mikon abdicated his role as Avatar and Angel of the Station of Fire to follow him. The two of them disappeared from their realm for many centuries.

Upon their return the nations of the dwarf realm was elated with glee. Great tourneys and great festivals were held.. and an army was created..

The Army of Grog

Grog returns to his kingdom every 20 years by the time of the world. There he ritualistically declines to take the throne again and ritualistically accepts the Baton of War, allowing him to call warriors into his service.

Grog originally took 5 units from the realm that was once his. The Teeth of Grog, a large fighting block was the main one. The Right Fist and the Left fist were others. The High Hitters were the 4th group and the Hatchets the last.

The Right Fist and Left Fist were organized and disciplined units specializing in two handed weapons. Right handed and left handed of course. the Teeth was the training grounds of the army, a place where every new warrior learned his trade behind the shieldwall.

The Highhitters are a strange aerial unit using modified single seat helicopters. The weaponry has improved as grog's contact with other realms has grown.

The Hatchets is a unit comprised of veteran warriors and fighters that other units would not have as leaders. Experienced, tough, dynamic. They are skirmishers and nearly impossible to keep under control once the battle begins.

The warriors who took to the Field with Grog return as warriors of renown, often filling posts of great responsibility. They weed out the new troops and hand pick the ones that will serve Grog upon his next return. The army is kept mighty this way, and the realm of the Dwarves remains strong.

AS the Dwarf Throne began to command other realms in their world other forces wanted to serve Grog as well.

Now the Army of Grog includes many other forces besides the original and still primary units. Several human cavalry units rotate forces every return. A fierce Gnome unit does so as well. THe Gnome Horde shadows the Teeth of Grog on the warfield, acting as outflankers and skirmishers. Numerous Halfling bands join the Army to serve as sutlers, cooks, scavengers, and archers.

The Army of Grog is found on many war-fields fighting dwarf causes. They appear unannounced at the scene of Dwarf conflicts, and destroy opposing armies.

Mikon's role in the army is mostly on the field, though when he is not in his aspect he looks normal enough. He does some one on one training and weapon work with the troops. He denies them the chance to serve him directly or to worship him.

Grog has also had to slap around dwarves who want to worship him as a god. HE tells them to wake up. That he is just a warrior that found ways out of the world and became mighty. He is by no means a god. Still, a personality cult is thick in his home world and recruits come eagerly to serve when he calls.

Some individuals in Grog's army bear notice. These are all member of the General Staff of the Army.

Andaryox: A mighty dwarf warrior, commander of the Hatchets. A powerful and youthful dwarf that was undisciplined and rambunctious in his youth. A natural warrior and a talented adventurer. He served in the Teeth, then the Left Fist and finally the Hatchets in between adventuring. He seems to have the talent to shadow walk though he is unclear how he gained it. He gained immortality along the way but is unclear how. He has dealt a few times with Amberites and there is a suspicion that he is a member of a SHade Amber royal family.

Merceno: A wicked and devious creature and a powerful fighter. His is a bitter tale and it has made him a evil creature. He is half Dwarf & Half Orcish. He was raised in a cult of brutal killers and became an assassin of great talents. The Cilliar and Snikura Assassins Guilds both trained him. He is often included in Diplomatic planning missions in case an assassination is needed. His presence at any gathering is a dark one and his tendency to end a conversation in sudden and final violence is legendary. In many ways he is a thorn in the side of the Army of Grog but despite numerous and vocal insistence, Grog, Mikon, Andaryox, Lik-E, and Bay Ruben refuse to cast him out. For this he is fanatically devoted to them and keeps his temper in check for their sakes. Merceno usually keeps to himself and his small worshipful band of followers.

Despite the black cloud of death that follows him he is an extremely intelligent person, a fine strategist and clever tactician. He is skilled in spycraft and thievery. There are rumors of his pulling heists in numerous realms where items were required and could not be gained by purchase or force.

Bay Ruben: This gnome is a diplomat of sorts who is often in the company of Grog or Andayox. He does not involve himself with the Gnomes who serve in the Army though they seem to revere him. Short for a gnome, he is a mean fighter if pressed and has powers of illusion.

Lik-E : An Elf of High Elf lineage. How this wanderer hooked up with the Army of the Dwarves is unknown. He is a cultured and well spoken man who is often involved in the Amry of Grog's efforts at diplomacy. When battle begins he is amongst the most extraordinary archers in all Shadow. His rate of fire is incredible and certainly magically enhanced. His accuracy is uncanny.