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AKA Janette Alice 'Janice' Donovan

Physical Description[edit]

Janice Donovan is not - quite - a Supermodel, but if she put in a little more time, she could be. She's definitely a rising star. At 6'1" tall, with wavy Auburn hair flowing past her shoulder blades, she cuts quite the figure on the runway. When she's seen (as she often is) off the catwalk, her jeans and open collared blouses are always chosen to fit her hair and set off her startlingly blue eyes and to accentuate her curves, of which she has plenty. This woman is [B]not[/B] afraid of labels.



Janette's father, unknown to anyone outside their family, is a mutant. He didn't - doesn't - have much of a mutation, just a little cellular rejuvenation, protecting him from most diseases and other damage to his cells. But that wasn't the only thing he had - he also had a masking mutation. He never reads as a mutant, to any scanner.

Janette inherited both of those mutations - the first, to an even greater degree than her father had, becoming strong and tough innately. But she also manifested her own mutant abilities. Though she isn't fully aware of their nature, she's psychokinetic - most of the time, her ability is simply enhancing her innate strength as she lifts and punches and throws. But she also uses it to launch herself in prodigious leaps.

Her powers manifested when, in middle school, one of the star athletes decided to press his suit more physically than he should have. She didn't hurt him - he just got a trip down the floor of the very long hallway for his troubles. But she found out quickly that her new power wasn't invisible to detection, and to protect her family, she ran away to New York. With her abilities, she was well able to protect herself against predators, and was able to capture the attention of a legitimate model scout. She changed her name, combining her first and middle names, to become 'Janice Donovan'.

But the life of a model really wasn't for her - between trying to protect other runaways and mutants in her neighborhood and the stresses of preparing for shows, she started hitting the bottle - hard. It's a fairly cheap form of addiction, even with a constitution like hers, and when she hit bottom, she still had a good nest egg. She climbed back out of the pit and formed the Chrysalis modeling agency to provide a safe space for models, even as she continues her work as Guardian, protecting a somewhat larger neighborhood.


Motivation: Doing Good. Janice could protect herself well enough, but she couldn't - and can't - stand by and watch others facing predation and abuse without doing something. It was this that helped pull her out of the pit of her addiction, when a young runaway was lost to the seamy side of life because Janette was drunk and missed the appointment she'd set up with the girl.

Identity: Janice tries hard to protect her identity. It's not easy, but Guardian's work can't be tied back to Chrysalis.

Addiction: Janice is an alcoholic. She's tried to be like those people who claim that it can be beaten permanently, but she's not managed that. Every day is a test, especially when she's facing stress.

Responsibility: Janice is the owner of the Chrysalis Modeling Agency. It's still small, but that just means it needs more of her attention than a large one would. She also tends to be more of a big sister to her models than most would be.

Prejudice/Mutant:] Janice - well, Guardian - does ping mutant detectors, and so is known as a mutant. She suffers some prejudice from this.


Str 6(12) Sta 8 Agl 4 Dex 2

Fgt 3 Int 1 Awe 2 Pre 5

(Total: 62)


Dodge 6 Parry 12 Fortitude 12 Toughness 8(15) Will 8

(Total 21)


Constant Rejuvenation

    4 Rks Immunity to Disease, Aging, Heat and Cold, Innate (5 Pts)

Tactile Telekinesis

    6 Rks Enhanced Attribute/Strength (+6, 12 Total) (12 Pts)
   12 Rks Leaping/Leap 4 miles at 250 mph in 1 minute, Alternate Power (1 Pt)

Tougher Than She Looks

    7 Rks Protection, Innate (8 Pts)

Molecular Parachute

    1 Rk Movement: Safe Fall

(Total 27)


  • Attractive/2
  • Close Attack/9
  • Diehard
  • Fast Grab
  • Great Endurance
  • Improved Critical/2 (Hits like a rock)
  • Improved Grab
  • Improved Hold
  • Improved Initiative/2
  • Improved Smash
  • Instant Up

(Total 22)


  • Athletics +14 (2 Rks + Str)
  • Deception +11 (6 Rks + Pre)
  • Expertise/Business & Modeling +5 (4 Rks + Int)
  • Insight +6 (4 Rks + Awe)
  • Intimidation +11 (6 Rks + Pre)
  • Perception +6 (4 Rks + Awe)
  • Persuasion +11 (6 Rks + Pre)
  • Ranged Combat/Thrown +8 (4 Rks + Dex)

(Total 19)[/sblock]


Initiative: +8

Toughness: 15

Unarmed Attack +12 / DC 27 / Bludgeoning, Crit 18-20

Thrown +8 / DC 27 / Bludgeoning

Contacts and Relations[edit]

Guardian is known to the Morlocks, and has supported them from time to time as they've come topside, though she makes it plain that she will not prevent someone from being arrested for an actual crime - she'll only defend against unprovoked attacks.

Janice has met Pepper Potts once, at a party she attended as a model. She tried to talk Pepper into being one of the first models for Chrysalis. Pepper has sent some business her way, so it wasn't entirely a waste.

Janette's parents still live in a suburb of Chicago. She visits from time to time, and is happy when she can, but doesn't want to bring her family to the attention of her enemies.

Janice has an active social life, and usually manages to keep a girlfriend for six to eight months before the pressures of being Guardian as well as the owner of her own business cause problems. Her current girlfriend is Blakely St. James, an American Gravure idol.