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Dr. Vera Halloway,or "Doc" as she is commonly referred to, its the owner and director of Rockhaven Waypoint. She is a research astrophysicist specializing in Oort Cloud objects (mostly comets). When Rockhaven was decommissioned from its Terraforming past, she pushed to establish an observatory. When the observatory was to be shut down, she collected her savings and was able to purchase the derelict site. Over the course of a few years, mostly by offering a safe harbor to ships that could not dock elsewhere (fugitives,independents, pirates and the like), she has been able to rebuild and restore the center well. She is tough and protective of her little outpost but is basically just and fair-minded. She hides her education behind a veneer of Rim vernacular and casual attitude. Over the years she has taught herself many skills, including medicine, useful out in the black.

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