Hamisfore Theatorium

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  • Renowned throughout the Pact Worlds, the Hamisfore Theatorium is the premier venue for performers of all sorts on Absalom Station. It draws its unique name from the fact that the entire building can reconfigure itself, drawing back its roof and adding seats as a transforms from a traditional theater to a massive stadium. In it's theater form, it host everything from zero-g dance troupes and laser-lit euphonics raves to the screaming theritars of the latest eyebite rock, while it's stadium form fills with cheers for the local brutaris team, the Absalom Assailants, or for the best warriors in carefully regulated gladiatorial exhibitions and private security talent searches.
  • The owner of the theatorium, Jebediah Hamisfore [N male feychild gnome envoy] is the third member of his family to own the theatorium and is constantly for searching for his next great act. He's particularly known for his love of alien art forms never before seen in The Pact Worlds, and he pays handsome "talent scout" fees to anyone who can introduce him to truly novel performances.