Hamish MacBain

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Hamish MacBain Federation Ship's Security / Gunnery Master

Str 9 (+1 extra) 10 Agi 8 (+1 extra) 9 End 8 (+1 extra, +1 from term 4) 10 Int 7 Edu 6 (+2 from mustering out) 8 Soc 7 2d6=7

Final Skills

Streetwise 1 Trade 0 Drive (Wheeled) 1 Broker 1 Comms 1 Persuade 1 Vacc Suit 1 Zero G 1 Gunner (Turrets) 4 Gun Cbt (Pistol )2 Mechanic 1 Investigation 2 JOT 1 Melee Cbt (Blade) 1 Medic 1 Stealth 1 Recon 1

Extras roll: 1d6=3

1 added to Str, Agi, End each. 3 auto successes

Background Skills: Streetwise 0, Trade 0, Drive 0

Term 1: Merchant: Merchant Marine

Qualification roll Int 5+: 2d6=9

Drive 1 Broker 1 Comms 1 Persuade 1 Vacc Suit 1 Zero G 1

Specialization: Fleet Security Gunner 1

Survival End 7+: 2d6+1=11

Event: 1d6=3, 1d6=2 A military escort hitches a ride, gain Gun Cbt 1

Advancement Soc 5+: 2d6=5 Rank 1 4th Officer, Mechanic 1, Fleet Security Table: Gunner 1

Term 2: Merchant: Merchant Marine

Specialization: Fleet Security Gunner 1 Survival: End 7+: 2d6+1=9

Event: 1d6=1, 1d6=6 Life Event: (Using an auto success: Unusual Event: Amnesia)

Advancement: Soc 5+: 2d6=2 No advance

Term 3: Merchant: Merchant Marine

Specialization: Fleet Security Gunner 1

Survival: End 7+: 2d6+1=13

Event: 1d6=2, 1d6=5 Unusual Connection, +1 Contact (Vargr Pirate captain)

Advancement: Soc 5+: 2d6=6 Rank 2: 3rd Officer, Gun Cbt 1

Term 4: Merchant: Merchant Marine

Specialization: Fleet Security Investigation 1

Survival: End 7+: 2d6+1=8

Event: (Using autosuccess) Nothing seems to go right: Gain a level of Jack of all Trades 1

Advancement: Soc 5+: 2d6=8 2nd Officer +1 End, Melee Cbt 1

Aging roll: 2d6-4=3 Fine

Term 5: FERA: Operations

Medic 0, Recon 0, Stealth 0

Survival End 7+: 2d6+1=8

Event: (Using last autosuccess) Survey an alien world: Gain Recon 1

Advancement: Int 10+ 2d6+4=9 No Leadership bonus

Aging roll: 2d6-5=1 Fine

Mustering out: 2 cash: 1d6=6, 1d6=3 31K credits 4 other: 1d6=2, 1d6=2, 1d6=6, 1d6=4 +2 Edu, Gun (Autopistol), TAS membership

Connections and Campaign skill to be decided

Gear: Autopistol (free) + 6 magazines (60Cr) w/ Silencer (Cr250) TL 12 HE VACC suit (Arm 8, 18 mass, 18K Cr) w/ Magnetic Grapples (100Cr) TL 10 Commdot (10 Cr) Comm TL10 (Cr500) IR/LI goggles TL 9 (Cr1250) Cutlass TL2 (Cr100) TL 8 Body Pistol (Cr500) + 3 magazines (Cr60)

Spent: Cr20830 Remaining Cr10170

Background: Hamish is of Scottish parentage, and has lived the life of a space rover, hopping from one trader to another, but always fulfilling the same role - ship security. Mostly that means keeping an eye on things and stopping ay fights that erupt - which can be quite common on a small ship with a feisty crew that doesn't have the discipline that military vessels have. He also helps out here and there when needed, and because of this, has picked up a few skills here and there that make him useful in a variety of settings - he can operate a comms station, help a ship's mechanic, and deal with a ship's trade goods from buying to lading to selling. When things get iffy though, you'll always find him operating the ship's guns, and he's been known to set up mock computer gunnery stations to practice when bored or pissed off. When he was younger, [i]something[/1] happened to him, but he can't remember what. He remembers being on the Red Kraken at the time, remembers all of the crew, remembers the places they stopped at, and then...there's a gap. His next memory was aboard the Massassagua, a completely different vessel with different crew. According to them, he signed up two months previously at a two bit planet about 20 parsecs away from where he last remembered being. He's never found any mention of the Red Kraken or any of its crew members since on his travels.

Hamish made two connections: He first met Alexandretta on their first term, when both worked aboard a smuggler ship for a brief time, and where he picked up some more knowledge of Streetwise. He also met Zoolakeem about 10 years ago when the bounty hunter took passage on the ship Hamish was working on to visit a frontier world; he managed to pick up some interesting tips for Investigation from that guy.

Medic and Stealth upgraded to 1 for Fera campaign skills.