Hank Winstead

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Drive: Duty

Occupation: Federal Agent (FBI)

Occupational Benefit: A Federal Agent can use Bureaucracy to pull strings within his own agency or department, Credit Rating to activate contacts within other government agencies, and either Law or Intimidation to enter almost any premises in US territory.

Build Points: 17

Pillars of Sanity[edit]

- His baptist faith

- Patriotism

Sources of Stability[edit]

- Winnifred Winstead, his wife

- Reverend Robert Parsimony, his preacher

Academic Abilities[edit]

Accounting 1 Law* 2 Library Use 1

Interpersonal Abilities[edit]

Assess Honesty* 3 Bureaucracy 1 Cop Talk 3 Credit Rating 4 Interrogation* 3 Intimidation* 4 Streetwise 2

Technical Abilities[edit]

Evidence Collection* 2 Forensics 1 Locksmith 2

General Abilities[edit]

Athletics 8 Driving* 6 [Car, Truck, Motorcycle] Firearms* 12 Health 10 Preparedness 6 Sanity 8 Scuffling 8 Sense Trouble* 10 Shadowing* 8 Stability 8


Texas seems as good a place as any, though I feel Hank is probably not a literal cowboy. Let's say he's from a Texas Ranger family, but grew tired of (or wanted to avoid - not sure of his age) rural texas law enforcement and took a job with the Bureau to see the country. I see him as an honest cop, in that he doesn't take bribes and is considered fair by the standards of the day. He's a thug though, not afraid to use his fists (or the butt of his revolver) to work over a suspect or a witness.

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