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14th January 1925[edit]

  • Roger Carlyle left New York 5th April 1919 for Egyptian tombs.
  • Travelled to Southampton, England on British steamship, Imperial Standard
  • Research at Penhew Foundation, England, before continuing to Egypt
  • Other Expedition members
    • Sir Aubrey Penhew, British Egyptologist
    • Dr Robert Huston, Psychologist
    • Miss Hypatia Masters, photographer and archivist
    • Jack Brady, Carlyle’s Friend
  • Left Egypt for East Africa ~3rd July 1919
  • Rumours debunked by Penhew of King Solomon’s mines. Claimed that journey was for a safari.
  • Mombasa, 25th July 1919. Expedition leaves to “hunt” inland for Nairobi.
  • 3rd August. Left Nairobi. Rumoured to be after “Biblical treasures” in Great Rift Valley, north west of Nairobi.
  • Mombasa, 15th October 1919. Feared lost.
  • 11th March 1920. Erica Carlyle, Roger’s sister, arrives Mombasa.
    • Kikuyu villagers report murder of whites near Aberdare Forest.
    • Joined by Mrs Victoria Post.
  • 24th May 1920. Massacre of expedition confirmed. Believed to be work of Nandi tribesmen. *24+ dead. The bodies of the five named not found.
  • 19th June 1920. Naudi tribesmen hanged for murder.