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Heaven and Urvasi

This Gas Giant has three terraformed moons and dozens of smaller moons. All of the moons are ruled by individual Rajas who meet in a Council of Princes on Urvasi.

  • Urvasi - Capital of the Bharat. Urvasi is a moon captured by Heaven fairly recently (<1 million years)and in an unusual retrograde orbit sending it through Heaven's small planetary disk regularly, resulting in luminous meteor showers across the moon. Tidal forces are Urvasi are tremendous resulting in an unstable central sea with polar land masses. It is a beautiful if violent place.
    • Menaka
    • Rambha - This smallish moon is home to Alang shipyards. This is primarily a ship stripping and recycling facility to rival that on Beylix and Boros. It is more specialized than those of Beylix and able to manage larger ships, it serves the Kalidasa system (instead of transported vessels all the way to Boros). Also, because it is not Alliance affiliated, it has fewer regulations, than the shipyards of Boros. As part of an agreement with the Alliance, the Alang shipyards have a tag and destroy policy for surplus weaponry. However, is is also known that many of the weapons end up being resold illegally.
    • Tilottama
  • Summer 2522 - The Bharat has renewed is neutral status, however, they’ve extended their land claims to include Zephyr and Whittier, also claimed by the Califate. They’ve made landings there, and thusfar are peacefully competing with the Califate.