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Welcome to the wiki for Heaven's Mandate, an epic tabletop role playing game of heroic conflict inspired by Chinese literature and wu xia cinema, played with White Wolf Game Studios' Exalted game. This wiki is designed to serve as a "series bible" and resource for the players and GM, to help keep better track of everything that appears in game. Anyone is free to edit the wiki and add to our game.

Cast of Characters[edit]

Bold and Righteous Heroes[edit]

  • An Oathsworn Circle: The main cast of Heaven's Mandate, a perfect circle of Solar Exalted; the player characters

Traitors Against Heaven[edit]

  • Sky-Spanning Devils: Those beings, both vile and virtuous, who've come into conflict with our heroes on their journey.

The Brotherhood of Lakes and Rivers[edit]

  • Spirits of Talent and Virtue: The panoply of characters who've impacted on our heroes' tale. Some are allies and some are neutral; all are colorful.

An Empire Long Divided[edit]

The Middle Kingdom[edit]

The Warring States[edit]

  • Lookshy: A city-state built around military strength and preparedness; all that remains of the Seventh Legion of the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate.
    • The Mourning Field: A shadowland south of Lookshy, site of an explosion of First Age weaponry.
  • The Realm: The empire astride Creation.
  • Sijan: The city of the dead; a grand necropolis where people from all over Creation send their dead to receive the best interment possible.
  • Thorns: A former Realm tributary that fought the River Province a decade past, now the heart of a Shadowland ruled by the Deathlord Mask of Winters.
    • Juggernaut The Mask of Winters' lumbering fortress-behemoth.

Records of the Grand Historian[edit]

Annals of a Heaven-Graced Earth[edit]

Seven Tomes From a Cloudy Shelf[edit]

Infinite Vaults of the Bureaucracy[edit]

The Book and the Sword[edit]

Eggs From a Fertile Earth[edit]

  • Hearthstones: The focused power of Manse-Essence that the circle claims as their own

The Panoply of the Sun[edit]

The Vaults of Lesser Reknown[edit]

  • Common Artifacts: Those artifacts, maybe no less grand, that have been made nonetheless by lesser hands.


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