Helene Du Sarn

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Poets of Amber who are familiar with Homer say this is the Helen that launched a million ships on a thousand shadows of earth. She is Amber's ultimate Arm Candy. Rumor has it that she actually has the term "Arm Candy" tattooed on her someplace and people have been known to look for it. She is a member of the 'Urien Pack.' She is the daughter of a Lan Du Sarn, owner of the massive chain of taverns called The Heeled Hound Inns. Helene got started as a tavern maid and took many a tumble there before her father suddenly became rich, respectable, and welcomed at court.

Helene is a walking scandal saved only by the fact that she is so universally friendly and sincerely funny, that people can't help liking her despite her outrageous behavior. To call her promiscuous does not quite cover her. She will willingly and eagerly couple with anyone who catches her slightest fancy. She has been caught in the act in a wide number of places around the castle and city of Amber. While promiscuous she does have her boundaries, which she admits she crosses occasionally. Amongst these is that she only engages in group sex with women and does not generally enjoy rough trade or heavy kink.

Despite her reputation once she says NO there is no way to sway her. Of course she might change her mind another day.

  • She has been raped a three times in her tavern youth. She hunted and killed two of the assailants and is still seeking the third. The stories of her revenge vary widely and she confirms nothing and denys nothing.
  • She was once caught with Bleys in Brand's Tomb. She is known to have been sexually involved with Bleys, Caine, Gerard, and Flora, and the rumors fly fast. These four admit their dalliances with her.
  • Droppa dotes on her incessantly.
  • Gerard is rumored to love her and carries her favor. He has defended her honor on numerous occasions but Helene prefers to defend herself. She is a competent swordsman and an excellent archer. But her most dangerous weapon is her sharp wit.
  • She is also one of the best singers in shadow, frequently featured in operas in the Theater District, hence her connection with Bleys. She frequently serves as secretary for the nobles and is currently serving as Bleys' secretary in Chaos.