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Agent Name: Henri Fischer
Code Name: SPHINX
Profession: Intelligence Analyst, Contract
Nationality: USA
Sex (Age): Male (36)

MA, International History, Ithaca College
MA, Cultural Anthropology, SUNY New Paltz
MS, Criminal Psychology (Terrorism emphasis), SUNY Albany
Ph.D. student, History of Terrorism, University of Rochester


Score x5 What Others Notice
Strength 12 60
Constitution 11 55
Dexterity 07 35 pronounced limp, tremors
Intelligence 12 60
Power 13 65 intense
Charisma 07 35 aggressive

Derived Attributes[edit]

Current Maximum
Hit Points (HP) 12
Willpower (WP) 13
Sanity (SAN) 60
Breaking Point (BP) 52

Incidents of SAN loss without going insane[edit]

Violence O O O adapted
Helplessness O O O adapted


SPCA shelter volunteer 07
D33pTh0th moderator (Dark Web conspiracy board) 07
Member, Northeastern New York Genealogical Society, Lake George branch 00 (Lost)

Motivations and Mental Disorders[edit]

- prove to myself I'm not broken
- find out what's really going on
- find whatever peace I can in nature


Total Total Total
Accounting (10%) First Aid (10%) Science (0%)
Alertness (20%) 30% Forensics (0%) Search (20%) 40%
Anthropology (0%) 60% Heavy Weapons (0%) SIGINT (0%) 40%
Archeology (0%) 20% History (10%) 60% Stealth (10%)
Art (0%): HUMINT (10%) 50% Surgery (0%)
Artillery (0%) Law (0%) Survival (10%)
Athletics (30%) 40% Medicine (0%) Swim (20%)
Bureaucracy (10%) 50% Melee Weapons (30%) 40% Unarmed Combat (40%)
Computer Science (0%) 60% Military Science (0%): Unnatural (0%)
Craft (0%) Foreign Languages and Other Skills:
Criminology (10%) 60% Navigate (10%) Farsi 50%
Demolitions (0%) Occult (10%) 40% Sanskrit 50%
Disguise (10%) Persuade (20%) 50% Coptic Egyptian 40%
Dodge (30%) Pharmacy (0%)
Drive Auto (20%) Pilot (0%):
Drive Heavy Machine (10%) Psychotherapy (10%)
Firearms (20%) Ride (10%)

Physical Injuries and Ailments[edit]

Disability to right leg, IED 2008, limited mobility, uses cane to walk
Disability to nervous system, Chemical attack 2015, TBI + mood disorder + periodic tremors

Has First Aid been attempted since your last injury? If yes, only Medicine, Surgery, or long-term rest can help further

Armor and Equipment[edit]

Combat dagger
Pepper spray keychain and can
Field-ready powerful computer w/ advanced data-analysis software and satellite wireless uplink + protective hardcase
Directional microphone & acoustic software
Basic drone w/ video package
Large flashlight and penlight
Advanced binoculars
Individual first aid kit
Handheld GPS
Extended camping gear
waterproofed field backpack to carry the above
case for drone

Body armor reduces the damage of all attacks except Called Shots and successful Kill Damage.


Skill % Base Range Damage Armor Piercing Kill Damage Kill Radius Shots
Combat dagger 40% 1d6 3
Pepper spray 35%

Personal Details, Work Performance, Special Training and Other Notes[edit]

Henri Fischer trained in the US Army as a Cryptologic Cyberspace Intelligence Analyst, but was injured in theater and returned stateside, where he parlayed his security clearance into contract jobs as an Intelligence Analyst with the NSA, CIA, and Army Intelligence. He holds Master's Degrees in International History, Cultural Anthropology, and Criminal Psychology (with an emphasis on Terrorism) from Ithaca College, SUNY New Paltz, and SUNY at Albany, and has abandoned his Ph.D. dissertation in the History of Terrorism at the University of Rochester.

While only thirty-six, he uses a quad cane to get around, the remnant of his leg injury in Iraq. Four years ago, he was subject to a chemical attack while working in-country for the CIA in an undisclosed Middle Eastern country. It's affected his cognitive thinking, short-term memory, and impulse control and has led to his abandonment of his academic pursuits. Always interested in conspiracy, since his brain injury he's become increasingly obsessed. Henri's managed to retain his security clearance, but has been very reluctant to take anything more than very limited assignments, as he is aware he isn't the man he was five years ago and doesn't want to make it too obvious for the federal government.

His background; security clearance; and compulsive obsession with conspiracy, the occult, and ancient Persia and Egypt have made him a prime candidate as an Analyst for Delta Green. Additionally, while still a highly skilled asset, he's a shadow of the man he once was, and ultimately expendable.

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