Hero Wars

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The heavens shake. The resurgent armies of Chaos assaults the world and the foundations of reality are under assault. A second Great Darkness threatens. The order of the cosmos is under attack and those who have sheltered under it for sixteen centuries cry out for a Hero to save them.

This is a game set in Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha, using the 13th Age in Glorantha ruleset.


  • Kauri the Wind Lord (HP 20/30), played by Dromio
  • Varanis Oakenbeard the Bard (HP 23/27), played by Mattherbee
  • Serzeen the Hell Mother (HP 13/24), played by Lysus
  • Surrak the Humakti (HP 30/30), Recoveries (8/9) played by stinkyfool
  • Ghareen Leikisson the Rebel (HP 16/24), played by oakfed

House Rules[edit]

In order to speed up a combat-centric experience on PbP, we're going to be using two rules for dealing with Initiative.

Block initiative means that instead of each character's initiative being handled individually, friendly and enemy initiative phases will happen in grouped phases. Multiple PCs may be posting their actions somewhat out-of-order and will be resolved all at once.1 Static initiative means that initiative is not rolled for each combat. Instead, each character has an Initiative Score on their character sheet equal to (10 + Dex modifier + level). Any ability or feat that would allow rerolls or multiple dice for initiative instead each add +5 to the Initiative Score.