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From this thread, creating a 16 by 12 hex sandbox campaign setting. This wikipage collects the entries and the map:


Map is created using Hexographer using this source data



Siren Tower[edit]

Siren Tower was home of the mermaids until Serina died from a back-stabbing air-creature. It's five floors above water and five floors below water--not counting the sea-level floor.


The air-creature is a Harpy named Khersa. She's been using the tower has home while looking for treasures. Khersa was the one that killed Serina.

Pirate's Island[edit]

Pirate's Island is located here. It's been a haven for pirates since the beginning of the time. Pirate's Island's present pirate is the half-dragon: Capt. Zakira Oryekini.

Pirate's Alley[edit]

A bit of ocean that pirates always use to attack ships.

Andaur bay[edit]

The sleepy fishing village of Andaur lies in the shelter of Andaur bay, where the Feyline hills meet the sea. The bay has a gently sloped beach of brown sand and forms a natural harbour, but submerged rocks at the entrance make it suitable only for small boats.

Smugglers wanting to avoid Windhook's taxes and harbour fees land here from time to time, welcomed by the locals for the silver they spend on poteen (a spirit made from potato or other root vegetables).

Outside the bay, in deep water, lies the shipwreck of the Yellow Rose.

Unclaimed 5[edit]

Unclaimed 6[edit]


This is a massive coral fortress that lies in the waters a few miles away from the towering coastal cliffs of Jaeger's Point and serves as a border post for the sea elves who rule a small domain in the western ocean.

The elves are very territorial but have been known to interact with the merchants of windhook and also to serve as guides-for-hire through the Dagger Reefs.

Dagger Reefs[edit]

Access to the harbour at nearby Windhook is treacherous through this region, and many an inattentive captain has found his ship wrecked on the rocks that lie just below the surface.

Harbor Approach[edit]

This is the safe passage to the Windhook harbors, avoiding the dagger reefs. The Great Desert of Ashok verges on the waters of the Windswept Sea here. This relatively constricted access to Windhook makes it an attractive area for pirates, so the Windhook governing employs a number of small, fast fighting ships to patrol the harbor approach.

Still, one must always be on the lookout for cutthroats and privateers.

The Desert Wastes[edit]

Once a fertile grassland, in recent generations the Great Desert of Ashok to the west has encroached on this area, driving out the farmers who resided here. In their place, nomad tribes now prowl amongst the dunes and wind-blown ruins of past settlement.

Though occasional oases may still be found here, voyaging further west into the heart of the desert is considered a dangerous proposition.

The Desert Wastes, Continued[edit]

The desert continues southwards here.

The Oasis of Esau[edit]

This unnaturally large oasis is the size of a small lake and fed by several fresh water springs that spring, seemingly magically, from a series of rocky outcroppings that poke out of the surrounding desert sands.

It not only serves as an important water resource for all the creatures of the desert, but is also held sacred by the desert centaur tribes. They claim that it was created millenia ago when an ancient human prophet, leading his tribesman out of captivity from the south, smote the rocky outcroppings with his staff and presented the oasis as a treaty offering between his people and the centaurs.

The Desert Centaur Tribes all meet and drink from the oasis, but none may fight, however much they may hate their tribal enemies. Non-centaur races are not allowed to drink from the oasis without first gaining the protection and escort of one of the centaur tribes. This can be obtained many ways and certain merchant caravans have long standing and profitable agreements with specific tribes to allow them to use the oasis on their trips north and south...


Fayline Falls[edit]

This is a huge fall that makes Delnair Falls look like small potatoes. Behind the waterfall is a huge dungeon--about eight floors above and below the sea level--not counting the sea level entrance floor. In the center of the bottom eight sub-floor, lives a white dragon named Kortoniara. Kortoniara is a young dragoness who had a hatred for her teacher: Onsamiath. They is one thing she hates more then Onsamaith is the near-by werewolf and his skeleton pals. They had causing death of her monsters--usually for werewolf to use as food on his travel to Floorboard.

Kortoniara appears to a shining example of dragonkind. She appears to a very large female dragon. Unlike most female dragon, she doesn't have a temper. Kortoniara has protected her home with the following monsters: succumbs, water elements, skeletons of dead sirens, a tribe of drows, and two beholders who in charge of her home's monster.

Khersa has attacked this place many times--but the forces send her back.

Siren's Dam[edit]

Year ago, a famous mermaid Serina used magic to become a human. Serina had a rival with air creatures. One of them killed her. Her human lover researched mermaid death rituals and discover that the mermaids killed underwater would be cooked--while above the water, they would be buried. He built a dam on Feyline river.

The tomb is home to a crazy werewolf and his skeleton pals. This is the same werewolf that's been causing problems in Floorboards.

The tomb/dam no longer fully contains the Feyline river.

Feyline Traders[edit]

The Feyline river flooded this area when the tome/dam first ceased to fully hold it back. A number of markets and trading outposts have opened here on top of the water ruined villages. Riverboats routinely make a course with exotic goods down towards Whitewater Junction.

Many of these boats ask little from their passengers except the money of passage, and it is known that fugitives from northern communities as well as monsters able to masquerade as (demi)human make use of these boats to travel south to escape justice or find new victims.

Exotic furs and preserved meats are what primarily get sent down. There is a strong trapper community living side by side with the merchants that ply the rivers. While the trapper camps and communities are mostly adjacent to this territory, there are a number of taverns and meeting halls amongst the market where the two mingle after discussing wares.

Recently, a new sort of pelt, that seems to be actual gold, has been trickling in to the markets and the first few have just arrived to the south, to the delight of all involved.

Half of Khersa's attacks had use the help of the werewolf and his skeleton pals.

Feyline hills[edit]

A dirt track known in Bachmaur as the coast road connects Bachmaur in the east with Andaur bay in the west. Travellers should beware of wolves that roam the area.

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Jaeger's Point[edit]

This massive cliff is a mile wide, half a mile high and sheer except in the center where a massive carving of some hero of old juts out from the cliff face. Who he is and what he did is lost to antiquity, only his name remains.

SECRET: The entire rock outcropping is only the face of a massive underground lair built as a fortress-tomb for the ancient warrior who saw his kingdom razed to the ground and his family slaughtered by usurpers before being slain himself. His followers managed to spirit his body away to his tomb along with that of his family, but their spirits never moved on and await the day when they can take back their kingdom and claim vengence on the descendants of their conquerers.

Recently, faint emanations of paranoia and hate have reached his sleeping corpse and have revived him. As his power slowly grows, he sends forth sentinels of darkness to scout the land and prepare the way to reclaim his rightful throne...


This thriving maritime settlement on the Great Windswept Sea bustles with members of all races and cultures, goods from a dozen lands, and no shortage of jobs for eager adventurers. Join a ship's crew and see new lands; escort a caravan to the interior, facing who knows what peril; sign on with a mercenary company to pacify rebellious settlements...the possibilities are endless.

Lately, Windhook has been under pressure from several shipping guilds to adjust their tariffs, or face a trade war. At the same time, mysterious thefts, murders, and accidents have been happening to ships at the Windhook port. The governing council thinks the accidents are the work of the Guilds, but are they?

Places to be sure to visit: The Bilge Rat, Lady Nerissa's Lounge, the Leeward, and Mad Mindros General Store.

Windhook also marks the mouth of the Delnar river, where its waters empty into the Windswept Sea.

Wetlands Meet Desert[edit]

This area, marking the point where the wetlands around the Delnar basin meet the northern edge of the western desert, is home largely to scrabbly low-growing grasses and plants.

Council Stone[edit]

This vast field of desperate grass has a giant slab of stone at the center. Here tribes of desert centaurs come to meet, feeling safe in the mutual risk of the writhing sands nearby. It is also where the centaurs come to deal with those from Windhook.

Beyond meeting centaurs conducting business here, those traveling through often encounter the ghosts of centaurs who are drawn here and more able to speak near the stone, giving council to their descendants. There are darker spirits as well in this area, sorcerers who have sought to assault the mystic tower deeper in the desert and djinn who have dwindled due to being bound to earthly elements. The centaurs remove all dead bodies from this place, and many say it is for more than simple fear of providing an easy host to the ghosts that reside here.

There are a few animate skeletons in this area, and they are possessed of a keen and terrible intelligence, one that often surpasses the living mind that once resided there.

The writhing sands[edit]

A region of desert covered in silt sands that flow and move across ever moving windstorms. A navigation piece used by those traveling the desert to gain their barrings from a distance. The winds are surely unnatural and many a caravan has seen on relatively clear days a shining spire of glass and mirrors within. Through rumor it has recently been heard that for one week every five years, the storm dies, raining tons of sand around the region that billow out in a dust cloud...and reveal the shining spire in its smooth and sunlit glory, along with a tattered tent and windswept clay city at it's base.

When the winds die, men and women in robes fly by their own magic or that of another as riders from the place burst from below aback cruel beasts that glide through the sand like sharks on the sea, some leaving claiming to have finished their studies, others off to find the next class for this secure and sequestered school of Wizardry, Boraro's tower.



Unclaimed 1[edit]

Pillar of Onath[edit]

A large stone piller juts up from the broken ground here. The piller resists all attempts to damage it and appears in remarkable good condition despite being in place for a long, long time.

SECRET: The Pillar of Onath was built years ago to contain the mighty power of the White Dragon Kortoniara by not allowing her to out of the Feyline falls, trapping her within. She will go to any lengths to see it destroyed and at any point has a dozen plots in progress to see it gone. So far, none have worked, so far.


About half of any of those dozen plots to do in this landmark--comes from beholders under the command of Kortoniara.

Unclaimed 3[edit]

Kalim's ferry[edit]

The Bachmaur coast road, a grand name for what is a mule track through the hills, encounters the river Feyline here. One Mr Kalim Useferos runs a ferry service and riverboat repairs. His fares are 1 copper penny per passenger, 5 pennies for a mule, and a silver crown for a horse. His family live in a nearby cottage and have a small vegetable plot, chickens and a milking cow.

Feyline Rapids[edit]

Here the Feyline river is at it's most violent, it's crashing, churning waters have claimed many a life over the years. No bridges cross the river here.

Bullywugs' Cavern[edit]

Just above the black dragon's lair before the Fayline-for a back of better words-smashes into Delnair at White Junction. Bullywug's Cavern is home of the black dragon's favorite food.

Bullywugs aren't too happy with the black dragon--and trying to locate good creatures of the land to take care of that annoying black dragon.

The Bullywugs' caverns are located in the hills that rise up, semi-circular, near the stench fens and Whitewater Junction and help give Jaegar's Point its elevation.

Onsamiath's Lair[edit]

An extension of the Stench Fens, the old black dragon Onsamiath lives in this tract of swamplands. It is a sorcerer of some repute and is fascinated by the magical energies in the Stench Fens. In pursuing his study of the Fens, Onsamiath has developed a wasting disease that is sapping the life out of him.* Not knowing the cause Onsamiath is seriously contemplating dracolichdom to avoid an ignoble death.

In the past Onsamiath attempted to exact tolls from river traffic to build his horde but after an encounter with a band of adventurers near five decades ago still has him extremely cautious about exposing himself to outsiders. Bullywugs, on the other hand, are his prime food source.

  • Currently Onsamiath looks very gaunt and exemplifies the blakc dragon epithet of, "skull dragon."

Ruins of Grey[edit]

Here, along rolling hills on the banks of the Delnar lie the ruins of Grey. This accursed place has been abandoned for the past fifty years after it was destroyed in the titanic struggle between a band of adventurers and the near by Black Dragon. Some say these "Heroes" deliberately used Grey as bait for the Dragon, ensuring the deaths of all it's people.

At night some people say you can hear the wails of pain and agony of the towns residence crying out for vengeance. Nearly everywhere else the adventurers are hailed as true heroes for "killing" the Dragon.

Silent Fens[edit]

These wetlands are eerily quiet. Periodically the foolishly adventurous try to uncover ruins or other items of value from it. Most come away with disease one expects from digging about in muck and nothing more.

Gormok's Lair[edit]

Among the many hazrds of the desert, the Brown Dragon Gormok can now be counted amongst them. as wth much of his kind, Gormok is a gourmand, ever watchful for new and undiscovered tastes, and to this end has chosen his lair (hidden benath the sand and gravel where desert meets wasteland) for its proximity to the drake fissure.

For Now, Gormok hunts the beasts of the fissure and desert, with the occaissional bullywug from the silent fens and things sent by his 'neighbors' from Crownfall. for the long term, Gormok is considering becoming the patron of Freetowns by granting their caravans safe passage through his territory (IE: a one-hex radius of his lair) toand from windhook, providing they give him proper tribute (IE: food from windhook or foolish adventurrs sent to their doom).

For his part, Osminiath is well aware of this potential rival encroaching on his hunting grounds, but his current condition (and Gormok's obliviousness towards the true value of the fens past the texture of pickled bullywugs) has led the elder wyrm to take a 'wait and see' approach for the time being.


The Tower of Al-Jazeera[edit]

Surrounding Terrain (2.12, 3.11, 4.11, 4.12) : Desert

This ancient wizard's tower was long abandoned and almost completely buried until rediscovered by a fugitive sorceror from the southern desert kingdoms. Having conquered the magical defenses of the tower and raised it back above the sands, the renegade, one Ali Ababba Al-Jazeera, has enacted a cunning plan.

The tower grants its owner control over 8 enslaved Djinn, one for each of the 8 cardinal directions. He has tasked these Djinn with transmitting thoughts of paranoia and hatred into the ether surrounding the tower. As the transmissions emanate further and further from the tower, Al-Jazeera is hoping it will incite the surrounding kingdoms to eventually start fighting amongst each other and start an age of war and bloodshed.

As the kingdoms are weakened, he will take them over one by one until he has all the kingdoms of men under his thumb as a Grand Sorceror Sultan and can exact slow, excruciating revenge upon those who dared to exile him...

SECRET: This tower was originally built for the same purpose by the fox-were magus Perrut Dochrum, whose soul is trapped in a sky-blue topaz encased in a lead box and buried beneath a flagstone on the lowest floor. If the gem is ever broken, he will manifest as a lich and regain control of the djinn.


Ruins of Pillar of Kort[edit]

Centuries ago, this item kept Onsamiath in check by keeping him in check. Somehow, a group of heroes had a battle with some owlbears here - the result of the the wreck of this pillar.

Disguised as a elf, Onsamiath analyzed it - and make a similar on for Kortoniara at 3.2.

Unclaimed 2[edit]


This city's fortune is barely apparent in its modest buildings and stinking places of business. It is a famed source of leather goods, taking animals herded in the surrounding area by skinning them. As such it also has a healthy butchery business, including making famed jerky.

While the skinning focuses on conventional animals in the area, the town is well aware of how to skin and tan far more exotic creatures.

Bachmaur woods[edit]

Open woods, mostly oak and birch. It is a good place for hunting boar and collecting mushrooms. Recently dire boar have moved into the area, making hunting a more dangerous proposition than it used to be.


The woods thicken into a forest choked with bramble and firethorn bushes. The trees are gnarled oaks, ash and hornbeams. In the depths of this forest lies the citadel of Thornhold, now overgrown but the stonework is in good condition. Thornhold was the capital of the old kingdom, but has been abandoned and forgotten by the world of men. Onsamiath or Perrut Dochrum are the only powers in the region who would remember its secrets. Many of the treasures of Thornhold are cursed with a geas to restore the royal family.

Whitewater Junction[edit]

Here, the Feyline River feeds into the Delnar, and the meeting is anything but peaceful. Rocky terrain in the riverbeds forms a series of powerful, fast-moving rapids that make passage up- and downriver impossible for many of the heavily laden river barges that travel the Delnar and the Feyline. An industrious and entrepreneurial halfling family, the Doskins, set up Camp Whitewater decades ago to offer their services in moving cargo across the rapids - or around them - on cargo trains. The business rapidly grew, and with it the camp.

Now a major town, Whitewater Junction offers services of all kinds to the river crews and travelers who use the Delnar and Feyline rivers to cross the wilds. However, their core business - getting boats around, through, or over the rapids - remains a thriving endeavor, and visitors to Whitewater Junction will see seemingly endless convoys of porters, wagons, and sleds carrying cargo of all sorts from the docks on Lowside - below the rapids - to the Highside docks. The Doskins oversee the operation of all of the Portage Companies in Whitewater Junction, acting as a "guild" to preserve competition...and to rake in a handsome profit.

Stench Fens[edit]

This swampy area, just south of where the Feyline River joins the Delnar*, is suffused with the stink of decay; bubbles slowly rise through the loose mud to loose a gut-churning miasma over the area. Wizards and scholars do not believe the smell in this place could be natural, and some scholars believe it is the remnants of a curse or a mighty magical weapon used eons ago, leaving the earth here hopelessly corrupted. Fortunately, whatever ancient plague corrupts this site does not seem to contaminate the waters of the Delnar...yet.

The Stench Fens are home to several Bullywug tribes, including one led by Krebbok, a Tribal Shaman of great power. It is said that Krebbok wears amulets of power recovered from numerous burial mounds that lie beneath the mud and greasy water of the fens.

black lake[edit]

Water stained from the surrounding fens collects in a depression here. The dark brown water is impossible to see deeper than a few inches through. Freshwater crayfish can be caught here, but the mosquitos (normal and giant varieties) like to lay their eggs in these still waters. A tribe of lizardmen inhabit the area.


Description: A crater in the midst of barren wasteland. The crater was formed when the golden star that shone in the crown of the constellation of the Conqueror fell from the heavens a century ago. The area was once a marsh and the impact drained it, leaving a dry wasteland behind, and opened a crack into the caverns of the Underdark. The area has been claimed by various evil humanoids throughout the years, though nobody has been able to hold onto it for very long before being swept aside by the new owners.


   * The star is actually an immortal being that grants boons.
   * The star is an ancient artifact weapon, forged by the gods in their war against the primordials.
   * The star is a portal to the Astral Sea.
   * The star is a portal to the Far Realm.
   * The fall of the star coincides with the fall of Nerath.
   * The star was called from the heavens by a powerful star pact warlock.

Desolate Waste[edit]

Here the land is cracked and broken. Ill suited for nearly any purpose this area is almost completely devoid of life.




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Unclaimed 3[edit]

Bachmaur South Road[edit]

This road heads southeasterly from Bachmaur across the great plains, eventually turning into the King's road in the Quiziyak kingdom.

Bachmaur South Road[edit]

This road heads southeasterly from Bachmaur across the great plains, eventually turning into the King's road in the Quiziyak kingdom.

Old King's Road Follows River[edit]

Here, Old King's Road - little more than a rough trail - follows the course of the Delnar for a time before curving northward, heading into parts unknown.

Unclaimed 7[edit]

Hag's Crossroad[edit]

Two ruined roads cross in this bog riddled area. It is home to brutish creatures that labor under a coven of hags that have maintained control for generations, abducting and inducting girls from surrounding settlements into their dark secrets. Occasionally a female magic user will seek them out for their arcane secrets, or to join the coven.

The hags occasionally parlay with communities nearby, sending dominated monsters into town and speaking through the brutes. They do not wish to disrupt the balance of power that allows them to remain there.

Some suspect they wish to usurp control of the Stench Fens nearby, but that some power prevents them from doing so.

Unclaimed 9[edit]

Drake Fissure[edit]

Between the thinning desert and the thinning plains, the drake fissure runs from northwest to south east, this area being only the widest and deepest.

A great crack in the earth cut not by river or quake, but said to have been carved by a great beast reaching down from the sky in an age long forgotten. Drakes, Wyverns, and lesser creatures of relation to the dragons crawl and fly around and within the shadows of the valley. Some say the fissure itself runs so deep it reaches into the black heart of the world. Even from it's edge, tunnels can be seen down the fissure walls...but no man has seen it's bottom here and lived to tell the tale...now the mad Gnome Walber Nik Hausen is another story. They say he has seen down there, if you can find him you'd have the best wealth of information to forming an expedition.

The Freetowns[edit]

This lightly hilled grassland on the edge of the desert is home to a collection of small villages styling themselves the "Free Towns". In reality they don't get visits from tax collectors because they have nothing anyone would want. The villages are home to the wretchedly poor, the most degenerate criminals, and a few starry eyed fools.

One such fool is "Mayor" Hilligar, the self styled ruler of "these fine, free peoples". Hilligar has been trying to get a road built to connect the villages but so far every tradesmen or builder he has brought in has been repulsed or murdered. Only the most foolish or desperate merchants will enter the area.

Heroes' Grave[edit]

Tombs and monuments to ancient heroes fill this area, sprawling out into ruined necropoli that bear the brunt of the sands. Centaurs still come here to deposit their honored dead—even if it is just their bones or ashes. Many of the crypts and other structures show signs of being forced open, and desperate grave robbers and fledgling necromancers both still come seeking some hidden scrap of wealth or power.

A road extends out to the east from here. Its old name is the Final Road, but in recent times it is simply called the Southern Road or South Way. The road is a major thoroughfare still for southern settlements, who use it to reach the Splendor and beyond. It is considered far safer than other routes to travel. Some say it is due to the shrines and crumbled statues of heroes that still line some of the way. Others because it is nestled between a sorcery riddled desert and the power of the Splendor.


Tower of Arun Tor[edit]

The Tower of Arun Tor sits atop Dol Arun, a hill in the Highlands of Erenby. Formerly the home of Pertwee Village's lord, it was abandoned a generation ago when the last resident, Lord Bascom, died without a known heir.

The tower is four stories high, each slightly smaller than the one beneath. Unknown to most, the tower has just as many sub-levels underground, where Lord Bascom plied his second, secret trade-that of a necromancer.

It is uninhabited today and rumored to be haunted-a rumor that may be true, considering its history.

The Village of Pertwee[edit]

Pertwee Village lies amidst the rolling Hills of Erenby. The primary occupation of its residents is herding goats and sheep on the grassy slopes, though they also forage for mushrooms in the many shallow caves that dot the hills. The village itself is surrounded by a wooden stockade for protection from bandits and lesser humanoids that also inhabit the hills.

A stone tower called Arun Tor rises on a hill overlooking the village, formerly the residence of the local lord. He died a generation ago without an heir, and the tower has been abandoned since.

Grazing Lands[edit]

Driving trail and Grazing Lands[edit]

Running through the middle of this large open plain is a major driving trail for the ranchers of Bachmaur. In the middle is a spring-fed lake where the herds are left to winter. This is a peaceful place, but also a prime target for outlaws looking to steal a herd.

Grazing Lands[edit]

Old Road Diminishes[edit]

As the old road from King's Bridge continues to the northwest through this lightly wooded region, weeds, shrubs, and other plants sprouting between the stones become more frequent. Eventually the road becomes little more than a trail, with only the occasional cobblestone or weather-worn marker to tell of what it once was.

Unclaimed 7[edit]

Unclaimed 8[edit]

Melroth's citadel[edit]

A Highland fortress built across one of the canyons leading into Ragnar's Glacier, meant to serve as a bulwark against the raids of frost giants and the monsters of the Drake Fissure.

the Citadel was founded by the legendary Dragonborn warrior saint, Melroth Invictus, and the Paladin order he founded is the keep's de facto Authority, despite the Bellacan-appointed lord mayor. unsurprisingly, many dragonborn come here to follow in the footsteps of this hero

but a warning to travellers. the fortress city of Melroth is said to be a police state, where the law is as swift and harsh as the mountain cold


High in the Baskan range sits a land that is always covered in ice and snow, deemed "Everfreeze" or "The Land of Ice and Snow" by most people, Sages and Scholars call it is "Ragnar's Glacier."

Whatever it's name it is a harsh place, cruel and punishing to those who don't know it's ways. A tribe of Snow Giants claim dominion over the area and are almost as harsh and cruel as the land they call home. The Great Remorhaz beasts are also a distressingly common sight.

Dune sea[edit]

Endless, trackless wastes. Here a traveller is confronted with the worst the desert has to offer, endless dunes, scorching heat, no water, and some very fierce beasts.

Recently a young blue dragon has taken up residence in a former Dwarven trading post near the feet of the mighty Baskans and is attracting hardy followers for some purpose. The post served as a stop along a now long defunct "silk road" to the rich south, with the Centaurs serving as middle men.

Tomb Pass[edit]

Here the Southern Way crosses over part of the Baskin Mountains in what is locally known as "Tomb Pass" due the presence of so many graves near the entrance.

A large population of Dwarfs used to make their home in the Baskins and were a fairly common sight when crossing the passes. About a generation ago the Dwarfs became more and more insular, until finally they drew back from the world entirely. In the last months of their interaction with the world the Dwarfs were more and more fearful, not only for themselves but for anyone they talked to.

No one knows if the Dwarfs are still around, or what ever became of them.


Wooded Hills[edit]

The rolling hills in this area are still well forested, with plenty of game.

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Unclaimed 3[edit]

Grazing Lands[edit]

Grazing Lands[edit]

Unclaimed 6[edit]

The Kings Bridge[edit]

A large stone bridge across the Deinar which used to carry wagons two abreast in ancient times. Crumbling statues of forgotten kings flank it.

Vagabond's Echo[edit]

Taller hills than normal for the area rise up here, a final push for the Vagabond mountain range before only hills remain. Hunting and farming occurs among the hills, with the territory uneasily shared by the locals from various towns and villages.

The King's Road passes through the levelest course available in Vagabond's Echo, including an area that looks as if magic were used to carve a clear course.

Farmed Hills[edit]

These hills are well farmed, and show old irrigation channels indicating they have been farmed for a great stretch of time.

Ragnar's Peak[edit]

The single tallest peak for thousands of miles Ragnar's peak is named after the famed "King of the High Hills" who reigned here hundreds of years ago. Ragnar is most famous for being the last of the "Great Kings" before the empire begin to rapidly fall apart.

The peak is home to few creatures, some scattered woodsmen and a band of monsters here and there. It is said the peak was once home to a vast Aarakocra aerie.

SECRET: The hero buried at Jaeger's Point is the grandson of King Ragnar.

Baskan Range[edit]

The Baskan's are a high, inhospitable place. With the exception of Tomb Pass the range is extremely difficult to navigate. Any one brave and hardy enough to face the mountain's will find the mountains home to seemingly countless quarreling tribes of goblinoids. The mountains are also extraordinarily rich in mineral deposits.

Long ago the Range was home to Dwarves, but they are long gone from sight. The ruins of their realm dot the mountains.

Baskan Range[edit]

The Baskan's are a high, inhospitable place. With the exception of Tomb Pass the range is extremely difficult to navigate. Any one brave and hardy enough to face the mountain's will find the mountains home to seemingly countless quarreling tribes of goblinoids. The mountains are also extraordinarily rich in mineral deposits.

Long ago the Range was home to Dwarves, but they are long gone from sight. The ruins of their realm dot the mountains.


A Cold Swamp[edit]

Unclaimed 2[edit]

Desolate Fields[edit]

The abandoned farm land here begins to give way to resurgent forest. Wild animals are the major threat here, followed by outlaws passing through to richer pickings.

Silkweed Plantation[edit]

The ruins of a manor farm house, of the sort a noble or wealthy merchant might own, occupy the center of this area. Fallow fields overgrown with silkweed surround it. There are an abundance of large, healthy insects and serpents in the fields who hunt animals that come for the grains and vegetables that grow wild closer to the ruins.

Inside, the ruins host a colony of giant, intelligent spiders who search endlessly for a way out of the haunted estate that has become a prison as much as a home.

Hills Flanking Delnar[edit]

Here low rolling hills flank the River Delnar, creating an ideal site for farmland if anyone would bother. The remains of farmsteds can be found throughout the area. Once settled the newcomers invariably leave for within a generation for reasons they keep to themselves.

Only one creature makes this area it's home. A monstrously huge, powerfully ugly and astoundingly dim-witted Troll.

The village of Floorboards.[edit]

Population: ~150 Major trade: Fishing Government: Lord Anglethorn

Floorboards is a small fishing community on the banks of the River Delnar. Somewhat prosperous but suffering under high taxes and the heavy hand of the local sheriff. Floorboards boasts a small tavern and a very skilled master glassblower.

In recent months the town has been plagued by a werewolf.

Scholar Artemis Thorn is staying at the village tavern. He is taking drawings of the remaining statues on the bridge, and avoiding the sherrif as much as possible for some reason.

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Quiziyak is large wall city. It's home to a zillion subject. King Road goes throw it. Some of the landmarks in the city includes the following:

Queen Annabelle's Castle

In the center of the wall city is the castle of Queen Annabelle. Annabelle is being getting critics for claiming that hatred is done by magic from the dessert. Annabelle been trying to get adventurers to defeat Al-Jazeera and proof her point. Beside trying to get red of Al-Jazeera, Annabelle is backing Windhook's large taxes--as she believes she's the cousin of the previous king. Baron Tyran Bellicose doesn't believe her story and consider her to a pain in the--for lack of better universe words--"a royal pain in the royal neck."

Temple of the Planes:

This temple contains portals that lead to many different planes in the universe.

Stergur's Library:

Looking for a book? It doesn't matter if you looking a recent new scroll or some so ancient that it was only written by a god or goddess: Stergur, the most famous wizard has it all.

Eyen's Inn:

The largest inn in city. Eyen, a dragon in human form, is on a mission from a far-away dragon land to study the land. It has a dinner theater room. The theater writes plays. The most recent plays had been the following:

1. "High Death For A Water Creature", which tells how Sirena died 2. "Ona and Kort", which deals with the long feud between Kortoniara & Onsamiath 3. "Anna, the Good Queen", a play about Anna. It's becoming infamous for treating Baron Tyran Bellicose as so dumb that he makes a "dumb orc smart".

Farmed Hills[edit]

These hills are well farmed, and show old irrigation channels indicating they have been farmed for a great stretch of time.

Withaive hills[edit]

Here, west of Hobb's shire, the gentle rolling foothills of the Baskan Mountains begin in ernest. Two small towns nestle in the hills below Ragnar's Peak, both competing for the rich mineral resources of the nearby mountains. Recently the mood has grown grim as the citizens of each town have grown ever more distrustful of their neighbors. Unheard of before the townsfolk have started raiding each other, so far only a few buildings have burned but the situation is getting worse by the day.

SECRET: the recent conflicts are the result of the waves of hatred and paranoia coming from the desert in the west.

The Southern Gate[edit]

A small community remains within the remnants of a walled city. Primarily made up of traveler services, the Southern Gate is named for the one remaining gate that stands in the wall, facing the Final Road, which sends an offshoot up through this community.

The community is deeply jealous of the mining wealth of its northern neighbors, but lacks the strength to do anything about it. Most of the able bodied and quick witted children of the Southern Gate leave with travelers and caravans passing through, or head north to work in the mines.

Due to the desperation, the Splendor's influence is strong here, with families offering children to the service of the temple-city and priests given free access to the ruins and the extensive catacombs beneath the community.

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Red Woods[edit]

This region is a dense needleleaf forest intermixed with bogs. Originally inhabited by small villages of wood elves and shifters, the recent incursion of a covey of hags* and their lycantropic minions have pushed the elves back to Ionavalon. The shifters remain and fight a low intensity war with the hag. The shifters, led by a werebear, are allied with treants, dryads, wood woads and local spirits; while the hags command many plant creatures (shamblers, battlebriars, assassin vines, predatory vines and vine horrors), otyughs, a tribe of werewolves and a group of trolls from the Black Muskeg 8.1, a cold swamp to the west.

Secret: Deep below the Red Woods is a bound deity of rot and corruption whom the hags seek to revive.

  • Two green hags and an annis.

Highlands of Erenby[edit]

A spur of small, densely wooded mountains, an offshoot of the Vagabonds, separates the Red Woods and the Heartwood Forest. The source of the Sadhur bubbles up under a lake located on a high plateau here, and falls down towards Ionavalon to the east. (See the description of 10.2 for more details on the Sadhur.)

A traveller who braves the slopes to find the lake will be struck by the beauty as the sun strikes its crystal waters, casting shimmering light everywhere. It may be this very beauty that caused unknown hands to raise a temple on its shores. Long abandoned, locals can not recall who built it or who it was dedicated to. Wind and rain have obliterated carvings that may have given a clue to the answer, but a single statue remains that retains enough of its form to tell that the deity was at least humanoid in form; all other features -- race, age, gender -- have been since lost to the elements.

Heartwood Forest, cont[edit]

Here the Heartwood covers the land with think trees and heavy undergrowth. Still the forest has a groomed quality, belying the influence of the nearby elves.

Unclaimed 4[edit]


The forest is thin on these rolling hills, and the river Delnar meanders through the dales.


Though sparsely populated, this area has been cleared of major vegetation, and the local inhabitants have made use of the waters of the Delnar in order to provide irrigation for the fields that now cover the landscape.

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Rolling grasslands broken only occasionally by sparse clumps of trees mark this section of Old Kings' Road.

Ore Road[edit]

Here a small road leads from the nearby mining towns to Hob's shire, where they meet merchants to sell their ore.

The road has become dangerous of late as the guards the mining towns used to patrol the path have been recalled to fight their internal struggle. A group of Hobgoblins, drawn to the area by tales of glory from their people's history, has made camp in the area.

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The Heartwood[edit]

Here the Heartwood is thick and lush, groomed and beautiful. This area is rumored to be under the protection of Unicorn who the Elves of Ionavalon often consult.

Few evil beings dare enter this portion of the forest, but from time to time the Unicorn will be forced to deal harshly with intruders.

Most recently a band of Gnolls, under pay from the Hags in the Red Woods has been causing some head aches, the Unicorn has been considering asking the elves, or perhaps a group of adventurers, for help.


In a forest glade lies Ionavalon, Citadel of Dreyal, Queen of the Bright Elves of Heartwood. The Citadel sits on the Sadhur River, which flows out of the Highlands of Erenby to the west and joins the Delnar further east.

Ionavalon is not so much built as grown, through careful cultivation and tending of the forest-and a small amount of magic as well. Similar, though much smaller, houses surround it on all sides.

Though the Bright Elves have dwelt in Heartwood since before the coming of other races, throughout their history they have sought neither to expand their holdings or conquer others, but have been content to merely keep and watch over their small territory. They do not often seek contact with outsiders, but are welcoming to those of good heart who find themselves in the Heartwood.

The Deepening Forest[edit]

The forests south of Iovanalon deepen and thicken, blocking out the sun in places. Eventually, the woods grow nearly impenetrable as travelers approach the Skittering Dark.

The Skittering Dark[edit]

A section of deep forest no longer traveled by local huntsman and trappers after a wave of disappearances a few years ago. Foresters keep their distance and speak of the unnaturally large insects and spiders which give this area its name.


Actually it's just spiders. They have multiplied in this area under the influence of a Shrine to Lolth. A Drow priestess emerged from the Underdark to build the shrine here because of ancient magical power in the location. This is due to an ancient temple to a fallen god (or primordial) which resonates with magical power for those who can claim it.

After building the shrine, the priestess contracted with Duergar to construct a temple around it. Their hatred for the surface world has made this process painfully slow, but she does not have the means to do the stonework herself. There is a seemingly innocuous forested hill cave in this hex, which is deceptively deep and acts as the highway to the Underdark which brings the Duergar workers to the surface. The path between here and the temple itself has become increasingly well-worn over the years.

Hazards: giant spiders (including demonic variants), duergar parties, the long-buried temple beneath the shrine (now with surrounded by the skeleton of its own temple under construction), a passageway to the Underdark and all that it contains...

Delnar River[edit]

The Delnar River passes just south of the Skittering Dark.

South of the river is fertile grassland with scattered groups of ranchers and herders being the major occupants. North is the deep ominous forest.

Between the river and the Skittering Dark, however, is a line of imposingly large stone menhirs whose origin is unknown. They are hewn from granite which is obviously not local to the area, and each one weighs several tons, so whoever originally placed them went to a lot of trouble to do so.

Magical runes glow on the menhirs in unpredictable patterns that change as the weather shifts. The monuments otherwise don't appear to actually do anything.

Theories abound as to what they are, who originally placed them, and what purpose they have. Popular stories include: they keep the Delnar river from shifting its course South, they prevent evil things in the Skittering Dark from moving south across the river, and they predict the weather in advance, if only someone knew how to read them.

This part of the forest was never cleared, even though it approaches close to the north of Wheatsea. People often hunt wild animals up to the riverbank, but are superstitious about crossing to the north. Hunters tell tall tales of spiders the size of rats north of the river, but few people believe them in the taverns of Wheatsea.


Situated in the midst of farmland, Wheatsea is a thriving city that enjoys the advantages of its location.

In addition to its sizable human population, Wheatsea hosts a number of elves and half elves. The elves arrived during the founding of the city, wandering away from a homeland they were cast out of, and agreeing to aid the fledgling city in exchange for a place to live.

Human industry at building and farming combined with elven baking has led to Wheatsea being a valuable strategic resource for the local government.

A supply road runs from Wheatsea to Bellicose Castle.

Tournament Grounds[edit]

This area of gently rolling hills and lush grass is empty most of the time but every five years it plays host to the Grand Tournament, a fantastic contest of jousting, melee, archery and nearly every game and competition imaginable. Warriors, fame seekers, and spectators come from nearly every land to take part. Around the Tournament a huge carnival takes place, playing host to every entertainment imaginable. It's a week that people look forward to for years before and talk about for years after.

UWallach's Fields[edit]

This region was held by Lady Wallach for a time during the Winter Siege; it contains the sites where her armies camped while they laid siege to Castle Bellicose. Though they were ultimately thrown back by the armies of King Bellicose, monuments were erected along the King's Road marking the locations of the various brigades and battalions.

Hobs Shire[edit]

Named for the infestation of hobgoblins that long ago kept this fertile land from being used, numerous hamlets and villages crowd in to take advantage of the pleasing fruit trees and good growing conditions.

Notable settlements include Apple Hall, Cherry Pond, and Kaitlen's Walk. These small communities offer up a "fair" share of their bounty to the Splendor, with most of the rest going to secular leaders. Still, there is enough to avoid starvation during all but the worst growing seasons.

Dangers of Hobs Shire include cults that worship the native gods, including the alien and twisted fertility goddess (and goddess of centipedes and other such creatures) that the hobgoblins once venerated. There are also a few degenerate communities where human and hobgoblin blood have mixed.

Marisee the Peddlar travels in the rural communities around the shire, and can be found anywhere within 2 hexes of this one. Occasionally, she goes past those boundaries, but never into the bigger cities, such as Splendor. How she has managed to survive alone in these travels for the last decade is unknown, though many an isolated hamlet has appreciated a visit.

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Dragon Hollow[edit]

Near the Eastern edge of the Heartwood Forest lies the petrified bones of a great Red Dragon, half-buried in a hill-side. The origin of the bones have been lost even in legend, but it is said that under the lies what was once the great horde of the Dragon, waiting to be claimed by one brave enough. Even still, very few people find reason to approach the site, as few who go ever return.

SECRET: The hill is, in fact, the home-base for the Bardinian Rangers, a group of primarily Human and Half-Elf outcasts who have withdrawn from society to roam the Wilderness.

The Rangers are, for the most part, good folk, and hold an uneasy truce with the Elves of Lonavalon, mostly ignoring each other. The Rangers are made up of people of many different skill sets. From actual Rangers and Druids, to Artisans and Bards.

The lair of the Rangers is accessed through the mouth of the dragon, and includes an underground stream and many large Caverns.

The area around the hill is well-defended, and the main reason few return is that those who have found the lair never leave, being required to join the Rangers.

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The Delnar spills out of the hills into fertile plains. Both Wheatsea and Aelwyd graze their herds on the flood plain during summer, and outlying farms of Wheatsea grow arable crops south of the river.


This entire area is given over to farmland to feed the City of Bellaca. The Farmers in this area are forever annoyed at what they consider low prices of grain in Bellaca. The grumbling has gotten louder of late with some farmers talking about withholding grain or selling it elsewhere.

Bellicose Castle[edit]

The current Lord of the area, Baron Tyran Bellicose, lives in a mighty fortress overlooking the Old King's Road. He is a iron-fisted Lord in many respects, but fair. He does not tolerate disobedience, dealing harshly with any sort of challenge to his authourity, but he doesn't squeeze the locals mercilessly and deals squarely with all regarding taxes, treaties and the like, so he is generally well respected, if not actively adored, by his subjects.

Recently, however, these subjects have started to adopt a much more aggressive attitude towards the Baron's soldiers and tax-collectors, and in some areas, such as the Withaive hills, they've actually dared to attack them. The Baron grows increasinlgy paranoid that a usurper is working behind the scenes to incite the people against him and remove him from power. Perhaps one of his brothers or maybe his son. His spys are even now keeping tabs on his entire family.

Perhaps he has been too soft on the commoners and needs to visit such destruction on these Winterhaivian rebels so as to leave no doubt about his power and then, maybe, he'll figure out who in his family is responsible for stirring them up and deal with them in turn...


A crossroads exists here where Old King's Road meets roads leading south towards Splendor and north towards Aerth Aelwyd and the Vagabond Mountains.


East of Hob's Shire, the land is uncultivated grasslands verging on the forests of Ehlonna's Splendor.

Ehlonna's Splendor[edit]

Situated amongst lightly forested areas giving way to meadows is a grand, open air temple-city dedicated to nature and fertility. Several regional gods and goddesses have representations among the statuary, with the current primary goddess venerated being Ehlonna.

Near by communities pay tithes to receive the blessings of fertility and good hunting. The priests who serve in the Splendor (as the temple-city is called) serve as unofficial advisors to many nearby governments.

While the surface of life there is focused on the business of venerating the deities and serving surrounding communities, as well as educating the next generation of priests and priestesses, there is constant rivalry between the loose and conflicting hierarchies of worship. Schisms and heresies occur beneath the surface, occasionally erupting to the surface in the prayer sessions and scriptural study that makes up civic discourse for the Splendor.

Rumor has it that the reach of the Splendor was once far greater, and that the desert south of Windhook was blighted into its current form by the priestesses of that time. To those spreading this rumor, the current arrangement of gods--especially with Ehlonna as chief goddess--is a compromise that purposefully cripples the power of the Splendor.

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Delnar Woods[edit]

Though the river does not touch these woods, save for a few small streams and creaks that split off of the main body, it shares the namesake. A few logging communities work in these woods, feeding lumber to those nearby. It is dangerous work, as the trees are hardy and often resist being chopped down through means not always natural.

SECRET: A group of druids died to preserve the natural divinity of this place from a wizard eager for its power. Their spirits have infused the woods, creating treants, dryads, and other arboreal creatures to continue protecting the slumbering divinity and its power.

Delnar Woods[edit]

The Delnar Woods thin here, as centuries of logging causes the trees to slowly give way to the rolling hills around Arth Aelwyd.

Arth Aelwyd, the Hollow Hill Inn[edit]

There is a bend in the Delnar River where it takes a turn to the west around a single, low hill. Formally named Arth Aelwyd, it is oft called simply the Hollow Hill after the riverside inn that has been built inside it by the Strongberry Halflings (they are also known for their potent wine, and they tend a small but productive vineyard in the vicinity as well). It is a pleasant stopping place for those journeying through the area-as long as one doesn’t inquire of their hosts why they have chosen to dwell so far from established Halfling territory, or venture into the lower levels of the Hollow Hill.

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The effective capital city of the region is intensely loyal (at least in appearance) to its native son and inheritor to ancestral rule, Baron Tyron Bellicose. This city is also the edge of the Splendor's influence, with a few priests and representatives sitting on the council of nobles that manage details that the Baron does not care to.

Soldiers of the Baron not in his fortress are often here, and there are barracks within the city. Parades of the soldiers are quite common.

Recently, however, the unrest has come here. Not in the form of outright rebellion from the citizens, but in mysterious acts of vandalism and petty violence that has set the city on edge against outsiders.

Bandit Run[edit]

In this hex the Old King's Road travels just past the foothills of the Dragon Back Mountains. Trade along this route is continually hampered by bandit gangs. The many caves that riddle this broken region are perfect for temporary hideouts, making the area chronically lawless.

Merchants rarely travel this route unless absolutely necessary, cutting off most trade to the East, isolating the region and promoting the abandonment of smaller settlements inland of the more bustling regions to the West.

The bandits are virtually immune from the law, but are still kept in check by dwindling targets, inter-gang warfare and occasional raids by goblinoid tribes from the larger mountains extending Southeast. The gangs have become increasingly desperate in recent years and their highway robberies have evolved to murderous, pillaging raids farther afield. Their targets have expanded to small settlements for several hexes around.

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Unnamed Meadow[edit]

An unnamed empty meadow. It's lovely, and there are wildflowers.

Orestes's Pit[edit]

Legend tells of the Bard Orestes whose greatest love (a fair maiden of 1 and 20 years) was dying of a terrible disease. Forsaking the world, he built a cabin at the edge of the continent, and sat by her side playing the most beautiful music, desperate to try to soothe her passing. As she wasted away, a passing trader heard his astounding music, and tried to pay him with gold, silver, and gemstones to travel with him and play for his customers - but although Orestes's love told him to leave her and go live his life, he refused.

The trader moved on, heartbroken that he would never hear the bard's music again, and shared this tale of the love sick bard with all he met. It resonated with the people of the nearby towns and cities, and word spread across the realm.

Over the months his love lay dying, Orestes dealt with many more offers, including appointment to the royal court and even his own ship laden with servants and gold to take his music to the next continent. He refused all comers despite his lady's protests, and continued to sit by her side, his music (though still beautiful) becoming sadder and sadder.

Finally, an unholy creature deep in the Underdark heard Orestes singing his sad songs. It found the depth of Orestes's misery to be the most pleasant thing it'd ever heard. The creature appeared before Orestes in smoke and sulfur and offered him a deal - he would save Orestes's lady's life, curing her illness, but Orestes would have to come with him and serve him deep in the Underdark, singing his sad songs forever. To ensure Orestes's eternal grief (and thus his beautiful melancholy music), the creature stipulated that Orestes would never be allowed to see his lady love again.

Desperate to stop him, she screamed her violent rejections of the creature and the offer, but Orestes mad with love refused her, and agreed to the monster's bargain. The woman immediately felt stronger, breathing clearly she was cured of her illness. With one final look at Orestes of pained anguish, she disappeared from the cabin, spirited to who knows where.

The entirety of the cabin (and many miles of ground surrounding) sunk into the Underdark, creating what has been since known as Orestes's Pit. It is a dark and foreboding sloped hole, honeycombed with tunnels and chambers, and filled with vile servants of the creature. Orestes's melancholy songs reverberate perfectly in this damned echo-chamber, and can be heard from miles around, fainter and fainter as you get further from the source deep at the center. Centuries have passed, and many adventurers have died deep in Orestes's Pit, their belongings scattered by the creatures clamoring to listen to Orestes's music. To this day, unholy creatures of all sorts still make their homes in and around Orestes's Pit, drawn by the music, and vying with each other for deeper homes within the pit.


Hermago Heights[edit]

The lowest peaks of the Vagabond range, covered in evergreens save for the gray tips. Isolated and unexplored wilderness and rumored to be the home of the lost and untamed, and some say primordially bestial ancestors, of the elves. Recently, somewhere within the range a hive of giant wasps has begun construction...these flying beasts have begun terrorizing those who come to close and nearby settlements and might be driving out the primordial elves...whose shadows have begun being spotted in the south and to the west.

Kaunite's Peak[edit]

Part of the Vagabond mountain range, the peak is a tall mountain surrounded by its siblings whose natural springs and melting caps feed the Delnar Falls and River. Along these high streams near where the waters gather a number of mill hamlets have sprung and over time may connect into a city in on the slope of the high mountain, not often traveled to from beyond in part both to the fey creatures at the bottom of the falls and the terrible things that sleep deep in the mountain. While the lower platueas of this peak are lush with flora, fauna, and small civilization, the caverns beneath the mountain feed into a foul and monstrous worm nest, sometimes the hunting ground of a civilization not yet seen so deep in the ground that it is the perfect inverse of Kaunite's Peak.

3 main Milling hamlets: Morrisston, Valenshold, Nearfall.

Features: Mountainside, worm caverns, Kaunite's Depths undercity.

Delnar Falls[edit]

Here, the river Delnar tumbles down from its high mountain vale to the plains. The area is known for its prosperous mountainside forest, populated by fey things and containing many herbs sought by human mages and apothecaries. Beyond the waterfalls, an entrance leads into a system of caverns (naturally!).

Forests Flank Delnar[edit]

Heavy forest flanks the banks of the Delnar in this region, providing refuge for numerous herbivores but also cover for those creatures that hunt them.

(Encounters: Packs of wolves and occasionally 2-3 dire wolves, herds of deer, solitary bears, goblinoid hunting party)

Spire Lake[edit]

In the foothills, the Delnar river spills into a valley lake. The forests reach the north shore, but to the south is open hillside where halfling shepherds can often be seen leading their flocks. The lake itself it flat and calm, almost having a mirror surface except when whipped up by an autumn wind. Near the centre of the lake, a cracked stone spire breaks the surface. The druid Aedelraed knows its history, but is rarely seen these days.

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The King's road connects Broken Cart with the west, although the road has fallen into disrepair and few merchants will risk the bandits to the west.

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the verdant meadows abruptly give way after 12.11, giving way to rocky highlands, and later badlands formed by the volcanic south.

of particular prominence is a high-walled ravine, where the ancient highway called Tiamat's Gullet starts, marking the safest route through the volcanic southern mountains (eventually hooks up with 15.12).

Belleca is in talks with Splendor to consder linking Tiamat's Gullet to the main roads


The Charred Ridge[edit]

A section of the Vagabond mountain range with few distinguishing peaks or passes. Named for the damage done during past volcanic activity that has left the range looking singed. A few settlements eek out existence in the foot hills, under the heel of bandits who find the desolate mountains excellent for a base of operation.

Abandoned silver mines[edit]

The mountains next to Kaunite's Peak used to contain rich veins of silver but almost all of these mines were exhausted a generation ago. The mine were then abandoned and the human and dwarven miners moved on to other parts. The area is studded with ghost towns built during the first rush and now empty. There are occasional rumors of miner's treasure hidden up in the mountains or a vein that wasn't completely mined out but investigating these rumors is dangerous as several tribes of goblins have moved into the area.

When the area was populated it was home to several gangs of bandits. The largest of these, the Red Jacks, were eventually all caught and hung but they died without telling where their loot was stored.

Terrain type: Mountainous/conifer forest Settlements: Calamity (abandoned) Encounter ideas: Goblins in abandoned mine, ghosts of miners, old prospector, bandits

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Goblin Village[edit]

In this area, goblins have cleared some of the woods to build a village where they tend to barely domesticated boars and fend off natural predators from the nearby woods. Their youth occasionally get swept up in war parties, but generally the village keeps to itself. On occasion, human or elven travelers enter the area and spot the village. The goblins deal with these individuals as best they can, fearing revelation.

It is generally known that goblins and such creatures exist in the area, but most aren't aware of the permanent settlement.

Unclaimed 6[edit]

Haunted Battlefields[edit]

Open grassland meadows which are the site of an ancient battle between forces of Good and Evil. The area is constantly shrouded in mist and haunted by the spirits of the slain. Wise travelers avoid this area, but some brave souls do enter seeking to find treasures amongst the restless dead.

Broken Cart Tavern[edit]

This section of the road is treacherous and not as well maintained as it was when the border was more seriously contested. Away from most settlements, a traveler's tavern provides for the needs of the soldiers and others who come by this way. The son of the owner is quite handy at repairing the damage done to wagons and other vehicles that pass through this unpleasant stretch of road, while his twin sister is excellent at mending travel worn garments and performing repairs on smaller goods, from knives to ancient books that need to be meticulously pieced together again.

Dragon Back Mountains[edit]

Dawn's Shame[edit]

This city on a hill is renowned for its delights. The splendid sunrises are the least of them, and one really seen by the soldiers and adventurers who come to Dawn's Shame. In addition to ways to spend a day's wage in a few minutes, the city hosts tournaments and bloodsport of all sort. No impulse is without its outlet at Dawn's Shame.

Even those who seek forbidden lore can appease their hunger in the libraries, or delve into the ancient structures the riddle the hills and mountains around the city.

The city itself is built on the highest hill, with a few satellite towns and villages that aid in supporting it.

Basalt Crags[edit]

These mountains are rough black volcanic rock, with many cliffs and loose slopes formed of ash and pumice. Only an experienced mountaineer could cross this region.

Tiamat's Gullet[edit]

The fissure formed by the volcano at 15.12 cleaves through the basalt crags, making a passable road from east to west.


Horn Holds[edit]

The remains of a large stratovolcano that erupted cataclysmically many years ago. The collapsed cone formed a lake in the caldera with an island in the middle. This island serves as the main entrance to the Horn Hold, a dwarven settlement renowned for thier metal smithing. Deep within the old lava tubes and vents are veins of rare and wonderful metals and minerals.

The dwarves have not mapped all of the tunnels as of yet and will not in the near future as long range exploration parties have come under attack from worm like creatures. It is quite possible that due to past seismic activity fissures and magam tunnels have made connections to the tunnels under Kaunite's Peak.

Horn Hold is a fairly new dwarven settlement and is not as closed to outsiders as more established holds. Being founded by a priest of Moradin there is a strong religious feel to the city, and while areas are open to traders the wrokings of the foudaries and furnaces are strictly limited to the dwarves. The forges have made major advancements in metallurgy including the working of alloys of various metals* and treatments not used by humans.

  • Equvalent metals would be aluminum, nickel, manganese and magnesium.

The sheer cliffs[edit]

When the caldera was formed in volcanic eruption long ago, a portion of one of the neighboring mountains in the range was split in half, one half crumbling into the lake leaving the other as a sheer face along a long stretch of the Vagabond mountain range. In this region are treacherous mountain passes in the western portion, but in the northern and the eastern portion of the area there is stability. The lake town of Grabben's Shore is the primary source of trade to the hold across the lake, access to this fishing and trade town from the south is through a stable, if sometimes bandit laden, mountain pass that leads into the east Delnar Road.

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Roamer's Woods[edit]

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Stone Fort[edit]

This point marks both the eastern end of Old King's Road as well as part of the historic border between this land and the Eastern Kingdoms. A small stone fort, manned but falling into disrepair, stands testament to this fact.

Terrain type: Grassland (any forest that was once present has been cleared so as to provide an unobstructed view of the land on either side of the border). Potential encounters: border raiders, smugglers, invading armies if the GM so wishes

Dragon Back Mountains[edit]

Broken Pass[edit]

A well supported pass, complete with arched gates to hold it up, once stood here. Now it is in ruin, with broken statuary and architecture blocking the way through the mountains.

Tiamat's Gullet[edit]

A desolate valley road carved along a volcanic mountain range which stretches east to west, eventually joins up with the Dragon Back mountains, with spurs of black rock jutting up like feindish claws, lined with rivers and even 'lakes' of molten lava that flow from the mountains. because of this hellish landscape, both the valley and centuries-old road are named for the Dragon Goddess

but perilous as the Gullet is, the depradations of the Orange horde have awoken Algrim The Strong, A dwarven Death Knight. Algrim considers himself the undisputed warlord of the Gullet, and from the volcanic hall that was once his tomb, has begun to assemble an army of his own, bolstered by the walking dead, with wich he shall support his ally, Shan-Yur

It is the hope of interested parties that somebody disrupt this alliance, and turn the two warlords against each other

While it was (until recently) the safest route for pilgrims to reach the Monastery of the Celestial Dragon, the road through Tiamat's Gullet eventually swings north towards Broken Pass (and presumably, Dawn's Shame)


Vagabond Mountains[edit]

It is rumoured that griffins make their homes among the peaks found in this otherwise uninhabited section of the Vagabonds.

The Keeper's Keep[edit]

Atop the highest mountain in the region, and in fact taking up most of the hex is a giant's keep. It has seven sides, one for each era of history plus another three for the eras said to come. The top of the walls are often surrounded by clouds which become more storm-laden the closer someone approaches. The walls are said to be seven miles thick, but no mortal has ever entered or left in known history. It is said that dragons have flown over the walls and have seen what lies in the courtyards and towers within, but they rarely speak of such things (for free). Climbers face many days of vertical ascent through a thunder storm on a wall with no real handholds. Others who have tried to fly over the walls have choked, breathless before reaching the top.

Secret: Dragons, when pressed, will tell that the keep is filled with 'timelessness' and know rumours of unobtainable treasures within.

Secret: The Keeper is a giant who keeps people and things until they are needed at the end of time. The few people who live there cannot die, but they cannot leave.

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Roamer's Woods[edit]

Tower of Thorns[edit]

A dense forest starts in this area, extending up in a line of savage woods that civilization has not yet tamed (16.5 and 15.5). It is known as Roamer's Woods.

Fae creatures and elemental forces gather here, delighting in the mystic power that emanates from the Tower of Thorns: a school of sorcery and primal magic has stood since giants erected it at the behest of its founder.

Roamer's Woods are expansive and confusing, with oddly intelligent animals and passages that lead into faerie worlds. All of these serve to help conceal the Tower of Thorns from meddlesome fools and enemies.

The Tower of Thorns accepts applicants in two ways. Anyone with sufficient mystical skill to reach the Tower and gain entry is allowed to study. It is not uncommon for wizards who have come by their power in more conventional ways to spend several years tutoring less experiences magic users while being instructed in the special spell craft of the Tower. The other way is to be destined to reach the Tower. Some who travel in the area seem pushed towards the tower instead of away from it, no matter what the obstacle. These individuals gain entry by fate's decree and they provide the small classes that learn under the wizards who seek to unlock the secrets woven into the Tower's very structure.

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White Plains[edit]

This grassland was once the site of a massive battle with the Eastern Kingdom. Where is surrounding lands are fairly flat (16.7, 16.9 and 15.8) this area is hilly. All of the hills are fairly low and flat as they are man made. Huge barrows for all of the dead killed in the long forgotten battle. The bones of the weathered mounds have begun peaking through give the name, White Plains. Many non corporal undead roam this haunted region. Along with treasure hunters seeking ancient magical panoplies that are sure to be still buried here.

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A old city called Fangula sits. People who visit it had found nothing but a enough fog to give a dragon a chill. Anyone sent to Fangula at night disappears for ever--never to return!

SECRET: Fangula is home town of evil monsters. Count Volexa is the latest monster ruler of this time. He tossed out the last ruler of town a werewolf. Fangula has been plotting on getting rid of all the humans and turning this country into a evil monster--for lack of better words--factory.

Dragon Back Mountains[edit]

The Monastery of the Celestial Dragon[edit]

Located high in the spine of the Dragonback Mountains (which wind in a serpentine fashion through 14.9, 15.10, 15.11, 16.11 and 16.12) lies what was once the westernmost outpost of a sect of warrior-monks known as the "Order of the Celestial Dragon."

Six years ago, however, the monastery was invaded by the 'Orange Horde,' a massive nomadic tribe of Hobgoblin Warg Riders and ogres led by a cunning Ogre Mage named Shan Yur. The ogre has decided to establish the monastery as the center of a new empire and is gathering evil humanoids from all across the land to burgeon his armies. He has sent out ogre hunters to gather the most dangerous beasts and monsters to master and unleash upon his enemies.

The monks were not all killed during the invasion, however, and many roam the lands trying to gather their strength to retake their home. In their desperation, they've even begun training westerners and some of the non-human races in their mystical arts to bolster their numbers. Soon all the members of the order will gather with their new pupils and the Celestial Dragon will reach out to consume the hordes of Shan Yur...