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Hexery-A Low Order Magic system

Hexery is a low powered system of abilities usually native to a single shadow. Though the abilities tend to function on any shadow that uses low order magics.

Most of the abilities range from cantrips to roughly 3rd level magery spells . How they manifest varies from shadow to shadow as well as from person to person. These manifest as "Hexes" & "Knacks".

  • Knack: An ability of the individual usually requiring no material component.
  • Hexes: An ability that can be woven into a item, dawn on something, or otherwise created as a physical item that can often be used by others afterward.

Some people with knacks can embed their ability into a hexed item. Others can only create the hexed item, not cast the spell separately.. .

Hexes and symbols can be used to manipulate and control fey and other magical creatures. Some hexery borders ritualism and has similar effects to ritual summoning.

Knacks and hexes[edit]

Minor Knacks[edit]

These are generally unable to be woven into hexes.

Simple Knacks Simple Knacks Moderate Knacks Hard Knacks
Chill Dust Clean Color
Dampen Dry Extinguish Catfall
Know Direction Heat Gather Exterminate or Zap
Knot Mending Stitch Purify Water
Flick Tip Sharpen Frostbite
Turn Page Werelight Weathertell x
Firefinger Produce Flame Control Flames Create Bonfire
Gust Infestation Mold Earth x
Thunderclap x Shillelagh Thorn Whip

Moderately Strong Knacks & Hexes[edit]

Hexes noted with (HX) meaning that the spell can be woven into a constrict of some kind, like a warding or a basket or woven cloth.

Knacks Knacks Hexes Hexes
Blaze Measure (Complex/Simple) Protection, 1m Radius
Lightning Bolt Aurora (Light Wall) Charm Animal
Ball Lightning Lightning Dart
Rope Trick Awaken
Clairaudience Magic Mouth(HX) Speed(HX)
Charm Person Continual Light Photographic Memory
Clairvoyance Water Breathing(HX)
Detect (Complex) Create Sound Protection/Insects (HX)
Web Detect (Simple) Darkness
See Invisible Cold Cone Measure (Concealed)
Whirlwind Hold Portal (HX)(This manifests as a compulsion for others to not enter or cross a threshhold. Deodorant
Silence, 3” Radius Continual Darkness Measure (Mental)
Wizard Light (HX) Individual Silence Detect (Concealed or Mental)
Speak Languages Light ESP
Speak with Animals Match (light fire)(HX) As a hex this manifests as an item that will start a fre.
Extinguish Fire Dispel Magic(HX) Muscle Spasm(HX)
Super Sleep Protection Flaming
Read Languages Flash Wind
Fire Dart Read Magic Freeze Water
Wizard Lock-(HX)This manifests as a door only openable by certain people. Silence, 1” Radius(HX) Gliding
Run Silent Fly Pass without trace
Sleep Hallucination(HX) Heat Cone
Fire Ball Sound Amplification Invisibility
Hold Person (HX) Knock:(HX) This manifests as opening any shut or magically locked door. Illusion
Levitate Infravision
Telescope(HX) As a hex its cast on glass usually. Locate Object Invisibility, 1” Radius(HX)
Mirror Image Ventriloquism(HX) Magic Missile
Light Beam Projected Mini-Strength

Strong Knacks[edit]

  • Maker :The ability and talent to create things.
  • Torch: the ability to see great distance and occasionally see the futureT


Hexery is based on the magical systems in Orson Scott Card's Alvin Maker series.