Hida Chuai

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Name: Hida Chuai
Gender: Male
Age: 20 years
Appearance and Demeanor: The largest person most people have seen. A brusque giant, with a soft heart and a burgeoning love of the world.

Twenty Questions[edit]

1. Crab (+1 Earth, +1 Fitness, Status 30)
2. Hida (+1 Fire, +1 Command, +1 Tactics, Glory 44, Starting Wealth 4 Koku)
3. Hida Defender School (+1 Earth, +1 Water, +1 Martial Arts [Melee], +1 Meditation, +1 Tactics, +1 Fitness, +1 Martial Arts [Unarmed])
Lord Hida’s Grip, Striking as Earth, Way of the Crab
4. Creativity, Passion, Drive (+1 Fire)
5. Lord: TBD
Giri: Protect My Lords Lands from Shadowland Taint
6. Seeing the lands of Rokugan and Beyond.
Ninjou: To See the World I Have Shed Blood Protecting
7. He believes the Crab must adapt to Rokugan cultural moors to be more effective. He thinks the Crab have become myopic, many see him as soft and wasting time that could be spent training. (+1 Courtesy)
8. He values Courtesy more than most crabs, and is not afraid of peasant work if needed. (+1 Labor)
9. Single handedly held off a goblin assault, until reinforcements arrived. (Large Stature)
10. Due to his unusual size, many whisper he may have Oni blood or some other Shadowlands taint. Some think it is only a matter of time before his true colors show. (Whispers of Treachery (Air))
11. Seeing the lands he protects, to be reminded why he faces Shadowland horrors. (Travel (Water))
12. He sometimes doesn’t know his own strength. (Ferocity)
13. His Lord allowed an old Ronin into his service. The young Hida, bonded with the old man from far away and learned much about aesthetics. The Hida learned much, but not what business the old Ronin had left unfinished. Once the Ronin passed away, the spirit appears to try to fulfill what he left unfinished. (+1 Aesthetics, Haunting)
14. The Hida’s massive height is exaggerated by his topknot, which contains a whalebone pin carved in the shape of a Crab.
15. Fear is easily hidden, however the Hida has trouble hiding his excitement especially for things from far away. His eyes go wide with interest.
16. Betrothed to a woman from the Crane clan and cousing to Yuri. Fought in battles against Lions.
17. A good warrior, but prone to flights of fancy. His love of ships may be useful in battle, but he is too occupied by where they could take him. (+1 Seafaring)
18. Elevated for Service (Glory -3, Honor +3, +1 Commerce)
19. Chuai
20. Hida Chuai will die in the Shadowlands, holding fast against horrors, buying time so others may live


Air (Grace/ Cunning): 1
Earth (Resilience): 3
Fire (Quickness/ Passion): 3
Void (Flow/ Wisdom): 1
Water (Adaptability/ Flexibility/ Perceptiveness): 2

Derived Stats[edit]

Endurance: 12
Composure: 10
Focus: 4
Vigilance: 2


Aesthetics 1
Command 1
Commerce 1
Courtesy 1
Fitness 2
Labor 1
Martial Arts (Melee) 1
Martial Arts (Unarmed) 1
Meditation 1
Seafaring 1
Tactics 2

Social Standing[edit]

Glory: 41
Honor: 43
Status: 30


• Distinction: Sixth Sense (Void): Sense the supernatural.
• Passion: Generosity (Water): Always fine the perfect gift.
• Passion: History (Earth): Study an object to know its history.
• Adversity: Bluntness (Air): You cannot express yourself with subtlety or detect subtlety or deception in others.
• Anxiety: Soft-Heartedness (Fire): You always spare someone’s life when you have the opportunity.


• Kata
o Lord Hida's Grip
o Striking as Earth
• School Ability
o Way of the Crab (School Ability): Ignore the Cumbersome quality of armor you wear. Once per round, before making a check to resist a critical strike, you may reduce the severity of that critical strike by the physical resistance of you armor plus you school rank (to a minimum of 0)


Lacquered armor
Traveling clothes
Daisho (katana and wakizashi)
Traveling pack
Calligraphy and writing set as part of his betrothal (Crane Gift)
Wealth: 4 koku