High Gate

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Highgate and the moon Perth
Abandoned Naval Base

Highgate is the system capital of Blue Sun, such as it is. It maintains a decent class B spaceport, and has some industry. The city of Lorngard, the largest on High Gate, was meant to be a launching off point for colonization. When that dropped off during the war, the city became a quasi-industrial city. Although most manufactured goods come form the core, Lorngard maintains a small industrial recycling products from other systems for use on the Rim.

  • Summer 2522 - Has begun a clean up operation of the great battle site in its la grange points. Some believe the PDF is attempted to create a big enough fleet of useful and “decoy” ships to deter any invasion.

Abandoned Alliance Naval Base.
The Alliance Navy maintained a small naval base here during the war. The base was abandoned, along with most Alliance personnel after the war. Some of the more superstitious folks claim that the base is haunted.

  • This base has been reclaimed as a field hospital/relocation camp for victims of prion disease, and head quarters for the fledgling Planetary Defense Force.