Hilda of House Sygor (Dragon Age)

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Hilda of House Sygor[edit]

Name: Hilda of House Sygor
Race: Dwarf Highborn
Class: Warrior
Gender: Female
Level: 2
Description: Insert Description here as needed.
2 2 1 1 -1 0 5 0
Health: 43
Defense: 13 (including Shield)
Speed: 8 (with the armor penalty)


Warrior Talent: Two-Hander Style (Novice), Weapon and Shield Style (Novice), Armor Training (Novice)
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Axes, Heavy Blades, Bludgeons
Languages: Trade Tongue (Speak/Read)
Focuses: Strength (Intimidation), Constitution (Stamina), Communication (Etiquette), Cunning (Military Lore), Strength (Axes), +2 Magic Rsistance

Talents & Powers[edit]


Bastard Sword, Throwing Axe, 2-handed Axe
Heavy Leather Armor, Medium Shield
Backpack, Traveling Clothes, Waterskin, bedroll, rope (20 yards), lantern, playing cards, Rations (2 weeks), Sealing Ring, Flint & Steel, Quill (x2), Sealing Wax (x10), 6 ink vials, 36 pages.

Funds (Belt Pouch)[edit]

SP: 6


Hilda of House Sygor, a Dwarven Noble of the Warrior Caste; Hilda was part of..I'm thinking essentially a group of student radicals? Not literally, but a bunch of nobles, mostly warriors, who talked a lot about shaking up the system and changing things. The specifics of it kind of depend on if you've decided who is ruling in Orzammar, but if you're open, I like the idea of Harrowmont as King, and a bunch of kids who decided, "Hey...maybe this Caste system is a really bad idea?" and the problem that they're too important to just straight up kill or exile, but they don't have the power to force the change they're talking about since they're probably more 'heirs and back-ups' and less 'actually in charge of their houses.' So they get soft-exiled. They're not /technically/ in exile, they're just sent top-side to help deal with the Blight! Indefinitely. We'll call you back when it's done. Promise. You're still part of your family! And kids you have, send them right back home, they'll be in the records!

Just YOU don't come back until we tell you, okay? That Blight business will be dealt with, any day now. We're sure. *Wink*

Hilda, I was thinking, wasn't a major figure in the movement before the exile- she was part of it, but she was just a face in the crowd; but where some of them have become focused on trying to just survive and sending letters begging to come home, she's gotten committed to the cause, and to holding the 'community' together since then. They're gonna come home, as conquering heroes, they're gonna change Orzammar.

So yeah, part of a small community of Highborn Dwarfs in exile, who is nominally on the surface until Orzammar decides to let them back in (ETA: Never). If the PCs are acting as sort of deniable assets for the Warden Commander, I think Hilda works great as someone who shows up because the (off screen) Commander would technically be who she is supposed to be reporting to.