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These are various homebrew campaign settings that can be found on the web.
-> Note 1: When links no longer function, website description and url may be deleted. Feel free to add them back if they are found again somewhere else on the Internet. (Ah, if Heptovania could ever be put online again... sigh!)
-> Note 2: This page is only intended for listing links to homebrew settings, with a single line of description. Hate or rave texts do not belong here and will be deleted.



  • Amethyst - update: A fantasy set in the real world where technology and magic exist but do not mix and openly break one another down. For d20 with a lot of new rules.
  • Anderfarnoria.com - Erden is a complete fantasy world and accompanying home-brewed D20 classless character system. Find politics, religion, economies, people and places along with game summaries.
  • Attwatta Preziv - A post-apocalyptic setting designed for use with Gamma World d20 (Modern d20) or D&D 3.5 d20. In PDF format (Added notes from the supplemental doc. Final Version). --Leezard
  • Breminor - A well detailed fantasy world, with nice website and written stories, usable with d20.
  • Dark Heritage - Swashbuckling in a grim setting infused with blasphemous cults and horrible demons. D20 + houserules.
  • Dark Sun - Athas.org - Not a homebrew, but excellent free material for running a d20 Dark Sun campaign.
  • Elrithorn - Low/lost magic post-cataclysmic campaign setting with rich history, unique magic mechanics and pantheon, & diverse geography spanning several biomes.
  • Evindale - A richly detailed fantasy setting. Original religion, races and classes for d20.
  • Eyru - A world of fantasy inspired by the Iron Age Celtic cultures, for d20.
  • Karanblade - A Brazilian campaign setting for AD&D and d20, entirely in Portuguese/Brazilian.
  • Korinth & Elindra - Two different settings for d20.
  • Mincam - Brief but complete, with homes for all core classes, races and monsters. This is a direct link to the PDF.
  • Murchad's Legacy - An entirely OGC campaign setting in the "knights and castles" tradition using the d20 ruleset, and to which you may contribute.
  • Mythosa - Realms of Darkness and Legend, for d20. Several PDF files for download.
  • Palaestra - A fantasy setting with a "Byzance against Faery" theme, for d20.
  • Scroll of Tian - A world of deserts, jungles and high magic, for d20.
  • Terra-Viejo - An alternate-Earth fantasy world, for d20.
  • The Hyborian Age - Conan's world (not the Mongoose Publishing version) for d20.
  • The Kyngdoms - A very large and detailed fantasy world with a very in depth history and huge color map, for d20.
  • The Northland - A typical fantasy setting, probably for AD&D or d20.
  • The Oriental Hardpoint - An Asian/Oriental campaign setting, for d20.
  • Urbis - A World of Cities, for d20. A world currently going through a magical industrial revolution, with vast city-states dominating the landscape.
  • Valgora - A Living campaign setting for the Organization of Gamers & Roleplaying Enthusiasts.

Basic Dungeons & Dragons/Rules Cyclopedia

  • World of Trid - This campaign setting harkens back to the fledging days of the Moldvey Basic D&D box set, and continued to the Rules Cyclopedia, published in the 1990’s.
  • Inzeladun - The "Conan flavored" homebrew setting by Vincent Darlage (who later wrote for Mongoose's Conan d20), for D&D.
  • Sulerin - A really extensive D&D world.

Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition

  • Aquila - An old AD&D setting.
  • Dage - An old Earth-like Dark Ages fantasy world, for AD&D.
  • Karanblade - A Brazilian campaign setting for AD&D and d20, entirely in Portuguese/Brazilian.
  • Realms of Adventure - An AD&D fantasy setting.
  • The Northland - A typical fantasy setting, probably for AD&D or d20.

Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition

  • Andurin - A fantasy world, for 3e and 2e, that takes its inspiration from many sources: Conan, Elric, Thieves' World, Elder Scrolls' Morrowind, and the Wheel of Time.
  • Beyond Heroes - A site dedicated to heroic roleplaying of all eras including fantasy, pulp, modern and future with my own magic system and compatible with OD&D, AD&D 1E and 2E, and Palladium.
  • Marag Torok - A world in which magic is finite and the cultures of man contest to control it. Some areas are richly detailed and some still need a lot of work.

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition

  • Andurin - A fantasy world, for 3e and 2e, that takes its inspiration from many sources: Conan, Elric, Thieves' World, Elder Scrolls' Morrowind, and the Wheel of Time.

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition

  • Everwyld - A Fantasy setting for D&D4e. - missing in action
  • Farland - An extensive and rich setting with a nice website, formerly for d20, now for 4e.
  • Four Winds Bar The Nexus of Crises, The Origin of Storms, a 4th Ed Campaign and setting. - Site is now down.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

  • Fralia, a Bronze Age fantasy world created cooperatively by the Frente Rolero Argentino, mostly for D&D 5th Edition (in Spanish).


  • Agyris - Very well done and original website for this Fudge setting.

Generic, Homebrew or Unspecified

  • Xitragupten - Xitragupten, Dark Fantasy universe, with hombrew rules AD&D inspired. (in French).
  • Fralia, a bronze age fantasy world created cooperatively by the Frente Rolero Argentino, mostly for D&D 5th Edition although it has some 3.5 and even AD&D content (in Spanish).
  • Arcanum - of Steamworks & Magic Obscura - Arcanum, a high-fantasy steampunk setting of steamworks and magic. Based on the video game Arcanum, and compatible with Saga and other systems.
  • Braythmar - Braythmar, a high-fantasy bronze age campaign concerning the struggle between traditional hunter-gatherer societies and the world's first civilized empire. Compatible with Saga and other systems.
  • Chronicles of Magnamund - High-fantasy campaign setting based on Magnamund, the world of the Lone Wolf solo roleplaying books of the 80s. Compatible with Saga and other rpg systems.
  • Conclave - Collaborative world-building with influences including Ming and Qing China, Polynesia, the Dutch East India Company and high fantasy.
  • Fargoth - The Fargoth World Building Project is a collaborative effort to design a generic fantasy setting for any game system.
  • Gwenthia - A shared fantasy world developed primarily for RPGs, and being delivered through wiki, ftp site, and published documents.
  • Hyborian Age - The Hyborian Age, the Age of Conan. A pre-historic age of low-fantasy, created by author Robert E. Howard for his Conan stories. Compatible with Saga and other systems.
  • Ilshara: Lands of Exile - A well done campaign setting, with PDFs for download, for Castles & Crusades.
  • Jhendor - A fantasy world with no specific RPG tied to it, but that was originally used for a Runequest campaign.
  • Karthum - A swords and sorcery mini-setting with its own rule set. This is a direct link to the PDF.
  • Keltor - The Middle Lands - A low magic, fantasy setting featuring several 17x22 full-color maps, thousands of years of history, custom deities, and lots of room to grow. Designed with D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder in mind. PDF format --Leezard Updated November 11th 2018
  • LoreWeaver - A campaign world on Wiki, and published under a Creative Commons License.
  • Maelstrom - This setting also provides great blasons, castles maps, etc.
  • Magic the Gathering - A comprehensive campaign setting based on the Magic: the Gathering multiverse. Compatible with Saga and other roleplaying systems.
  • Meln - A campaign setting for any fantasy RPG system.
  • Meshal - A Chinese general system with it's campaign setting Erovan.
  • Nahmurg Wastes - The Nahmurg Wastes, a post-apocalyptic campaign setting compatible with Saga and all other systems
  • Neverwhere - Neverwhere, a dark urban fantasy setting based on Neil Gaiman's tv series and novel of the same name. Compatible with Saga and other systems.
  • Planetocopia - Several descriptions of planets and their inhabitants. Wasn't done for RPGs, but would be a very good source of inspiration for exotic homebrew worlds.
  • Saga 5th Edition - A rules light, generic universal rpg system that is totally free and DIY.
  • Santharia - Another massive fantasy world, heavily TOLKIEN inspired, with beautiful website, lots of stuff, and online RPG.
  • Shadowrun SAGA - Shadowrun rules and setting adaptation for the Saga system.
  • Tales of the Carnelian Coast - A well detailed setting with its own game system.
  • Tekumel - The first homebrew ever, that became a published setting of several books, this is the extensive world created by the Professor M.A.R. Barker.
  • Teleleli - A fantasy setting based on sword and sorcery, fairy tales, and Terry Pratchett/Lewis Carroll-style humour, with very little high fantasy or epic fantasy influence.
  • The Last Dominion - A dark fantasy setting that almost - but not quite - transcends the barrier into mature audiences. Great art and beautiful maps, no specific game system.
  • Theros - Theros, a supplemental campaign setting for the Magic: the Gathering campaign setting. Based on the M:tG expansion of the same name. Compatible with Saga, the M:tG campaign setting, and other roleplaying systems.
  • Trakon - Traykon is a sword and sorcery campagin world that has evolved through several game editions. Currently it uses the Pathfinder and 3.5 rules sets.
  • Virtual Verduria - A peculiar fantasy world, some humans from Earth stumbled upon by accident long ago.
  • World of Highland - An alternate-Earth fantasy setting, with its own RPG system.
  • World of Khoras - Probably the most extensive campaign setting on the web! For any fantasy RPG system.
  • Palanai - An extensive fantasy world set in a period of exploration and discovery.


  • The Gift PCs play mages living the modern world, coping with power, mage society and supernatural peril.
  • Kalyr - A GURPS game world where humans are slaves imported to an alien planet. - link is to some weird blog
  • Lineage Join the Mage Houses and fight for wealth and power in the modern USA. Or join The Rebellion and declare war on Heaven and Hell themselves.
  • Paradise City A cyberpunk setting with extended catalogs of weapons and cyberware.


  • Aecyr Grene - A fantasy campaign setting for HARP. - link is dead (or takes you to a Japanese site)
  • Burning Heaven - Niĝsasa Anšar - An exotic & weird fantasy campaign setting for HARP (and BRP). - link is dead
  • Marth Ice World - A dark & grim fantasy setting for HARP (and D20). - link is dead

Little Fears


  • Kumquat Tattoo -- Efffin' metal fantasy for Risus (with conversions for EZ20). This is a direct link to the PDF. - link is dead

True20 Adventure Roleplaying

  • Pax Thumanus - A classical Swords and Sorcery setting for True20. - link is dead
  • Suwarnabumi - An original fantasy setting set against the backdrop of Southeast Asian culture, mythology, and history. - link is dead
  • The True Crescent and Cross - A campaign setting based in a mythical version of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the 1130. - link is dead


  • The Weirdlands - A. . . uhm. . . weird setting for use with The World's Easiest Role Playing System. This is a direct link to the PDF. - Site is now down

World of Darkness

vsM Engine

  • vs. Elves - A baroque fantasy setting for the vsM Engine. This ia a direct link to the PDF. - Site is now down