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A character in the PbP game The New Chronicles of Krazz'ak the Risen: Tome 1 - The Sword of Lost Hope.


A tall, hearty young woman who has obviously spent her life doing manual labor, and is perfectly fine living that life. While the hard life has made her look a bit rough around the edges, tanning and lightly scarring her skin to a golden tan and somewhat bleaching her dark brown hair, she has a wholesome beauty to her that could turn a few heads if she ever decided to clean up.


Hope is a farmer’s only child, a fairly earthly and a little crass sort, keeping her feet on the ground and eyes looking forward. Her upbringing has left her without schooling; the only writing she knows is a family prayer that has been passed down from generation to generation. Like everybody in her village, she knows how to talk to Earth Spirits and knows a few sacred rites. While she is stubborn and loyal, once she is knocked off balance, it is hard for her to get up again alone. She treasures her father’s staff and can use it well.


Farmgirl 17

  • Endurance
  • Lay of the Land
  • Time/Season Awareness
  • Wholesome Looks
  • Animal Ken
  • Farming
  • 'Women's Work'

The Chosen One 20 1M

  • We'll find out eventually.

Other Abilities[edit]

  • Feet on the Ground 13
  • Family Prayer 19
  • Communes with Earth Spirits 13
  • Sacred Rites 15
  • Stubborn 15
  • Staff Fighter 13

Resources and Relationships[edit]

  • Dugiel 15
  • Father's Staff


  • Crass and Unschooled 17
  • Needs Help 17


Dugiel, Sidekick[edit]

  • Earth Elemental 20
  • Make Sure a Certain Idiot Farmgirl Lives 19
  • My Real Name is Audible Passing Crescendo for a Reason 16

A ball of earth and rock in the form of a Hedgehog and rather pretentious. He has been keeping an eye on Hope since she was about 13, after the two met when she had tried summoning a powerful spirit to help her with her farm work so she could take a break. It didn't work and he basically keeps an eye on her (and possibly tabs for the Earthly Spirit Courts). He has an ability that allows him to speak and possibly hear across long, long distances, hence his name.


Keywords are underlined. Supernatural abilities are in italics.

Mountain Town Stuff[edit]

Mountain Town was once called Lodestone, and was a dwarven mine, but the only relics of that time are the statue in the middle of the village square and the surname every native of the village has, Lodestone. There is still odd little magic in the village beyond the exposure to spirits, which show up as talents or appearance quirks, usually jewel tone eye colors. The people there are very down-to-earth (haha) and no nonsense. The actual townsfolk are more friendly than the outlying farms and normally better educated in more worldly things. The differences can be a bit of a source of tension in town as well, as the farmers think that magic that can't be used for practical things to be a waste of time, while the townsfolk consider their outer relatives to be boorish.

Hope's Parents[edit]

Flint is fairly mundane looking, with an amazing sense of direction, allowing himself to orient himself to north whenever he desires. Because of this, he and his family lives a bit farther away from the village than normal, as he is able to find Mountain Town easily. Flint is technically not a local, but a foreigner who lost his parents to illness soon after coming to Mountain Town when he was young. People don't comment on it much as he has meshed very well and doesn't look too different beside the brown eyes. They have commented that it's odd that Hope has the same color, as she was born here. Chrysoprase, Hope's sweet tempered mother, was born with strands of hair the shade of her namesake but is otherwise ordinary. As she has aged, her hair has started turning brown and she considers it to look rather pretty. Her family has been there since it was a mine, and her brother is something of the village priest.