Hope City Heroes:PC Chart

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Lioness Shade Dr. Doll (II) The Administrator Blitz Wadjet Fortuna
High Concept Super Athlete Walker of the Ways Between Robot-Herding Science Heroine Psychic Intelligence Agent Overpowered Electrokinetic Teen Serpentine Guardian Demigoddess Apotropaic (luck magic) Master
Trouble Everybody Knows Who I am Possessed by the Jaguar Priest Family Drama Residual tachyon field distortions I Didn't Think That Far Ahead [Something about ancient curses] Sub-conscious Control
Background Ex-Pro Wrestler Altered by a Mystic Lion Blood Serum. Son of Stone and Shadow Cyborg Daughter of Dr. Doll (1) Ex-intelligence director and agent handler for the US during WWII Sins Of The Father [Media Studies major/Archaeology trip] Public Policy Hot-shot
Aspect Better to have Loved Muscle Suit Grew-up on the Mean Streets of Juarez
Aspect Immortality is Great, but the Music Sucks Tech Student Drop-out
Peak Approach Forceful Forceful Clever Clever Quick Flashy Sneaky