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Alejandra Flores[edit]


High Concept - Master of Luck Magic

Trouble- Psshh, everything will be fine

(Because luck is on her side, Fortuna is exceedingly reckless, doesn't back down when she should, and is easily provoked)

Other Aspects -

Public Policy Hot-shot- Alejandra has realized that just locking up drug dealers doesn't fix systemic problems and is working towards a law degree and is involved in the local politics of Hope City.

Grew-up on the Mean Streets of Juarez- Alejandra grew up in Juarez Mexico and spent her first few years as a super there.


Power Theme: Luck

Base Power: Precognition

Drawback: Can't consciously see the future or actively direct most of her power.


'Super Intelligence' (She's actually just extremely good at making lucky guesses to solve puzzles and mentally absorbing tasks. +2 Will to work through mentally consuming tasks)

'Power Amplification' (Actually just giving luck to someone else for a bit). Grant a boost to an ally to use one of their powers.


Taskmastery (This is actually just a bad luck aura that snaps out at anyone that harms her, making them less dangerous), +2 to attack against any opponent that has caused her physical stress in this scene.

Special Effects

Inflict Condition (Lucky/Unlucky)

Split Action (divide shifts, +1 to each action)

Collateral Damage

Expected Backup: At any point, you can announce that you knew there would be trouble several hours ago, so you called in a tip to local law enforcement. This law enforcement immediately arrives in force, most likely breaking through windows or kicking down doors to get there. Whether this backup means corporate police, a registered superhero, or gangsters defending their territory depends on the scene and is up to the GM. (Except it's more that something seemingly random signaled them)



  • Notice


  • Deceive
  • Will


  • Contacts
  • Resources
  • Investigate


  • Empathy
  • Stealth
  • Rapport
  • Physique


  • Everything Else


Stunt 1 - Mind Games: Use Deceive in place of Provoke to make mental attacks, as long as it involves a lie.

Stunt 2 - Career in Politics: +2 When using Deceive to Create Advantage

Stunt 3 - Lucky Shot: Use Notice in place of Shoot to make attacks. (She's not really aiming. She just pulls the trigger or throws things and they tend to hit their targets)

Stunt 4 - Gremlins: +2 When using Will to Create Advantage by Sabotaging Technology.

Other Statistics[edit]

Physical Stress Track

[_] [_] [_]

Mental Stress Track

[_] [_] [_] [_]


Mild [2]:

Moderate [4]:

Severe [6]:

Refresh: 1

Personal Details[edit]

Backstory: Alejandra grew up in Juarez, her parents worked in the factories. That would have been her future too, but her parents got her into a program to learn welding and electronics work and other more valuable trade scales. From this program she got a scholarship for a science and engineering focused high school and eventually a scholarship to study engineering in the U.S. As she was growing up, violence was ramping up in Juarez as the cartels went to war. Some of her friends and neighbors were caught in the crossfire. Homes shot up, injuries, deaths, protection payments, etc. It was ugly, but somehow it never happened when she was around.

She got her first magic charm when she was ten, it was intended to ward off misfortune. She was fascinated by the torquise pattern. She soon started collecting charms from all over the world and studying their origins. Most ended up being bunk, but she could feel the power in some of them bending chance around them, drawing in good energies and deflecting the bad. She learned how to pull in those same energies around her without the charms, though she still collects them.

When she was home from college on break, she and some friends were coming home from a bar through a bad neighborhood. Her friend Isabel had wanted to go a different way, but Alejandra wasn't scared, bad things happened to other people. Several men with guns stopped them. A pickup came roaring down the street and a second set of armed men fired on the first. Alejandra and Isabel were caught in the crossfire. Of course, the bullets all went around her, but Isabel wasn't so lucky. As Isabel lay dying, Alejandra could feel the bad luck being deflected from and accumulating on her friend. She had never stopped to consider where all that bad luck was going. Her good fortune was hurting those around her, it had killed her friend.

She returned to school late and felt too guilty to attend many classes. After a terrible semester, she lost her scholarship. Her student visa was going to follow soon after, but it didn't matter she couldn't afford classes and she felt too guilty knowing how she had gotten there. Probably she would have been deported if she hadn't run into the guy.

She could feel him like a vacuum, sucking in the good luck, and spitting out bad. She watched him get off the bus and then turn and smile as it drove down the road and was side swiped by a semi. Maybe he hadn't known? No, he made a beeline for a convenient store as she followed him and bought a stack of scratch and win tickets, which he quickly converted to a pile of cash. She was rusty, her charms had been locked in a drawer for months, but she couldn't let him get away with it. She bent the energies against the man. She felt something bad lift off a guy walking by with his kid and she threw it at the guy. He frowned as his latest ticket was not a winner.

He looked up and bared inhuman teeth as he pulled luck from the cashier. What followed was likely the strangest thing the cashier had ever seen. A light suddenly came loose from the ceiling and nearly hit Alejandra, if she hadn't moved a second before. A piece of debris from the light struck a can of beer which sprayed the luck vampire. A shelf suddenly gave out and Alejandra found herself wading through cans of Pringles, barely keeping her footing as the guy came at her. She slipped at the last second and the guy put his fist through the door to one of the beer fridges, he didn't seem phased in the least. He was miraculously unharmed. As she crawled away, forties spilled to the floor shattering and covering her retreat path in glass. She threw a tube of Pringles at his face, he batted it away, but it rebounded knocking bags of cheese puffs on top of the glass. The cover of another florescent light flopped open and whacked the guy in the head as she crawled over the cheese puffs and down another aisle. A pot of coffee suddenly shattered on the counter and the hot liquid splashed down the counter at her. Alejandra hissed in pain from the hot liquid as she kept moving. She swept a bunch of Gatorades to the floor. The vampire came around the corner and saw the tripping hazard. He walked through it steadily coming at her. She reached the end of the aisle and tried to rise to flee, but her jacket caught on a newspaper rack and she fell back to the floor. The vampire reached down for her, but the extremely confused clerk that had come around the counter to help tripped and fell into the vampire, knocking him into the Icee machine. Alejandra got up and tried to run for the door, but she tripped on an untied shoe lace and crashed into it instead. She slumped against it dazed as the vampire came at her again. He had tossed the clerk aside easily. She was not escaping, so she poured everything she had into dumping bad energy into the guy and pulling in the good harder than she ever had before. She grabbed the nearest thing at hand and tried to throw it. The bottle of windshield washer fluid was heavy and her arm hit the shelving unit so that it bounced down the aisle knocking stuff to the floor completely ineffectively. The vampire was standing over her now and reaching down as the Morton's salt container rolled between them. The creature hesitated and Alejandra understood immediately. She grabbed the container and ripped it open. Salt spilled everywhere and the creature recoiled. It turned and ran smashing through a window. A bicycle messenger crashed into the vampire and both went down. Alejandra hobbled out to put a circle of salt around the creature. It writhed and screamed as the bicycle messenger tried to call an ambulance.

She understood what she could do now. She returned home and spent several years messing with the cartels across Mexico alongside some of Mexico's supers and trying to improve lives there. After a few years of taking out dealers and their soldiers and corrupt police and government officials, she decided that the cartels wouldn't be defeated that way. So she turned her attention to helping in natural disasters. When her little sister went to study in Hope City, she followed. She joined up with the local supers team to maximize her effectiveness. Now she is studying political science, with an eye towards law. She also involved in local politics, it's amazing how little gaffs can steer a campaign.

Writing her background ended up taking her in a very different direction than I originally thought. Seems like Sneaky might actually be her top approach and not a mechanic. Hope that's okay. I should have the finished stats up tonight.