Horatio Vasquez, Jr. (ESWAT)

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"(insert a cool quote or oneliner here)"


High Concept: Ambitious Rookie Cop

Trouble: They Didn't Cover This in the Academy

Phase 1: "Yeah, Sgt. Vazquez was my father."

Phase 2: Been training for this job since before I could walk

Phase 3: I'm Going to be Chief Someday


+4: Shoot

+3: Athletics, Contacts

+2: Fight, Physique, Will

+1: Deceive, Notice, Rapport, Scholarship


The Weight of (My Father's) Reputation: Once per scene, you can use Contacts instead of Provoke to create advantages based on fear or respect. Linked with "Yeah, Sgt. Vazquez was my father."

Called Shot: Once per scene, during a Shoot attack, spend a fate point and declare a specific condition you want to inflict on a target, like Shot in the Hand. If you succeed, you place that as a situation aspect on them in addition to hitting them for stress.

Stunt 3: (open)


(insert character background here)


Refresh: 4

Mental Stress (4): O O O O

Physical Stress (4): O O O O

Consequences - none

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