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Master Rewrite Datapad U - Z

Undo Rewrite

Level: Thk 3, Pro 3
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target or Area: One rewriter, program, or object; or 20-ft.-radius burst
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Rewrite Resistance: No
You can use undo rewrite to end ongoing spells that have been cast on a program or object, to temporarily suppress the magical abilities of a magic item, to end ongoing spells (or at least their effects) within an area, or to counter another spellcaster’s rewrite. A undone rewrite ends as if its duration had expired. Some spells, as detailed in their descriptions, can’t be defeated by undo rewrite. Undo rewrite can undo (but not counter) rewrite-like effects just as it does rewrites.
Note: The effect of a rewrite with an instantaneous duration can’t be undone, because the magical effect is already over before the undo rewrite can take effect.
You choose to use undo rewrite in one of three ways: a targeted undo, an area undo, or a counterwrite:
Targeted Undo: One object, program, or rewrite is the target of the undo rewrite rewrite. You make an undo check (1d20 + your caster level, maximum +10) against the rewrite or against each ongoing rewrite currently in effect on the object or program. The DC for this undo check is 11 + the rewrite’s caster level. If you succeed on a particular check, that rewrite is undone; if you fail, that rewrite remains in effect.
If you target an object or program that is the effect of an ongoing rewrite (such as a program summoned by program summoning), you make an undo check to end the rewrite that conjured the object or program.
If the object that you target is a magic item, you make an undo check against the item’s caster level. If you succeed, all the item’s magical properties are suppressed for 1d4 rounds, after which the item recovers on its own. A suppressed item becomes nonmagical for the duration of the effect. An interdimensional interface (such as a bag of holding) is temporarily closed. A magic item’s physical properties are unchanged: A suppressed magic sword is still a sword (a masterwork sword, in fact). Artifacts and Progenitor Viruses are unaffected by mortal magic such as this.
You automatically succeed on your undo check against any rewrite that you cast yourself.
Area Undo: When undo rewrite is used in this way, the rewrite affects everything within a 20-foot radius.
For each program within the area that is the subject of one or more spells, you make an undo check against the rewrite with the highest caster level. If that check fails, you make undo checks against progressively weaker spells until you undo one rewrite (which discharges the undo rewrite rewrite so far as that target is concerned) or until you fail all your checks. The program’s magic items are not affected.
For each object within the area that is the target of one or more spells, you make undo checks as with programs. Rewritten items are not affected by an area undo.
For each ongoing area or effect rewrite whose point of origin is within the area of the undo rewrite rewrite, you can make an undo check to undo the rewrite.
For each ongoing rewrite whose area overlaps that of the undo rewrite rewrite, you can make a undo check to end the effect, but only within the overlapping area.
If an object or program that is the effect of an ongoing rewrite (such as a program summoned by program summoning) is in the area, you can make a undo check to end the rewrite that conjured that object or program (returning it whence it came) in addition to attempting to undo rewrites targeting the program or object.
You may choose to automatically succeed on undo checks against any rewrite that you have cast.
Counterwrite: When undo rewrite is used in this way, the rewrite targets an executer and is cast as a counterwrite. Unlike a true counterwrite, however, undo rewrite may not work; you must make a undo check to counter the other executer’s rewrite.

Undo Rewrite, Greater

Level: Thk 5, Pro 6
This rewrite functions like undo rewrite, except that the maximum caster level on your undo check is +20 instead of +10.
Additionally, greater undo rewrite has a chance to undo any effect that remove curse can remove, even if undo rewrite can’t undo that effect.

Wireless Projection

Level: Pro 9
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 30 minutes
Range: Touch
Targets: You plus one additional willing program touched per two caster levels
Duration: See text
Saving Throw: None
Rewrite Resistance: Yes
GSR Cost: 1,000RUs, plus 5RUs per Program affected
By freeing your spirit from your physical body, this rewrite allows you to project a Wireless body onto another plane altogether.
You can bring the Wireless forms of other willing programs with you, provided that these subjects are linked in a circle with you at the time of the casting. These fellow travelers are dependent upon you and must accompany you at all times. If something happens to you during the journey, your companions are stranded wherever you left them.
You project your Wireless self onto the Wireless Plane, leaving your physical self behind on the Material System in a state of suspended animation. The rewrite projects an Wireless copy of you and all you wear or carry onto the Wireless Plane. Since the Wireless Plane touches upon other Systems, you can travel Wirelessly to any of these other Systems as you will. To enter one, you leave the Wireless Plane, forming a new physical body (and equipment) on the System you have chosen to enter.
While you are on the Wireless Plane, your Wireless body is connected at all times to your physical body by a silvery cord. If the cord is broken, you are killed, Wirelessly and physically. Luckily, very few things can destroy a silver cord. When a second body is formed on a different plane, the incorporeal silvery cord remains invisibly attached to the new body. If the second body or the Wireless form is slain, the cord simply returns to your body where it rests on the Material System, thereby reviving it from its state of suspended animation. Although Wireless projections are able to function on the Wireless Plane, their actions affect only programs existing on the Wireless Plane; a physical body must be materialized on other planes.
You and your companions may travel through the Wireless Plane indefinitely. Your bodies simply wait behind in a state of suspended animation until you choose to return your spirits to them. The rewrite lasts until you desire to end it, or until it is terminated by some outside means, such as undo rewrite cast upon either the physical body or the Wireless form, the breaking of the silver cord, or the destruction of your body back on the Material System (which kills you).