Hossfield the Savvyhead

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The Savvyhead

A man, utility wear plus tech, plain face, calm eyes, hunched body.

Hossfield would stand taller if he wasn't always hunched over some random project or piece of scrap metal he is tinkering with. Barrel-chested and slim hips gives him an awkward proportion to his body; when he is climbing around in his piles of junk outside his workshop there is definitely something simian about the savvyhead. His pockmarked face is lined with sadness and clues of some deep secret loss, but there is also something awake and alive in his cool gray eyes, a mark of brief triumphs, studded somewhere along Hossfield's harsh life.

The savvyhead wears a busted up orange smock, which he has zipped up and tied around his waist; the greasy undershirt is optional, depending on if Hossfield has bothered with laundry lately. Sometimes he likes to show off his big tattoo of a burning horse skull that adorns his chest.

Hossfield has been seen doing frequent business with Fox, providing him with wares and tech as needed.

Cool+1 Hard+1* Hot-1 Sharp=0 Weird+3*

Savvyhead Moves:

Oftener Right: Gives bonuses to people who follow Hossfield's advice

Deep Insights: +1 Weird

Workspace: junkyard of raw materials machining tools booby traps


Pair of goggles that look like they were once used for skiing, but which now have been outfitted with a variety of sensory customizations.

Heavy wrench (2-harm)

Stun-gun (s-harm hand reload) Despite being hulking and strong, Hossfield doesn't really like violence. Its not that he won't bring it if he needs to, but he will avoid aggression if possible.

A heavy leather apron (1-armor)

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