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  • 8 Fiefs of Shannon
  • 4 Fiefs for Wyndham
  • 2 Fiefs for William
  • 1 Fief for Rede
  • 9 Fiefs Unassigned.

Noble members on Royal Duty[edit]

Shannon Feldane[edit]


Head of House Feldane Warlord of Amber. Second in Command of the Armies of Amber to Marshal Benedict Present at the battle at the Battle of Patternfall. He was commander of the garrison at Chaos for many years and also served as Ambassador to Chaos. Currently Warlord of Amber, which means he is in charge of Amber Primary fighting units. One of Benedict's closest friends and confidants. This tough and fair man is a force to be reckoned with and has nearly the same sense of presence that the Elders do.

  • Was present at the Battle of Patternfall and witnessed the Unicorn's Choice of Random as king.
  • Is a notorious narcissist.


  • Wife:Lucia Feldane:
  • First Son: Castarat Feldane-Slain in Battle
  • second Son: Honor Feldane- Disappears in 4491 for unknown reasons
  • Third Son: William Feldane
  • First daughter: Eleysa Feldane. Born after Patternfall. A Librarian of the Library of Amber, the public library

Ranks, Titles, & Offices[edit]

  • Grand Duke of Feldane
  • Knight of the Unicorn
  • Knight of Amber-First Class & Second Class
  • Knights of the Elites-Graduate of Rasak
  • Valorous Knight of Amber-Three First Class Awards, Four Second Class Award, Six Third Class Award, Nine Fourth Class Awards
  • Victors of Patternfall
  • Anointed Witnesses of Patternfall
  • Warlord of Amber
  • Knight of Arden. First Class
  • Huntsman of Arden
  • Knight Commander of Diaga- First Class
  • Ambassador to Chaos- Past Office
  • 8 Fiefs

Wyndham Feldane[edit]

[ WyndhamFeldane.jpg

Constable of Amber-Chief of Police

Known as a womanizer and a bit of an ass. Arrogant, competent, and a constant presence on the Amber council and in her court. Despite that he has run the police for over a thousand years.

Family [edit]

  • Wife #1: Dead, Aged Out
  • First Son: Dead, Aged Out
  • Second Son: Dead, Aged Out
  • Second Wife: Callia Feldane
  • First Son: Hantin Feldane. Aging Out
  • First Daughter: Cordelia

'Ranks, Titles, & Offices[edit]

  • Knight of the Unicorn
  • Knight of Amber-2 First Class Award, 3 Second Class Awards, 21, third Class Awards, 32 Fourth Class Awards.
  • Knights of the Elites-Graduate of Rasak
  • Order of the Swan-Woodworking
  • Order of the staff-2 First Class Awards, 2 Second Class Awards, 3 Third Class Awards. Wyndham is proud of these award because they are recommended to the King by community organizations. As police chief he deals with the general public much more then many others of the royalty and nobility.
  • Valorous Knight of Amber
  • Victors of Patternfall
  • Anointed Witnesses of Patternfall
  • Constable of Amber-Chief of Police
  • 4 Fiefs
  • Admiral-Captain of Westerner

William Feldane[edit]


Shannon’s third son, Lord William, is head of the Royal Bodyguard, the Elites, First Legion, First Corp.


  • Wife: Lesane. Dead
  • First Son: Nertar. Dead
  • Second Son:Hacot
  • Third Son- Rede Feldane
  • First Daughter: Flori

'Ranks, Titles, & Offices[edit]

  • Baron
  • 2 Fiefs

Rede Feldane[edit]

Rede feldane.jpg

Son of William Feldane. A graduate of the School of Sorcerous Arts; Fantalin. Served in the City Police but resigned under suspicious circumstance. Served in The Military as a Legion specialist. Did Protective Service to Lord Vander. Graduated Star Fleet Academy. Currently unassigned..

Is rumored to bear a Mal at Riess imprint. Perhaps even a Sigil imprint, meaning he assayed the Sigil at the Cogswell Estates.

Married Adaga Alec Sar1. They have a son, Valdir, who is a member of Star Fleet


  • Wife:Adaga Alec Sar
  • First Son: Lord Valdir Feldane
  • First Daughter: Jalian Feldane- An illegitimate girl being raised on family estate at Thelusia. She involved in many youth programs at Fantalin.

'Ranks, Titles, & Offices[edit]

  • Knight of Amber-Graduate of Rasak
  • Lord of Feldane
  • 1 Fief

Lucia Feldane[edit]


Lord Shannon's wife, Lucia Feldane is Chief Lady in Waiting to Queen Vielle and a member of Florimel's circle of intimates.


Ranks, Titles, & Offices[edit]

  • Duchess Feldane

Lady of Amber

  • Order of the Swan:Three Awards of 1st Clasass, 6 Awards of 2nd Class, 7 Awards of 3rd Class
  • Knight of Amber:4th Class

Cordelia Feldane[edit]


Cordelia Feldane is a senior Lady in Waiting, essentially Deputy Chief Lady in Waiting. She will defend the Urien pack in most things but is known to detest Helene du Sarn personally.

Lady in Waiting, essentially Deputy Chief Lady in Waiting. Elite Guardsman-Retired

Last surviving daughter of Wyndham.


  • Unmarried.

'Ranks, Titles, & Offices[edit]

  • Senior Lady in Waiting
  • Knight of Amber-Graduate of rasak

Other Living Members of Feldane Nobility[edit]


Honor, Son of Shannon[edit]

  • Known to have been captured in battle. Ransom was being arranged when hostilities began again and Honor was never heard from again. Magical resources suggest he is still alive but no proof of life has ever been found.

Eleysa, Daughter of Shannon[edit]

Hacot, Son of William[edit]

Flori, Daughter of William[edit]

Valdir, Son of Rede[edit]

  • Graduate of Star Fleet Acadamy. Lt, serving about the Ice Runner

Jalian, Illegitimate Daughter of Rede[edit]

With her mother at Thelusia in the Fantalin youth programs.

Callia, Wife of Wyndham.[edit]

Aging out.

Hantin Son of Wyndham & Callia.[edit]

Aging out.

Cordilia, Daughter of Wyndham[edit]

Yasmine, Daughter of Helman, Granddaughter of Waslin[edit]

Osana, Wife of Walter[edit]

Galena, Illegitimate Daughter of Helman, Granddaughter of Walter[edit]

Susana, Illegitimate Daughter of Helman, Granddaughter of Walter[edit]

Jeweled Amber