House Leitharos

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House Leitharos[edit]

Originally the warrant of House Leitharos was issued during the early days of the Age of Redemption, as many warrants were. Records suggest some sort of blackmail is involved, but the details are spotty and unknown. During the time between the Age of the Redemption and M41, the House has seen its highs and lows. Historically, the House has made its fortune as explorers, scouring the edges of known space seeking artefacts of xenos origin. However, the Dynasty had begun to stagnate and decline during the previous few centuries, as a series of incompetent Warrant Holders, Scandals, and poor luck, brought the Dynasty to its knees. Gallus is the current Warrant Holder, and over the last 107 years has caused a great rebound for the dynasty, with profits increasing steadily every year. Gallus shifted the focus of the House from exploration to mercantilism and governmental support roles, replacing the unsteady and unrealiable profit of exploration with more reliable sources of income, to ensure the future of the dynasty, even as he risked large poritions of House resources on expeditions considered foolhardy by most. From his trade routes, Gallus has made many contacts among the merchant houses, small and large, of the Calixis Sector, providing access to almost any imperial made good imaginable. Gallus is the first competent Warrant Holder seen in centuries by the house, and many have great expectations of him, Wishing him and his successor to restore the House from its current obscurity, back to the fame it had during its glory days.