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Mal At Reiss Imprint[edit]

Inheritance of the Mal at Reiss[edit]

Deaths at the Battle of Patternfall[edit]

Cogswell Mal At Riess[edit]


Cogswell Mal At Riess is a very strange guy to be a Duke. He is an itinerant guitar/bajo/ballisat playing song-singing drunkard. He is also a brilliant Cavalry soldier and commands one of Benedict's Elite Cav Units-The Wild Weasels[[1]].

  • Cogswell is beloved by his troops, house, and much of Amber. He took it in the teeth during Eric's reign because of his opposition position. He loudly cheered Random's reign and is one of his strongest supporters.
  • Duke Mal at Riess (almost always called Duke Cogswell) is massively strong and a mighty warrior. He is a front line trooper who got roped into being a Duke after 5 elder brothers, two uncles, and his father all died at Patternfall. He makes a point of telling his troops that he does not command them, he goes to fight the enemies of Amber, and if they want to come along for the adventure, they are welcome to be his companions.

Having said that, none of his troopers ever question him and they always do what he says. Mal at Riess

  • He is a Master of the Sigil at Riess and is its chief protector. His permission must be granted before the Sigil can be walked.

Cogswell Manor

House Cogswell

Marissa Mal at Riess[edit]


Marissa is the daughter of Cogswell Mal at Riess. She is also a popular Minstrel to the court of Amber. Primarily a harpist, she can play almost any musical instrument. An adapt of the Mal at Riess bearing the Sigil from the Cogswell Manor.

Sally Mal at Riess[edit]


Sally is the daughter of Cogswell Mal at Riess. Delicate, but strong. A bearer of the Sigil at Riess. A gourmet. Shys from the court crowd at times, she is a familiar face at the city councils involving charity work. Known to be a devout Unicornist. A lady in Waiting despite her quiet dutiful protests


Shalas, Daughter of Dunasi, Grand daughter of Eswtar, Great Grand Daughter of Duke Actrir.


Nisila, Daughter of Westar, Grand daughter of Duke Actrir.