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Founded in 3272 by Prince Benedict, later co-signed by Oberon.

Originally a military House. Baron Carden Urien, A legate of the 4th Legion. During a protracted campaign in sadow Benedict had awarded Carden, his 3 sons , and two daughters Almost every award he was entitled to. When the campaign was complete he took 3 fiefs of his own and added them to raising the Legate to Baron. In doing so he dared Oberon to revoke the grant. Instead he co-signed the decree.

For nearly 1200 years the Uriens were a strong military House with 23 graduates of Rasak.

But time and politics and changes in the family caused it to not produce as many soldiers. They became better politicians. Hymal Urian was born in 3795. At 18, under pressure from uncles and aunts to entered the Army he entered the Navy. He served 12 years rising to the rank of Hauptmann, Senior Captain, for his excellent organizational skills and coolness in battle.

Much to Prince Caine's annoyance he transferred to the Army, attended Rasak with high marks. He served 24 years in the legions rising to the rank of Legate at which time Prince Benedict created the Urien's noble house.

Business and Service[edit]

During the time that Hymal served in the military his elder brother Agsol and his father and mother Herrkin & Venorios were running a very profitable business in lumber. They ran a large number of wagon trains to nearby shadows and harvesting lumber. They had hundreds of wagons going. They had built a massive home and storage facility in the place that would eventually become the family fief.

When Benedict created the House Urien and used the land, which was next to one of Benedict's fief, and combined the two, Benedict made Hymel' father Herrkin, its first Baron. This served the members of the family very well. It allowed Hymel to remain in the military.

Soon Herrkin died in a a riding accident. Agsol took the title of Baron. He and his sons ran the business very profitably for over 90 years but the administration of Amber frustrated him constantly. During a conflict with the weirmerankiers both of Agsol's sons were called up and apparently died heroically for the glory of Amber. Agsol cashed out his person fortune. Sold his percentage of the company to Hymel by removing company funds leaving Hymel with 90% ownership. While probably illegal no one argued.

Agsol disappeared. He turned up in the Far Islands having contracted to ship brick, stone, lumber, siding, roofing, and personnel to the Far isle and build him a residence. Hymel retired from the military and took over the family.

Hymel in Business[edit]

Hymel took over the family business in in 3999 and it turned out the things that frustrated Agsol were simple. The business went well. In time he was assisting government official in their jobs and otherwise making a great many friends. He and his two sons, Carden and Bresden, fine tuned the business and expanded.

In 4180 Hymel was drawn into the Chancellery of the kingdom of Amber. He found it suited him well.. His sons and the officers of the family company ran the company well. Carden was killed in a logging incident in 4201. Bresden was killed in a robber at Diago Raks in 4203. Hymel was tempted to return to business but in time decided to remain in the Chancellery. .

Hymal's First wife Estorisis[edit]

Hymel's Second Wife Desdemona[edit]

Running Sheet Hymal Urien

The Urien Pack[edit]

Well, now..... In 3801 Hymel Urien married Desdemona Caliisi, a member of a Rich but notorious noble house in Diega. The marriage was a coup for the scandal ridden Diegan house. Soon after the next three showed up in 3802, 3803, 3804. The four were in the same nursery group as the du Sarn family's girl Helen. The 5 were in seperable through child hood, teen years, college and service afterwards. Their notoriety began early.

Family Members[edit]

HymelURIEN.jpgCarmelURIEN.jpg AuroreURIEN.jpg IsabellaURIEN.jpg LucilleURIEN.jpg SophiaURIEN.jpg HeleneDuSarn.jpg

Carmel Urien[edit]


Hymal Urien's eldest daughter and only child from his first marriage. One of Vialle's companions. She and Vialle seem to get on well. A shy woman, reserved but with an infectious laugh. A mean chess & Go player. She even once beat Benedict at Chess, something he never forgets. He has taken to escorting her to Amber functions but it is believed to be a platonic relationship.

She turned down a spot as a Lady in Waiting, preferring to be a friend, rather than a follower. She is very jealous of her much younger, far more beautiful sisters.

Aurora Urien[edit]


Hymal's oldest daughter of his second marriage. Aurora leads the Urien Pack. This is a snide reference to Hymal Urien's 4 youngest daughters and Helene Du Sarn. All daughters of his second marriage. She is witty, wise, seductive, can be refined or crass by turns, and nearly always get to approve who her sisters hook up with, regardless of the duration. She is a talented musician, avid theater-goer and frequent guest of Bleys. She is also a fierce archer, frequently reaching the top circles of skill at Military Festivals.

Amongst the crass court gossips the Urian Pack is derided as sluts and arm candy. Both of these terms she denies only half heatedly. She has a trick to defeat such gossip. When she hears that someone is leveling crass comments at the pack she takes aim at them. Then, regardless if the speaker is male or female, the pack descends and the speaker finds themselves brow-deep in Urien girls and they rarely complain in the morning. She is close friends with Helene Du Sarn

Isabella Urien[edit]


One of the Urien Pack. She is fairly mystic. A scholar of the obscure arts and sciences. While an adapt of Amber sorcery, she also studies magics that work in varied and bizarre realms of shadow. Beside her magical interests she is a sublimely sexual creature. She tends to drift in conversation. While she intereacts with the diplomatic circles she is too unreliable to depend upon.

Lucille Urien[edit]


One of the Urien Pack, she shares their eager sexual interests. Has been known to tell diplomats that she does not trust a person's word till they gives it naked. She tends to be a political rabble rouser. She follows the less then top-shelf political movements. She is a perennial lady in Waiting to Vaille. A quiet member of the Amber Elites Guard.

Sophia Urien[edit]


The youngest of the Urien Pack, she is flirtatious though quiet, funny, and sort of sad. She has extreme levels of acceptance of abuse activities. She is a submissive of the first water. She is quiet and accepting, and possibly insane.

Helene Du Sarn[edit]

HeleneDuSarn.jpg Helene.jpg

Poets of Amber who are familiar with Homer say this is the Helen that launched a million ships on a thousand shadows of earth. She is Amber's ultimate Arm Candy. Rumor has it that she actually has the term "Arm Candy" tattooed on her someplace and people have been known to look for it. She is a member of the 'Urien Pack.' She is the daughter of a Lan Du Sarn, owner of the massive chain of taverns called The Heeled Hound Inns. Helene got started as a tavern maid and took many a tumble there before her father suddenly became rich, respectable, and welcomed at court.

Helene is a walking scandal saved only by the fact that she is so universally friendly and sincerely funny, that people can't help liking her despite her outrageous behavior. To call her promiscuous does not quite cover her. She will willingly and eagerly couple with anyone who catches her slightest fancy. She has been caught in the act in a wide number of places around the castle and city of Amber. While promiscuous she does have her boundaries, which she admits she crosses occasionally. Amongst these is that she only engages in group sex with women and does not generally enjoy rough trade or heavy kink.

Despite her reputation once she says NO there is no way to sway her. Of course she might change her mind another day.

  • She has been raped a three times in her tavern youth. She hunted and killed two of the assailants and is still seeking the third. The stories of her revenge vary widely and she confirms nothing and denys nothing.
  • She was once caught with Bleys in Brand's Tomb. She is known to have been sexually involved with Bleys, Caine, Gerard, and Flora, and the rumors fly fast. These four admit their dalliances with her.
  • Droppa dotes on her incessantly.
  • Gerard is rumored to love her and carries her favor. He has defended her honor on numerous occasions but Helene prefers to defend herself. She is a competent swordsman and an excellent archer. But her most dangerous weapon is her sharp wit.
  • She is also one of the best singers in shadow, frequently featured in operas in the Theater District, hence her connection with Bleys. She frequently serves as secretary for the nobles and is currently serving as Bleys' secretary in Chaos.

Far Isle Line[edit]

Asgol Urien0Qui'ies[edit]

Asgol Urien.jpg

Once head of House Urien at Red Dawn he retired from the leadership of his house after his two sons died in service to Amber. He took his considerable wealth and had a small home built in the Far isle and retired there never to return to Amber. He is essentially unconnected to the family of his younger brother who remained in Amber.

Once in the Far Isle he was surprised to met Lisa Qui'ies, a native woman who suited his new life style. They had two children, Mal'goth'in & Vo'got'ten. These two Urien boys did not take the urien name. Both secretly joined the Amber nave. After serving 10 years they deserted with two Amber clippers and took up piracy.' Lisa Qui'ies.jpgMal'goth'in.jpgVo'got'ten.jpgCabot.jpg

Lisa Qui'ies[edit]

Mal'goth'in Qui'ies[edit]

Running Sheet Mal'goth'in Qui'ies

Vo'got'ten Qui'ies[edit]

Running Sheet Vo'got'ten Qui'ies

Cabot of the Golden Teeth[edit]

Running Sheet Cabot Golden Teeth